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Editor: The internet article to which Ms. Nygood refers was indeed soppy and non-realistic.  Thatís why we didnít publish it.  We do think Blackieís comments are very on-track.  With her permission and stipulation that (although her popular column appears in Dog News) she is a free-lance writer, we present the other side of the coin.


by Blackie Nygood 

 I will not forward this to the AKC.  They have undoubtedly gotten a copy of it by now, and I do not agree with any of it.  It represents the attempt by some members of the "dog fancy" - a term I loathe - to panic good people into opposing PAWS at any cost, for any reason, good or bad.  This is yellow journalism at its worst, and as a writer I resent it.

The PAWS bill is not perfect.  No law yet written is, just as no dog is a perfect example of its breed.  There will be plenty of opportunity for changes and amendments. It is, however, far, far superior to the PPA(Puppy Protection Act), pushed by the infamous Doris Day organization and PETA, among others of the extreme animal rights movement.  That is the bill that Sen. Santorum backed so strongly a few years ago, and which the AKC, with help from true dog people all over the country, defeated.

I do not like Sen. Santorum and I disagree with all of his policies except this Bill.  If he truly has had a change of heart from his stance on the PPA, praise be! 

Jim Holt, the AKC lobbyist in Washington, is an honest, hard-working, extremely knowledgeable man.  He has spent endless hours on this and taken endless abuse from people like the writers of this piece of drivel.  I could call it a piece of something else, but this is too serious for vulgarity.  He has explained again and again how this Bill will not affect the true hobby breeder.  It may affect some people among us, and I include some AKC judges and AKC delegates in that scurrilous bunch, but not the "you and me's".  It will affect puppy millers and commercial breeders.  They cannot be put out of business, this is the USA, land of free enterprise, remember?... but they can be regulated.

If the support of the AKC for this Bill is undermined by the bitter opposition to ALL parts of it by dog lovers misled by writings such as this, then in the future, when any sort of dog legislation comes before the Congress, any comments or suggestions  the AKC may have  on it will be completely disregarded.  Doris Day, Peta and the rest of them will be free to push any Bill they desire.

So no, I will not send this on to the AKC and I feel very sorry for the ignorance shown by anyone who believes it.