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Businesses are failing, government agents are raiding ranchers and breeders, border police told to stand down and our children can only learn in Zoom land...





B.L. Cozad Jr., US Army ret SFC, Rights Reporter, April 2021


Farmers, ranchers, hunters and all patriotic Americans including dog breeders must wake up and understand how the “deep state” is using the government to terrorize and attack American industries. In many states, government agents are conducting armed raids - threatening the lives and livelihood of gamecock farmers using the excuse of protecting chickens. I’m told the same is true with dog breeders and even pet owners as happened in Denver where police seized and KILLED certain dog breeds.



Sheriff Richard Mack of the Oath Keepers {Ref #1} and Constitutional Sheriff's Organizations {Ref #2} has stated that "the Sheriff's across America are our last hope to restore constitutional government and protect the people."  I would add that long-time establishment members inside the government offices in Washington DC seem to be pushing the communistic animal rights policies of the Green New Deal and the UN Agenda 21 2030 plan on the people of America.


Ladies and gentlemen this is exactly what communism looks like. I consider any government official supporting these paganistic animal rights laws to be deep state communist-indoctrinated traitors who support the United Nations Agenda for a one world government. American gamecock farmers are not “anti-government” but we ARE anti-communism, anti-socialism, anti-fascism and FOR preserving a “Constitutional Republic”.


A Prohibited Crime Or A Constitutionally Protected Culture?

Is letting roosters do what they love to do any worse than slaughtering chickens for your table? That may seem like a strange question but the answer will determine whether America remains the Constitutional Republic our founding fathers fought and died to create or America is converted into a communist country.


Allowing roosters to fight has been part of the culture of the American farmers and ranchers (rural lifestyle) since the time of our founding fathers. Presidents George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were known to attend gamecock fighting events. President Andrew Jackson had his own gamecocks in the White House Stables while he was President of the United States.


There’s an old saying that goes: “Men in denim built this country, men in suits have screwed it up.” This is very true today as urbanites attempt to force their ideas of “animals are people too” onto the farmers and ranchers that actually grew up taking care of animals and who have more concern and factual knowledge of animal care than those who live in the cities ever will.


Urbanized voters are easily indoctrinated by propaganda from Non-Government Organizations. Many politicians are pushing the communist-based “animal rights” agenda based on the idea that the duty of the government is to use government force to make rural farmers comply with the anthropomorphic opinion of those who live in cities.


Animal Rights Over Human Rights?

Animal Rights???  Those that support the “will of the majority” ideology are promoting the idea that America is a socialist democracy where the majority can vote away the rights of the minority. You have arrogant elected officials who want to use the government to force people into their own personal opinion regarding animals - usually because of significant campaign donations from special interest groups.


Yale Law Professor Stephen Carter tells his class on the first day "Do not support any law unless you personally approve the killing of a person to support (enforce) that law." {Ref #3}


The majority do not need the protections of the Constitution as they are the majority and can vote in any law they agree upon. The purpose of the Constitution is to protect the minority from the majority. So think about that. Animal rights laws remove God as the source of our rights and reduces man to the level of government owned animals and places animals above human rights.


Thank God our founding fathers created a Constitutional Republic where the Constitution restricts the government from enacting laws which violate our God-given human rights as enshrined in Article VI of the ii Constitution Of The United States ~ opens in window for quick peek


Farmers and ranchers across America are becoming aware of the real purpose behind the animal rights terrorist laws {Ref #4} that are attempting to make criminals of American gamecock farmers. Using the excuse that the duty of the government is protecting chickens from the farmers who own them, the government is in fact using animals to destroy human rights.


Most people have never heard of the UN Agenda 21 plan {Ref #5} which discusses cow flatulence and other ridiculous policies of “The Green New Deal”. It should be remembered that Adolf Hitler used animal rights laws in the same way. Under the guise of animal protections, Hitler destroyed human rights and forced communist controls on the people of Nazi Germany.


In 2021 we see the same animal rights laws quietly being enacted against the people of the United States by corrupt officials within our government offices.


Animal welfare/animal cruelty laws violate the 1st amendment of the US Constitution

The First Amendment of the Constitution protects and guarantees the free exercise of religion and that includes exercising the dominion that God gave each man over the animals that he owns. Animals are private property, thus most animal cruelty/animal welfare laws in America are unconstitutional and a violation of human rights.


No person has the authority to supersede God using the “animal rights” excuse that an animal has priority over human rights.


As our political picture continues to change in 2021, we need to know that laws criminalizing hobby breeders of all species are just part of the UN Agenda 21 plan to force people off rural lands by 2030. Such “lawmakers” and organizations are actually committing "AGROTERRORISM" (terrorist acts intended to disrupt or damage a country's agriculture, especially the use of a biological agent against crops or livestock. ~ Oxford Languages).


Instead of "biological agents against crops and livestock", they are using "government agents against crops and livestock".


Sadly some of the elected officials within our government offices secretly support the communist agenda. While the vast majority of our elected officials are politically correct cowards that willingly go along with these unconstitutional policies and thereby make the government willing accomplices in these acts of agroterrorism.


Reference Information:

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