NetPlaces Network Mission Statement


Launched on the Gilat Satellite February 1998, was the world's first public website.


The stated Mission was to preserve and advance the unique bond between humans and dogs.


The FACT is, the dog is the only animal that renounced the wild to serve mankind. Therefore we recognize the dog as a gift from the Creator. was the first non-political communication between the United States and China and the first website to which China had access for which we credit Lana Tsan and other Chinese leaders of 1999.


When political agendas such as the cleverly named "animal rights" movement began to challenge our God-given Rights, the Mission expanded. launched in 2002 to share breaking news, customs, politics, and global dog-related information.


As dog shows became more about money and "politics" than about preserving breed type and function, in 2005 was launched at the urging of Lt. Col. Wallace H. Pede, Mel Downing and Joe Gregory, founders of the Senior Conformation Judges Association (SCJA).


Thus was completed the world's most informative source for peer-reviewed canine  health and genetics, dog food analysis, dog training, dog news and world-wide dog show coverage.


All information authored by credentialed breeders, dog show judges, professional dog trainers, geneticists, medical doctors and veterinarians.


That is our mission and it remains uniquely ours as we have grown into

the NetPlaces Network


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