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Horrific animal cruelty secrete! If you eat poultry or pork this modern method of killing livestock is guaranteed to make you sick!


This is the “bloodless” but most horrific way of killing the turkeys, chickens and pigs you eat.



According to the American Association of Swine Veterinarians {Ref #1} after closing all sources of air in a building designed for the specific purpose of bloodless slaughter, it takes “8 to 16 hours” to SMOTHER pigs or poultry. It is called “ventilation shutdown.”


They call smothering, with or without heat “more humane”!!??! Veterinarians Against Ventilation Shutdown report “Ventilation shutdown is a brutal, painful method of animal depopulation. These mass killings deviate from normal slaughterhouse procedures and are now being used in the pork and poultry industries.” ~ {Ref #2}


The AASV notes “The AVMA cites studies showed that pigs may remain alive up to 16 hours after VSD and experimental studies showing laying hens live an average 3.75 hours.” Four to sixteen hours of unrelenting torture before released by death. Think about it.


Right, you can’t because your brain simply can’t imagine it!



 There are not nearly enough protests against this widespread but little known animal horror.


Ventilation Shutdown Death (VSD) is an inconceivably horrid method of killing animals. Workers shut off the air supply in the specially designed buildings where they are housed. If the animals or birds don’t smother and die quickly enough the workers can raise the ambient temperature to speed up the process with hyperthermia!


The American Veterinary Medical Association states that “depopulation” is done efficiently “with as much consideration given to the welfare of the animals as practicable.” What does that mean?


Anyone has to conclude that means the AVMA can’t or won’t introduce legislation to stop smothering the animals even though they note that “mass depopulation” results in longer and greater suffering “compared to other methods.”


Where is the SPCA and all the other power-groups that claim to fight “cruelty to animals”? “Ventilation Shutdown” is CRUELTY FOR CONVIENENCE!


Where is the world we grew up in? Is “fighting animal cruelty” only a front for making $billions of tax-free money for the lowest of the human species? How do you feel about this? Share your opinion on our Facebook page.


Reference Information: {#1} American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV)


{#2} Veterinarians Against Ventilation Shutdown


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