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Col. Sam Harper, Reconnaissance


Last year there was public information on border state livestock losses and felony assaults despite the best trained dogs but today we can’t get statistics…


We hope you have a dog to at least alert you to anything out of the ordinary because I know a lot of people have suffered some hard losses to allowed border crossings. Most immigrants think America is where milk and honey (and $100 bills) grows on trees and lately it looks that way.



The end of Title 42 hasn’t brought a “surge of migrants” as predicted because as my buddy down there says “they were already here.


I made a few calls and verified that by May 2023 the number of daily border crossings had hit another record. Topping that, the Biden Administration is said to release thousands more illegal immigrants without even requiring a court date and I came across several reports of Border Patrol Dogs being poisoned or like their handlers, overworked and worn out.


Ranchers are giving up, trying to sell out because they regularly lose livestock and worse, their ranch dogs have been killed by desperate invaders. A friend of mine bought a Rottweiler hoping to discourage trespassers but the dog likes everybody! I told him the Rottie will know when strangers come messing around and they’ll see a whole different dog.



That isn’t being reported on network news. Howard says the border states have it pretty hard and get promises instead of reimbursements.


That got me to my computer. That is true but try this on for size. On May 11 Border Patrol leadership was ordered to release illegal migrants into the U.S.


My buddy Howard said a federal judge blocked the Biden administration's move. He knows stuff so even if you live in Vermont, you owe that judge a “thank you.” When I said as much, he just laughed but I knew he didn’t think it was one bit funny.



The Center for Immigration Studies estimates there are more than 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. but my sources say there are 3 times that many. Jerry, always the market watcher, said produce prices would more than double if that wasn’t true.


OK. If there is a bright side to the border crises it is that most southern-state immigrants come here to work and send money home and then they leave.


Texans are told by (Customs and Border Protection) that just the Del Rio sector of the southern border averages 1,100 per day of attempted illegal crossings. That’s just one sector. Getting verified daily illegal crossings is impossible. In fairness to the press, if they are not legal, they are darned hard to count…


When we see thousands of druggies sleeping on city streets you have to wonder what is happening to the country so many of us died for.


My old dog doesn’t watch TV and he’s giving me that look so I’ll put this aside and go out and enjoy the blessing of being a legal American. EST 1998 © Jun 2023



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Border Patrol dogs and their handlers save American lives but the dogs that guard our Southern border face this new drug death threat every day!

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