It was AKC's support of PAWS that made this a Project.   As a voting member of a member club YOU have the power to bring about the right result and the Dog Federation Of Wisc. lays it on the line so Send THIS PAGE To Everyone!


Dog Federation of Wisconsin, Inc.

Promoting and Protecting Responsible  Dog Ownership

The PAWS Flyer Tells It All


The future of purebred dogs is in your hands. You can oppose or support S1139/HR2669, the "Pet Animal Welfare Statute of 2005'' (PAWS), but your decision will help determine whether you, your children, and your grandchildren will continue to enjoy the pleasures of living with top-quality purebred dogs and participating fully in the breeding and the sport of purebred dogs.

You should be opposed to PAWS, because:

PAWS doesn’t just "close a loophole" in the Animal Welfare Act, as supporters claim. PAWS is against individuals selling cats, dogs, and other animals directly to the pet-owning public. PAWS is a major step towards ending the breeding of pure bred dogs and pedigreed cats in a home setting. This is a dramatic change in the fundamental concept of the Animal Welfare Act, which was to license and regulate dealers who sell to research laboratories and the pet trade (pet stores and brokers).

PAWS federalizes the breeding of home -raised animals—the optimum source of well socialized pets. If fanciers and hobby breeders are forced to discontinue or reduce their breeding programs, the public demand for well-socialized pets will not be met. Fewer enthusiasts will result in the loss of genetic diversity, and most of the less common breeds will become extinct.

PAWS does not benefit the welfare of dogs in large substandard commercial kennels. In fact, adding thousands of cat and dog hobbyists to the existing assignment of the U.S. Department of Agriculture will greatly overburden the Department, making it harder to properly enforce the Animal Welfare Act at all.

PAWS does not address the health and welfare of imports, as supporters claim. The bill contains no meaningful import provisions.

PAWS is a move straight from the animal rights agenda, which states: “We strongly discourage any further breeding of companion animals, including pedigreed or purebred dogs and cats.”

PAWS will affect far more breeders than supporters claim. The 25/6 rule not only destroys rescue efforts, but also ensures future battles to prevent numbers from being lowered AFTER it is realized that PAWS does not have the intended effects. This has been plainly stated by HSUS, "While the HSUS believes the best place to find an animal companion is your local animal shelter, PAWS is a crucial first step to establish a safety net for the thousands of animals bred yearly for the pet trade..."

We urge you to reject the PAWS bill.

To do this, your concerns should be voiced during the delegates' meeting. We respectfully request that each of you, one by one, go up to the microphone DURING THE REGULAR MEETING, identify yourself and your club, and state, ''The ______ club wishes to go on record as opposed to the AKC Board's support of the PAWS legislation.''

Then sit down. The secretary will record your announcement in the meeting minutes. With that effort, you will have done a great deal to ensure the future of the sport of purebred dogs, and for that we are grateful.

Kelly Wichman
President, Dog Federation of Wisconsin, Inc #1110


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