ANIMAL RIGHTS TERRORISTS are more dangerous to animal owners than any disease today




Animal Welfare is NOT Animal Rights. Legal defense information, case histories, animal control raids, impoundment, FBI, DHS reports, HSUS, PETA, ALF foundation, history and impact.



A Bulldog, Hate & Cruelty

Horrific animal cruelty to an English Bulldog, a high school mascot, stolen, beaten, sexually tortured and staked on the 50 yard line...


Dog Related Terror Incidents

Tactical changes this year direct terrorists to hit your daily routine (think NYC bicycle path) and dogs as in these current Service Dog and airline cases.


Domestic Terrorists in 2017

are protected by politicians who don't or won't understand the threat of Animal Rights and ISIS.


Animal Rights Conspiracy

Political conspiracy to destroy free nations through subversive legislation. How will you vote in 2016?


HSUS-IRS Connection Scandal

Congress questions Lerner, head of IRS tax exempt division and HSUS member!  VIDEO


ISIS Fatwa To Kill American Dogs

UNgodly religious leader under our protection at U.S. Naval base!


HSUS-HSLF - Horses & Guns

What it does to human rights under the guise of protecting animal rights.


Losey Letter To HSUS

When it comes to animal welfare, this attorney says HSUS appears more hostile than helpful.



Setter Rescue raided, police terrify neighbors, nursing dam confiscated, litter taken to "shelter" and sold.


HSUS' Responsible Breeders

How HSUS defines us and advises multiple family visits with puppies in the kitchen or bedroom...


ALF & ELF: The Future Is Here

ALF & ELF's plans for genetic engineering - 2 years later, see salmon and Dolly in Video Theater


Home Invasion!!

Land where freedom was born strips Citizen Rights in this first-hand report.


PETA Says Better Off Dead

Proof that tax-exempt PETA takes your donations but kills the same pets you tried to protect!


Is HSUS Coming Unglued?

Attorney on violation of the U.S. Tax Code, Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act and Lobbying Disclosure Act.


ALF Sets Fire to Cattle Trucks

Terrorist attack at Harris feed lots in CA. What's your opinion on beef production vs terrorist actions, video



The Pet Animal Welfare Statute, pushed by AKC, HSUS, and Rick Santorum; meant to profit puppy mills by putting show and hobby breeders out of business.

TheDogPlace PROJECT PAWS 2005


Believing In Animal Rights

Millions of animal lovers have unwittingly joined subversive Animal Rights groups.


Culture Of Pet Ownership Rights

From Alaska to Arabia, all cultures worshipped or utilized dogs except in Muslim countries.


HSUS Public Enemy #1

The richest, best "connected" AR describes itself!


PETA, Public Enemy #2

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals


PETA Killers Face Felony Charges

Update on PETA employees caught dumping dead dogs.


PETA & Domestic Terror

Will AKC lead the fight to protect the purebred? The answer is still "no."


PETA Conspiracy?

1992 Canine Chronicle column on animal rights extremists predictive of today.



Attorney on how AR groups use (and write) laws, risking owners to animal abuse charges!


Unethical Treatment Of Humans

AKC breeder-judge says "We need a big dog attitude".


ASPCA's IRS Violations

Should IRS revoke the 7;s tax-exempt status for contributing $millions to AR lobbying? Foundational Information


ASPCA Credited With Airlines Ban

ASPCA takes credit for making shipping even more difficult.


New Insights On HSUS & PeTA

From The Cattle Network.  Is it too late to learn?


PETA Grants, Backers and Conflicts

Where and how does the money flow?


PeTA and Meat Eaters

A better understanding of how PETA seeks to change our way of life, by R. Lee, PhD


Tying The Knot: AKC, HSUS, USDA

Caught in the loop, National Animal I.D./GPS tracking/Digital Angel Chipping...


AKC In Bed With HSUS & DDAL?

Who goes over your books? Who Stands to Profit?


How To Lobby Successfully

Hitch up with the platypus. or... here's what you can do.


USDA Excludes Millers from AWA

An interesting look back at what preceded PAWS!!


Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare

The public and lawmakers are dangerously misled by terminology.


PETA Sues Circus But...

Includes ASPCA etc. under Federal RICO act.


HSUS Indictment by Ringling Circus

Attorney reports lawsuit charges violations of RICO Act, Bribery, Obstruction, Tax Code violations...



How to oppose AR legislation & support IRS tax fraud investigation.


AR Terrorists Lose Appeal

Federal Court redefines animal rights activists as terrorists.


What Happened To Joan?

Joan Huber was AKC terrier breeder of the year in 2016 but that did not protect her from this mole... comments welcome!


Political Tyranny and Animal Rights

Get the law on your side by knowing the law, your God-given and Constitutional Rights and historical background this expert delivers...


When Animal Control Comes...

The first defense is to NOT allowing a foot in the door, forbid intrusion without warrant! Legal


Animal Enterprise TerrorismHome invasions by HSUS, Animal Control, and local humane societies are on the rise

Meticulously documented case of warrantless assault, arrest, lawsuit, and the 12 secret AR playbook steps. Background Information


The ALF, ELF & HSUS Threat

Why the FBI ranks ELF as #1 Domestic Terror Threat. Root Research


Impoundment Legal Defense

Illegal seizure of valuable animals is a winnable case with this legal guidance and court rulings. Reference


DHS Animal Rights Terrorist Report

internal DHS (Dept Homeland Security) "Animal-Rights Militants" report! Foundational Information


History of Animal Rights

Revealing how PeTA got started, ties with Russia, China, and the 70s Peace Movement. Background


Rescue Raids Racket

Humane groups team with animal control to seize and sell valuable animals; legal resources. Reference


Elephants Today, Dogs Tomorrow

Circus elephants, thanks to animal rights, are being permanently retired. The implications are chilling.


Food Producers Take On HSUS

In 2016 terrorists moved into our kitchens through legislative control of meat and food producers!



Best Friends, Manson, The Process Exposed

Part 1 exclusive on Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.THE PROCESS "SUPERIORS" & DEVIL'S GOAT HEAD


Best Friends, Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Part 2 digs deeper...

Insiders only! Human and animal sacrifices?  Reference!


Best Friend's Summit

re; BSL Legislation summit meeting. Summary by Randi Bolton, scary details!!


Best Friends Revolution

One Nation Under Dog Says It All. another Breeder Rights revelation.


Best Friends Media Friends

Include top political media consultants, CBS coverage, and now Animal Planet.


St. Bernards, Asian Delicacy

Dr. Lee doesn't mince words on breeding fast-growth breeds such as Saint Bernards.


HSUS HiJacks Legal Profession

HSUS claims 2,000 attorneys support their agenda and top level connections in the U.S. government.



ABC's  20/20 catches Texas SPCA stealing prize dogs and horses, then selling them. Reference


SPCA Confiscates Valuable Animals

owned by licensed Aviculture breeder, then neglects them, lawsuit..


Animal Rights War Kills Horses

Judge Gammill says HSUS caused death of thousands of horses, cause S/N laws to fill shelters.


HSUS $$$ Buys Elections

HSUS contributed more in 2008 elections than the most powerful Teamsters Union.


Be Careful How You Donate

Some organizations use your $$$ to fund animal rights agendas or fill their own pockets.


Dog's Best Friend His Attorney

The expert's definitive handbook on dealing with warrantless seizures.

Save this for Reference


Senator On USDA-HSUS Collusion

Who will inspect YOUR kennel? APHIS opened the door to HSUS, see 6 minute Video of Senate speech.


Breeders Victimized by Animal Rights

A unique solution to being victimized by dog limit laws, etc.


IRS “Day of Reckoning” Awaits HSUS

It’s no coincidence the IRS deadline follows April Fool’s day; the case against the Humane Society Of The U.S.


HSUS Lobbygate

IRS violations committed by HSUS, missing $500 million on HSUS tax returns.


Unpacking The HSUS Gravy Train

Exposing financials and tax returns. Thanks Consumer Freedom!


HSUS Laid Bare

Animal Welfare advocate and HSUS Exec. come upon a homeless person and his dog.


20 Facts To Defeat HSUS

"Animal Rights” agenda in local politics, humane society, etc.


Argument For Puppy Mills

Responsible Breeders not needed, AKC says Puppy Mills perform public service.


**Statements and information contained herein are for educational purposes only. Always check with an Attorney if you believe your legal rights have been violated or you would like to share documentation of same.**


HSUS Under Investigation

Louisiana AG plus on-site reports on HSUS's failure during Katrina disaster.


Animal Control Nightmare!

Animal Control, SPCA, and police at your door to take your dogs.


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