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AKC, UKC and NCA Responses to Rumors re USDA Inspections


Will breeder inspections be outsourced by USDA-APHIS? How will they know who to inspect? Who has all your records? Here's what AKC, UKC & SCJA said about your personal records security..


Could too few USDA inspectors mean a huge $$$ inspection deal for AKC or HSUS? Is that why AKC fought so hard to keep PAWS alive?


Could too few USDA inspectors mean a huge $$$ inspection deal for AKC or HSUS?We asked that question in 2005. Now, 8 years later, the 2013 APHIS regulations have passed and the government is three times deeper in debt at $17 trillion. Can APHIS collect enough fines against dog, cat, rabbit breeders, etc. to support the massive inspection initiative or will the U.S. government outsource the contracts which could run into the $trillions?


Informed economists believe that has been the goal all along. The pet species registries have the breeding, sales, and co-ownership records and in many cases, your personal, private, and banking information. Without that information, where's the criteria to inspect you? 


What do AKC, UKC & SCJA say about your personal records security? See below.


When this article was written in September 2005, we were fighting PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Statute). We said "If the inspection rumor turns out to be true, you read it here first." Some of you insisted APHIS would award the contract to HSUS because the Humane Society Of The United States already has people in every state!


Indeed, HSUS has a viable network today.  The AKC does inspections.  And more than ever before, we're told the USDA can't keep up with imported food, diseased meat, and slaughter house inspections.  The problem is so serious that we accept packaged, shrink-wrapped chicken quarters and frozen shrimp direct from China.


Thanks to we know that USDA/APHIS has direct, close ties with HSUS through APHIS Director Sarah Conant. (see master link below)


In 2005 we asked the major registries where they stood on opening records because if PAWS had passed (it was largely defeated by TheDogPlace PAWS Project), U.S. citizens would have had their privacy rights violated just because they bred one too many dogs and/or cats. UKC and NCA were definitive, adamant.  AKC was wishy-washy.


Regardless of who inspects what records, that is exactly what the PAWS amendment intended to accomplish.  The APHIS regulation sounds remarkably like one of the stated HSUS agendas. In fact, if you remember the Wall Street Banking Scandal of 2008, you will see the similarities, the possibility of back room bargains and dirty profits.  Just remember YOU are the bailout this time and use your 20/20 hindsight or click on the links below.


Those who have given the rumor some thought agree that USDA would have to greatly increase their field inspectors because even though they are doing a better job at policing “puppy mills” they are unable to prevent proven, blatant abuse. Who would USDA hire? Untrained, untried job applicants that require a lot of costly job education? Or in today’s outsourcing market, would USDA contract the work to private enterprise much more capable of hiring and training the additional work force?


Some wise old owl laughed and wondered if AKC would be willing to share registration and sales transaction records if HSUS got the inspection contract? Another legal eagle said every registry's records would be open to any federal agency under subpoena.


All that is speculation and we did a lot of that while fighting PAWS in 2005. We decided not to guess at how the registries felt about opening their breeder's records to satisfy demands for inspection. Therefore, we asked...


Will your Registry open its records to inspection regarding number of litters and transactions (dogs transferred to others), where a litter was whelped and by whom?


Daisy Okas, AVP Communications, American Kennel Club “We have no plans to do so at this time.”


Wayne Cavanaugh, President, United Kennel Club “Hell No!  Not without a subpoena and then I’m not sure we wouldn’t fight it.  We would sure resist if and when it came to that.”


Lt. Col. Wallace H. Pede, President and CEO, National Canine Assoc. “Absolutely not.  Now, if someone can get a judge to issue a court order, then we would get legal advice on the matter.  I’m not sure how that would work, there would have to be some kind of probable cause to get a warrant or court order.”


Well, there you have it.  Breeder inspections were not just another Urban Legend. It has been a long battle and after so many legislative groups put so much into fighting changes in the perfectly sufficient Animal Welfare Act of 1966, in the end it appears that money buys agendas as easily as it buys beer! 


You may find TheDogPress Editorial on Tying The Knot between AKC, HSUS, USDA, the National Animal I.D./GPS animal tracking agenda, and Digital Angel microchipping, well, interesting.


Diane Albers passed away Dec. 2008.  She was not only "the mouth of the south" as the head of the Central Florida KC cluster, she was one of our best informed sources. We interviewed her on PAWS in 2005, see AKC In Bed With HSUS & DDAL?


By Fall of 2013, TheDogPress subscribers understood the grand plan of HSUS, USDA, IRS, and yes, AKC and APHIS. Other sites were beginning to disseminate the deeply disturbing information and the truth could no longer be denied.


The only question now is are you going to fight for your rights or give up?  Hobby breeders have always sold direct to the buyer just like craft people sell their wares to the public - with no government inspection.  Are you an artist, a watchmaker, a model airplane hobbyist?  Who inspects your "product"?


See 20 Facts About HSUS and ask yourself how and why we didn't see it coming?  Ask yourself which is the lesser evil, HSUS or AKC AS USDA Inspectors?   Then, to bring your knowledge up to date, get the 2014 picture of AKC-HSUS Collusion or competition.


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