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PAWS - Pet Animal Welfare Statute, Introduced by Rick Santorum in 2005, was the worst animal legisistion ever!  Puppy mills were exempt but show breeders and hobby dog breeders would have become non-existant.


 PAWS Index - Pet Animal Welfare Statute 


The 2005 Pet Animal Welfare Statute, cleverly called PAWS, prove Animal Rights is favored by AKC which backed Senator Santorum's subversive legislation.



Introduction to Project PAWS

The single most important battle in the history of hobby breeders!


Santorum's Speech To Congress

The basis for AKC's CEO misrepresenting PAWS to the fancy.


AKC Negotiates with Santorum

Attorney and sitting Board Member reports AKC helped Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) craft amendments to the AWA which morphed into PAWS.


AKC Pimps For PAWS

June 2005 Chairman's report, read Ron Menaker's words in shameless support (and $$$) for Senator Santorum's bill.



A hard look at what Santorum says, the money angle, what this may mean to IRS... 


Picked The Wrong Horse

AKC, HSUS, and Santorum know less about horses than they do about dog owners.



The ultimate treachery.  Why AKC fought the PPA but did everything to pass PAWS!


Santorum Slipped On Paws

The Pet Animal Welfare Statute violated American Rights & Civil Liberties; Animal owners defeated PAWS and Santorum in 2006 but ... 


AKC War Games Chronology

2007 reveals AKC, DDAL & HSUS fighting for Animal Rights, PAWS, CA 1634, etc. chronology by


**Statements and information contained herein are for educational purposes only. Always check with an Attorney if you believe your legal rights have been violated or you would like to share documentation of same.**


PAWS & Big Bad Wolf

Is the AKC Chairman Suggesting PAWS would have prevented this abuse of 300 dogs???


Exception To The Exemption

Editorial on TheDogPress re; Commercial Breeders, aka puppy mills.


The PAWS "Breeder" Exemption

Was the whole PAWS battle just a charade to make a billion-dollar USDA inspection deal palatable?  Is that why the AKC Chairman testified in support of the PAWS bill?


AKC's Presentation by Jim Holt

soft-soaps the proposed PAWS amendment.


PAWS Co-Sponsors - What NOT to Write

FAX numbers and why you should FAX, not email.


USDA Precision & Interpretation

Hobby/Show breeders need to take a very serious look at PAWS and fight it with all their might.


Reply to Senator Burr

A model letter for everyone who has faced such a sad lack of representation.


PETA Conspiracy

Where did PETA got its initial funding, encyclopedia inclusion, etc.?


PAWS Standoff

The fat lady ain't singing yet but she's taking a deep breath.  DPCA's got them backing up!


Congressional Standoff re; PAWS

Good news from Bob Kane of SAOVA


PAWS Dead(Pet Animal Welfare Act of 2005)

Totally dead says Bob Kane of SAOVA


DFOW Flyer AKC Given To Delegates

Well what next?!  This is the flyer given out the first day and for which the lady was almost arrested!!!  9/15/05


AKC/HSUS Seek USDA Inspection Deal?

Whispers of a "deal" between USDA and (take your pick) AKC or HSUS based on outsourcing theory. Exclusive Interviews!


AKC Spin Or Education - YOU Decide

Quotes from AKC officials about what they think PAWS says.


PAWS Proposed Amendments

Santorum Says - If you sell a dog not born or raised on your property - you are a dealer. If you have NO LITTERS but you sell any animal for $501.00, you are a dealer.


Argument For Puppy Mills

If PAWS succeeds, we'll all know where to buy a puppy, the papers are full of them, blatant millers, multiple ads, multiple breeds, same phone number -  and where is the AKC? dateline August 17, 2005


Cass Sunstein, new Regulatory Czar

Avowed radical supporter of Animal Rights, he has control of the internet, and all public "information".


Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

Harper's Heroes Would Fight PAWS, Katrina, and the AKC, A Look At Dog Clubs and The Dog Game.


Take the PAWS Legislation Test

If you think you already know about the new Act, you are in for a surprise.  This is serious stuff!

History Of Animal Rights

Where did it start?  And more importantly - why?  What does 1968 Russia have to do with 1970s anti-establishment movement?


Before PAWS, there was

AWA - Animal Welfare Act of 1966

Written/passed to protect laboratory animals,

The Animal Welfare Act

has been continuously updated

and used against hobby breeders as in:

USDA Excludes Millers from AWA

July 2002 AKC Chairman's Report


READ The Actual PAWS Statute

$500 in gross income makes you a dealer, subject to home inspections, open financial records.



AKC President Trips With Santorum!

Two Leaders, AKC President Sprung & Senator Santorum campaign.


Rick Santorum's $29,000 visit to the AKC Board about more effective strategic planning or Buying PAWS 


Tying The Knot: PAWS & USDA

The frightful connection between AKC, HSUS, PAWS, Rick Santorum, USDA, and NAIS (Federal Animal ID System).



They shared the same goals and betrayed dog breeders.


Holt - Cooke PAWS Debate INDEX

800  pound Gorilla interrupted the event but doesn't control the jungle.


Delegates Force AKC Board Turnover

by keeping term limits.


Animal Control Officer Letter To Santorum

GOTCHA! letter points out he could be a DEALER under his own Pet Welfare Bill.


TICA Letter To Senate re PAWS

If you don't know much about the Cat Registries, you are about to be impressed.


CFA Fights PAWS & AKC Board

The AKC of the cat world, leading PAWS opposition.


Cooke On Case - Against PAWS

Inarguable from a legal, moral, or humanitarian point.


Albers on PAWS

Diane cut to the facts in this exclusive interview about the disaster, including HSUS.


PAWS & Katrina Preparedness

While it seems unthinking to speak of PAWS and Katrina in the same sentence, there’s a lesson to be learned.


AKC Fiduciary Responsibility On PAWS

Susan A. Schlenger, Esq. re; AKC's Corporate duty to oppose PAWS.



Pro-PAWS or No-PAWS?

Pro-PAWS responses avoided facts like a chicken runs from a fox.  93% are against PAWS.


The Fancy Questions PAWS

Selected questions from the clubs and we're asking for answers too.


Blackie Nygood Comments On PAWS

AKC Judge and popular columnist looks at pro-PAWS side of coin and yellow journalism.


Really Big Questions on PAWS

The Raleigh debate, as we predicted, was NO CONTEST.  But it isn't over yet.


PAWS - If You Do Nothing Else

Dept. Ag. Comm. insider says our dogs are about to be doggone ...


HSUS? Petition Defines Breeders

Anyone who allows any animal to reproduces anything...


Dr. Carmen Battaglia's PAWS Letter

AKC Director, the Dog Breeder's Breeder, he can't be denied.


UKC Weighs In On PAWS

Project: PAWS

UKC President's thoughtful assessment of the regulations and what they really mean. Another Exclusive!


Stop Paws - A Logical Look

Sandberg asks questions which have no answers but which makes the motive clear.


Open Letter to Senate & AKC

Haywood on other regulatory laws that exist and apply to whoever PAWS is directed towards.


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