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America’s animal owners must make this a public fight to prevent raids where agents use the unjustifiable excuse that the government's duty is defending livestock.





B.L. Cozad Jr., US Army ret SFC, Rights Reporter, May 2021


The U.S. Government’s primary job is to protect the people. A man’s home is his castle and all that he owns is his to exercise dominion over including the land he owns and the animals, fish and fowl which are also his private property. Animal welfare/animal cruelty laws violate The Fourth Amendment.



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The enforcement of most animal cruelty laws violates the security and sanctity of the American homes - using the excuse that the duty of the government is protecting animals. How is any man, even a judge, allowed to sign a piece of paper (warrant) allowing government agents to violate the privacy and sanctity of your human right to Fourth Amendment guarantees?


Animal welfare/animal cruelty laws violate The Fifth Amendment:

Violating the property rights (animals are property) of another person using the excuse that the government’s duty is protecting animals amounts to an illegal deprivation of private property for which, according to the Fifth Amendment, the government must pay just and equitable compensation.



Making it illegal for farmers to harvest their livestock by the same method that has been used for thousands of years is an unconstitutional and illegal deprivation of use which is a regulatory taking of private property. Gamecock farmers (cockfighters) simply perpetuate, admire and honor the natural genetic traits of athletic ability and courage that God put into the jungle fowl "gamecock" when He created it. This is our free exercise of religion (God given dominion) which is guaranteed under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.


Animal welfare/animal cruelty laws violate the Article VI section II:

The Supremacy clause of the Constitution means any law, statute, county and/or city ordinance that is contrary to the God given natural rights of the individual must prove a legitimate and significant governmental interest or they are simply illegal violations of God given constitutionally protected human rights.


Any government officials supporting or attempting to enforce these unconstitutional animal rights laws are violating four very specific Federal Statutes for which they should face prosecution as a terrorist under: Title 18 USC 241 “collusion to violate rights”, Section 242 “deprivation of rights under the color of law”, Section 247 “destruction of religious property, obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs”, and Section 43 “Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act”.


While our military members die to uphold their oath to support and defend the Constitution, many elected officials violate their oath, spitting on the sacrifices made by our military and their families.


Animal welfare/animal cruelty laws violate The Eighth Amendment:

Such laws place a higher value on a chicken than human lives and human rights. No human being in America has the authority to punish another man (a farmer) using the excuse that the chickens the farmer owns take precedence above the farmer’s God given human rights.


Animal welfare/animal cruelty laws violate The Ninth Amendment:

Rights reserved to the people include the right to exercise the dominion God gave each individual over the animals and private property that we own, which includes the rights to harvest livestock by the same method by which the species has been harvested by for thousands of years.


Animal welfare/animal cruelty laws violate The Tenth Amendment:

Powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution are reserved to the states or to the people. The entire purpose of the Constitution is to protect the God given rights of the individual from the tyrannical and abusive power of the government.


Animal welfare/animal cruelty laws violate The Fourteenth Amendment:

Numerous United States Supreme Court decisions attests that the 14th Amendment applies the Bill of Rights to the states. In particular the cockfighting laws violate the equal protection clause as in the government attempting to make it illegal for gamecock farmers to own, possess and harvest our livestock. Obviously that cannot apply to other livestock owners and farming operations without violating the constitutionally protected rights of the property owners.


The enforcement of every law creates situations where government agents will use force including deadly force to make someone comply with that law. So in truth, supporting a law to protect chickens from the farmers/ranchers (owners) and sending government agents out to force livestock producers into the urban majority’s opinion over animals is illogical, illegal and can prove deadly for the farmer.



Congressional Investigator Norman Dodd was chairman of the Reese Committee which was appointed to investigate all non-profit Non-Government Organizations across America. He reported to Congress that nearly all of the Non-Government Organizations created in America since at least 1954 were created for the purpose of forcing communism on the people of the United States.


Fred Myers co-founded the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in 1954. In May 1956, Fred Myers, as HSUS's Executive Director, was called before a U.S. Senate subcommittee to answer charges that he had worked for at least three government-designated communist "front" groups before he entered the humane movement and he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner by the Soviet Premier himself during a 1946 tour of Russia.


The HSUS is one of the propaganda arms of the Humane Society International (HSI) which is fully accredited by the UN to push the policies of the United Nations Agenda 21/2030 plan. Some of these policies are found in the proposals referred to as “The Green New Deal” being pushed by the Democrat Party leaders. It is seen by political observers as the communism-based policies of the UN Agenda 21/2030 plan for a ‘New World Order’. See Agenda 21 Wildlife Project video below. {Ref #2}


Two questions expose the communist-based animal rights lie:


1. Does the government have the authority to award rights to animals which are private property of the owner thus reducing man to a status below his property and then using the excuse of protecting the animals (property) to make raids which violate our God given constitutionally protected human rights threatening the lives and livelihood of American farmers?


2. How many pet owners, breeders, livestock and/or gamecock farmers is the acceptable number for government agents to financially cripple, imprison, or kill using the excuse that the duty of the government is protecting animals from the farmers that own the animals?


{1} Part 1, The State Of Our States  ~  {2} VIDEO THEATER: Agenda 21 Wildlife Project ~ ii Constitutional Of The United States EST 1998 ©   May 2021



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