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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" and animal "welfare" organizations, learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS



Denver Dogs Slaughtered



Animal control pulls up to your home and hauls away your dog to be killed...


Owners Bring Shame To Dogs



But into the grocery store food section? Here's what happened in one state, what about yours?


Texas Tough On Chaining Dogs



Makes it a crime to chain dogs and not provide adequate shelter and water.


Animal Cruelty Law

This MS law is strong but only applies to dogs and cats and everyone knows...


Killing Nature's Best Friend



Wolves keep the planet clean but Idaho’s governor ordered extermination!


Ridiculous Animal Laws

Enacted (you'll LOL) even before Animal Rights infiltrated our Legislature!


AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Dog fanciers would like to “sic em” on Animal Rights Activist legislation.


CA Model Dog Park

Plans and good news from the CA Federation Of Dog Clubs.


CA CA Gov. Jerry Brown signs law - War On Pet ShopsWar On Pet Shops

Signed into law by CA Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday the 13th; an appropriately ominous date.


CA Rescue-Adoption Act

Requires pets offered for sale to be from animal shelters! Anti-breeder aggression on steroids.


CA Spay or Pay: Animal Rights

Spay-neuter or buy intact animal license - sounds like The Mob has gone legal…


CA Legislation Opposition Letter

Spay-neuter legislation is a model for everyone fighting dog laws.


CA State Reporting Requirement

They want seller's monthly financials and the buyer’s personal info.


CA California Bans Public Animal Sales - Thanks HSUS!Banning Public Animal Sales

HSUS-backed SB917 now makes it a criminal offense in CA.


CA Senseless Law In San Diego

The county imports dogs to satisfy shelter adoption demand.


CA Sleeping Dogs

Irv Corbin, a Plott Hound breeder helped put CA 1634 to sleep!


CA AB 1634 Goose Is Cooked

Legislative Specialist, attorney Cindy Cook on the hearings...


CA Vets Withdraw on CA 1634

Veterinary Assoc. withdraws support, AKC goes neutral instead of against!


CA AKC on CA AB1634

Exclusive interview, law firm hired...


CA BOYCOTT California!

Animal Rights give big $$ to ensure AR legislation becomes law.



Learn about the politics behind Animal Rights and interesting facts about our Presidents, past, present, and future!


CA AKC's Eukanuba Show

to be held in Long Beach, where dog breeding is banned!  Great Choice...


CA AKC Signature Show Venue

persuades Long Beach CA to lift Breeding Ban - but at what cost?


CA BILL On Pets In Vehicles

Leaving an animal in an unattended vehicle is a crime reported by (TAC)



CA Fight For America's Dogs

AR legislation decrees all must be spayed, neutered, or permitted.


CA San Diego Dog Limit Laws

German Shorthair Rescue Case April 2009.


CA LA Becomes Slaughterhouse

mandatory Spay-Neuter raises shelter admissions by 11 times higher!


1-Click CONTACT Information for ii YOUR Government Representatives



Littleton police seize dogs including a new born litter.


FL Extinction Legislation In FL

includes unannounced inspection of your home and personal records!


IN Rep. Foley Opposes HB 1468

targeting dog breeders instead of puppy mills.


KY In Kentucky, the Court Rules Pets ARE PropertyCourt Rules Pets ARE Property

setting precedent for legislative lobbyists.


KY Louisville Law

A landmark case! 91 pages of Metro Animal Control vs. Citizen Rights.


LA HSUS Inquiry

Attorney General looks at Humane Society in the aftermath of Katrina.


NC Defeating Miss Ellen

Solved the problem in this small county. Smile over this true story.


NC Maynard Collie Case

Neighbors From Hell legislation - and a lot more interesting.


PAWS - Pet Animal Welfare Statute, Introduced by Rick Santorum in 2005, was the worst animal legisistion ever!  Puppy mills were exempt but show breeders and hobby dog breeders would have become non-existant.PAWS LEGISLATION

In 2005 we defeated The Pet Animal Welfare Statute pushed by AKC and HSUS but then PAWS morphed into PUPS in 2008


The Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act is still alive.


PUPS continues the relentless attack against breeders.  "PUPS"...otherwise known as the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act, is NOT as warm and fuzzy as it sounds.


PA New Animal Law

Senator Santorum's PAWS?  Now PA Gov. Rendell Announces Act 119.


PA Shame On Pennsylvania: Puppy Mill Propaganda Part IShame On PA Legislature #1

Puppy Mill Propaganda "Power 101" presented by A&N Research.


PA Shame On PA Legislature #2

Tangled Web of AR; why Puppy Mills prosper and show breeders suffer.


PA Shame On PA Legislature #3

A&N Research gave you the facts, links and players in the AR plot.


TX HB 1451 = Home Invasion

Can YOUR state fight a law that pays bounty hunters $1000 to report you?


TX HB 1451 Animal Rights Law

This bill may become NATIONAL law if Gov. Rick Perry becomes President.



ABC's 20/20 show and John Stossel reveal how this SPCA really works!


TX Lessons From Dallas

$50 million unfunded spay/neuter mandate!


VA Home Invasion!

Land where freedom was born strips Citizen Rights in this first-hand report.


VA Mandatory Spay/Neuter

No Exceptions.  No Appeal Legislation!


**Statements and information contained herein are for educational purposes only. Always check with an Attorney if you believe your legal rights have been violated or you would like to share documentation of same.**


Legislation Is About Support

SupportingDog Breeders, AKC, our Rights, and Legislation.


Who Is Served, Man or Dog?

Will laws define an amazing survival partnership?




Defeating AR Legislation

PetPac has lobbying leadership and members who go to the capitol.


OPPOSE “Happy Act" Ruse

Cleverly named tax deduction is only a ruse to TRACK and TAX dog sales.


DOJ Rules On Discrimination

setting precedent in dangerous dog cases.


1-Click CONTACT Information for ii YOUR Government Representatives


Animal Abuse Registry Sham!

It would use tax payer dollars to fund spay & neuter while registering abusers.



Is it a certified service dog or a show dog??


HSUS = Dogs Gone!

Holding HSUS accountable for the disappearance of well bred purebreds.


Perfect AR Legislative Defense!

ADBA's letter re BSL legislation. Perfect!


How To Lobby Successfully

Hitch up with the platypus or...


Lesson In Foxhunting

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