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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" and animal "welfare" organizations, learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS!





B.L. Cozad Jr. US Army ret SFC, Rights Reporter


Unconstitutional animal welfare and animal cruelty laws shred the Human Rights Bill. This Yale law professor gives good advice...


Unveiling the real objective behind animal welfare/animal cruelty laws, Yale Law professor Stephen Carter tells his class on the first day "Do not support any law unless you personally approve the killing of a person to support (enforce) that law."


While you think about that, realize this: Animal welfare-animal cruelty laws are actually just usurpation of human (civil) rights.  AR laws are being used as excuses to commit theft (of your Rights) by the government.


Under the color of law, unconstitutional animal welfare/animal cruelty laws often use clueless government officials as co-conspirators.


God gave man dominion over the earth, animals, fish and fowl, and our Constitution is written to ensure that each man is equal in these God-given "property" rights. Neither our neighbor nor our government officials have the authority to supersede God and deprive us of the dominion (total authority and control) that God himself gave us over the land and the animals that we own.


Animal cruelty/animal welfare laws are the foundation of the communist UN Agenda 21[1] plan.  Americans must come to realize that the animal rights laws are the foundation of the UN Agenda 21 driven effort to destroy our Constitution and America by directly targeting the rural communities, ultimately to force rural Americans off our lands.


If the unconstitutional laws are allowed to stand, then the legal precedence is established that animals and livestock take priority over the rights and lives of farmers and ranchers. Then the rights of “cattlemen, pig, poultry, sheep farmers and all other farmers and ranchers" can be stripped from them and these agriculture industries criminalized as well.


As in the Cliven Bundy case, a turtle then becomes more important than raising livestock and feeding the country. The law is used to suit the agenda and animal agriculture industries.


The 1st amendment guarantees Freedom Of Religion which includes exercising the God given dominion that our creator granted each of us.  The 14th amendment ensures the equal protection of all Americans and the freedom to exercise dominion over the land, the animals and other property that we own.


There are three distinct plains of existential social tiers.


1.  Our creator


2.  Man


3.  Earth and Animals


God is the source of life and all rights. God set man above and gave man "dominion" over the earth, animals, fish and fowl. Each individual is endowed with these rights and the free exercise of our right of dominion (total control) must be recognized as our free exercise of religion.


Recognizing that God gave man dominion over animals, fish and fowl, our U.S. Constitution guarantees that all men are created equal and that one man cannot deprive another of the unalienable rights that are derived from our creator.


Attempting to enact unconstitutional laws is a direct attempt to separate Americans from our constitutionally protected rights and to move animals, fish and fowl to a level of higher importance than our own God-given unalienable rights.


This then becomes a violation of our 1st Amendment.  In truth, our State Constitutions across America are written to provide much the same protections for our God given individual rights and freedoms that the U.S. Constitution does.


All amendments to the Constitutions, laws, statutes and ordinances are passed within the plain of "man" protecting one man from infringements on his God given rights by another man.  If another man is killing my cattle and I call the police and they are forced to kill this man to make him stop killing my cattle, the police did not kill him to defend the cattle. He was killed because the police were defending my property rights. (click to get my book, God Gave Man Dominion)


Neither our neighbors nor our government officials possess the authority to supersede the God given right of dominion. To attempt such an undertaking would be a declaration from the government that God is wrong, no longer relevant, and the government is the source of rights.  That then is the communist agenda of the UN Agenda 21 plan.


UN Agenda 21 is a 100 year plan to destroy the Constitution of the United States as the governing document of America and replace it with the individual policies taken from the 340 page UN Agenda 21 Charter.


The main target of the UN Agenda plan is farmers and ranchers and other rural Americans, forcing rural Americans from their lands, ending the ability of self-sustainment.  This brings all Americans into a dependence on the government for food, water and other necessities of life.


The illustration below attests if a law is passed protecting animals and giving them constitutional and legal protections, then in truth you have moved animals into the same plain as man. Under this concept police officers are sent out to potentially kill people using the excuse that the government's duty is defending animals.  Thus the government has moved animals above human rights and human lives, erasing God as the source of rights.


By doing so the government has determined that the majority of (voters) and/or our government officials have the authority to supersede God.


Thus they have erased God as the source of rights. Therefore the new plan would have only two tiers.


1.  Ruling upper class elite


2.  Earth and animals


The guise of allowing voters to select from tier #2 and temporarily place them into tier #1 for a brief period until such time that they are sent back down to tier #2 is simply to provide the illusion of choice, freedom and God given rights still existing and being honored.


If the government can grant rights to animals and then use that as a pretense to destroy your God-given rights, then what rights do you have that the government cannot take from you?


America is a Constitutional Republic and no government officials have the authority to enact unconstitutional laws such as may create situations where Americans may be hurt, crippled and/or killed by law enforcement officers. Laws meant to defend animals, whether pets or livestock, that would supersede our God given rights creates a safety issue to human lives that our elected officials and every American must have the common sense and courage to stand against.


Reference and Related Information:

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