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The Humane Society Of The U.S. vows to end all dog breeding but what if  HSUS becomes the "High Volume Breeder" inspector under new USDA Rule?


Will HSUS' $billion campaign contributions influence 2014 elections?






 Meet The New, "Political" HSUS


Dec. 1, 2008 - We've been saying it for years, and this weekend Americans across the country saw it in big, front page-sized letters: Wayne Pacelle's Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is an animal rights group. HSUS is not your local humane society.


HSUS spends more trying to influence elections than Citigroup, Microsoft, or ExxonMobil. And it wants to push its radical agenda on you.  That was in the 2008 election.  What about 2012?

Remember all the fuss over "wing-flapping room" in California?  That was only the beginning. Sacramento Bee reporter Aurelio Rojas explains:

"Now that the nation's largest animal rights group has effectively banned the caging of egg-laying hens in California, it is turning its focus to Washington.

"A week after voters here overwhelmingly approved Proposition 2, [HSUS chief Wayne] Pacelle called on the Humane Society's 10 million- plus members 'to build on the momentum of that landmark outcome.'

"In e-mails, the group's executive director urged "friends" to send a message to President-elect Barack Obama urging him to "consider animal protection a priority when appointing his secretary of agriculture."…

The Human Society of The U.S. is a political power whose clout Pacelle believes one day will rival the National Rifle Association.

"We have the potential to be one of the most powerful forces in politics," Pacelle says.

But the scary thing is that Pacelle's group already is one of the most powerful forces in politics. Aside from his recent call for "friends" to pressure the President-elect, Pacelle's group spent over $5.2 million on the 2008 election cycle.


That's more than the Teamsters Union, the American Bankers Association, or just about any other company, union, or political action committee (PAC) we could think of.

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You will never again see a shot like this if HSUS and PETA succeed in their  "One generation and out" agenda. 


How much of that five million dollars went to the Obama campaign?  Well, The Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) endorsed a whopping 312 congressional candidates. 


(HSUS) also heartily endorsed Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  HSUS sent Obama advice about the kind of dog he should get his daughters.  A shelter dog of course. 


The Humane Society Legislative Fund has posted a long, long list of candidates it claims support Animal Rights legislation and have voted or co-sponsored AR laws sweeping the country.


Think about that as you look at congressional candidates in the next elections. In the meantime, watch your local politicians, many of whom will be running for the House and Senate.


 HSUS or AKC AS USDA Inspectors?


In 2005, an interesting sidebar to the HSUS legislative agenda was related to this editor.  The USDA said it lacked the budget needed to ramp up inspection of puppy mills and USDA licensed (commercial) breeders.  Based on 1997 figures, there were only 90 USDA inspectors to cover more than 5,000 puppy mills producing over 500,000 puppies a year. We could logically multiply those numbers by at least 50% by 2008. 


In a Dog News interview, AKC Lobbyist Jim Holt (now deceased) stated that "AKC would support the addition of such a provision to the bill" which would authorize the USDA to "certify the inspections programs of non-governmental organizations such as the AKC"


If AKC or HSUS were take over USDA inspections, (they) would become a quasi government agency to the exclusion of all other Animal Rights or Registry organizations. 


Such is the case in Canada where essentially, the government is the registering body.  For AKC it would mean a dead lock on the show community and registrations.  For HSUS it would be just another weapon in its arsenal used to end all but the production of commercially bred pets.


For all of us, the possibility bears close monitoring.


UPDATE: See proposed USDA/APHIS legislation to reclassify hobby breeders July 2012  Post your comments at 

 HSUS Grass Roots Meeting
Charlotte, NC

Report from North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance -  NCRAOA

Dec. 2, 2008 - Amanda Arrington, NC State Director for HSUS, 7 months in that position. I counted 47 people in the auditorium with a couple more in the hallway as the meeting began.  Apparently there were some enlightened people at the Raleigh meeting the night before, she said there had been some disruptions and that non-supporters were welcome to sit quietly, but disruptions were unwelcome.

Ms. Arrington says that HSUS is no longer in the margins and doing their work in the shadows, they are now the Mainstream. Scary thought!

They have 250,000 members in NC. She says they have horse sanctuaries and even a rabbit sanctuary in SC. They claim to shelter more animals than any other National Animal Rights organization.

HSUS makes grants available for Shelters from the web site  I would imagine those grants are few and far between, to have the money in the bank they have.

Their 5 major campaigns in the U.S. are:
Factory Farming  |  Fur Industry  |  Stop Puppy Mills  |  End Animal Fighting  |  Wildlife Abuse (Formerly Hunting Campaign)

She bragged about their Petland investigation, the passing of Prop. II in CA, and several large scale puppy mill busts. She and some others from NC went to Washington in July to discuss upcoming breeder legislation. There was a photo of the group in her PowerPoint presentation and Elizabeth Dole was in the photo. Well we don't have to worry about her anymore!

She loves Charlotte/Mecklenburg Animal Control and Humane Society, not surprising since they are known for their AR leanings. She introduced Vickie Hughes who is spearheading a program in Charlotte modeled after one in Chicago where young urban kids and their pit-bulls are in a training program, learning obedience and agility. They learn to care for and about their dogs rather than fighting them. I thought this was a really good idea and spoke with Vickie afterward about initiating some sort of avenue to a Junior Showmanship program with AKC, UKC or 4H. I pointed out the kids could satisfy that competitive spirit without the fighting and maybe even get themselves some scholarship money.

Ms. Arrington then picked up with a discussion on NC laws. She thinks the language is too vague in our criminal statutes. Doesn't like having to prove things like intent or malice. She loves our civil statute that permits people to sue on behalf of animals. She doesn't like the loophole that keeps non-commercial breeders exempt from NCDA inspections.

Bills that HSUS is supporting right now are:
Gas Chamber 2 Bills  |  Companion Animal Network Version  |  Coalition against Inhumane Euthanasia  |  Animal Institute in CA Exotics Bill  |  Fox & Coyote Hunting/Penning Wants to make enclosed hunting illegal.  |  Chaining this is a pet project of hers as she heads up the Unchained Dogs organization in Durham, she considers this a piece of the puzzle. I assumed the puzzle will only be complete with MSN and Limit Laws.  |  Puppy Mill Legislation
* see editor's note below They are talking to the Dept. of Agriculture regarding the language of upcoming legislation.

They are determined, they realized Animal Legislation almost never passes on the first try, so they will keep trying and trying.

Then came her You Are The Troops speech. She urged people to become active and to: Call, Write Letters to the Editor, Attend Public Meetings, Have Personal Meetings, Respond to Action Alerts, Build relationships with State and Local Legislators, Attend County Commissioner Meetings. In other words, do all the things we need to be doing, but for the dark side.

They will be out in Raleigh in full force on Humane Lobby Day Feb 12. Apparently they have an open door to the legislators on this day. We need to see how we can be involved in this and make some rounds ourselves. Federal Lobby day in Washington is July 27.

While I was extremely disappointed to see only 1 face I recognized as a Piedmont Kennel Club Member, this was a meeting in Charlotte after all, --- Wake Up PKC!!!! there were some questions from the audience that lead me to believe other breeders were present. One lady was concerned about Breed Specific legislation and a gentleman asked her to clarify their relationship with PETA. She confirmed they shared the same goals and regularly shared information.

Her summary urged attendees to lobby their legislators, get involved locally, stay aware and be persistent. She said its all about the laws!


Before you consider donating to any so-called animal welfare group, get the facts on Donating To HSUS.


Study state and local candidates position on Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare.  Make your campaign contribution decision and vote based on that agenda and make sure your friends and neighbors know the score.



**Statements and information contained herein are for educational purposes only. Always check with an Attorney if you believe your legal rights have been violated or you would like to share documentation of same.**



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