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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS!






Pigs, mammals with feelings and intelligence on a par with dogs, suffer unrelenting cruelty unless protected by Supreme Court decisions as in legislation that passed in CA.


What is your take on legislating “minimum space requirements” to prevent undue psychological and emotional damage to pigs? (part of the NetPlaces Network) agrees that even though we kill and eat animals, they should not suffer.



Nature provides (if we respect and leave it alone) and when a species is no longer needed, i.e., Dinosaurs and Dodo birds, they vanish. If we keep increasing legislation against animals, humans could vanish.


Let’s think for a second. Whether plant or insect, prey or predator, every living thing has purpose. Bugs eat plants. Birds eat bugs. Humans eat birds. And meat-producing, cleanup crew pigs are still needed around the world. Nature provides, if we respect and leave it alone.


So, the flip side is, will this California ‘animal cruelty’ decision {Ref #1} be used to adversely impact animal owners, specifically, dog owners? Will it become more trouble than benefit to continue to own dogs in your state? Regarding “porker protection” legislation AKC observes…


The American Kennel Club Government Relations Department (AKC GR) {Ref #2} will analyze the holding of the case and provide a plain-language summary of the opinion. Today’s ruling raises concerns that states may now be permitted to impose their restrictive views on dog breeding, care, and ownership on residents in other states.


That is a wise worry. “Porker Protection” opens the door to other perceived animal cruelty charges including how we restrain dogs, train or correct behavior problems, kennel them, etc.


And what about stables? Does a judge who has never owned a horse have a “right” to decide what is best for equines? Perhaps. My personal opinion, as a former horse owner and trainer, is that horses were made to be free to run and literally “kick up their heels” out of joy! When is the last time you saw a wild horse do that?



Or have you only seen horses on TV, under saddle, submitting to man’s will.


All dog owners are grateful that the AKC is actively engaged in the protection of dogs and dog breeders. Above all, we must be careful about allowing people who have never owned an animal to make critical decisions affecting dogs, cats, horses - or pigs.


AKC will continue to defend the rights of dog breeders and owners from onerous and overreaching regulation of their activities. But closer to home, that job is yours! Whether you breed and show dogs or just enjoy the company of your best friend, be aware and be involved. For more information, contact AKC at


Reference Information:

{1} National Pork Producers Council vs. Secretary Ross of the CA Department of Food and Agriculture


{2} AKC commentary on National Pork Producers v. Ross EST 1998 © May 2023



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