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Horse Soring, Animal Fighting

Support these two protection amendments, enhancing the existing laws!



Killing Nature's Best Friend

Wolves serve mankind by keeping the planet clean but Idaho’s governor ordered extermination!



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FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE INFORMATION Animal Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Constituional Rights, APHIS, PAWS, Animal Welfare Act

STATE LAWS & LEGISLATION AFFECTING DOG OWNERS, most new state laws are adopted from Federal Law or regulations such as APHIS but much of it is adapting other states


Heads Up Horse Lovers

Puppy mill horrors? We exposed them but what about horse transport?


Heads Up Horse Lovers: Horses transported settlers, calvary, and goods that enabled us to conquer and populate this vast country. They made the stagecoach possible. Horses plow our fields and entertain our kids.


Animal Owner Protection

Words have meaning when defining our legal rights as in The Constitution, Bill Of Rights, and Fourteenth Amendment...


Tom Vilsack AG Secretary Again

New President Biden appoints Tom Vilsack, known as a non-pet owner, to run the Dept. Of Agriculture.



Animal Cruelty Law

This law, signed by MS Governor Reeves, is strong but only applies to domesticated dogs and cats and everyone knows...


New View, Animal Rights 2021

Putting animal rights over human rights may be justified because so many humans act like marauding predators.



The NetPlaces Network achieved passage of the Military Dog Retirement Act


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