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When POLITICS become PROJECTS, we get RESULTS.  It was AKC's support of PAWS that made it a Project.   You will now decide the future of the AKC and of the purebred dog.  PAWS has divided the fancy more than ever before.  As a voting member of a member club YOU have the power to bring about the right  RESULT.  And remember, the uninformed owner thinks PAWS is a good thing so Send THIS PAGE To Everyone!

AKC Fiduciary Responsibility re: PAWS

a letter by Susan A. Schlenger, Esq.



Dear Canine Legislation Department, Counsel and Officers of the AKC;


I think, by this time, you must realize how very serious your constituency is opposing the PAWS legislation.


Simply the below list of breed clubs should tell you that your own AKC parent club delegations have voted against this. I consider any further attempt to ignore your constituency on this subject (or worse, attempt to baffle them with less than the exact nature of what will happen should PAWS legislation be voted into active law) a breach of your fiduciary duty to your constituency.

I'm sure that your legal department can now more rapidly advise you regarding your likely breach of fiduciary duties to your member organizations should revenue enhancement result from an activity specifically voted against by the majority of your member organizations. It would be a terribly sad thing for this to come to such a head. Personally, I am amazed that you have so far ignored how strongly reputable breeders oppose the PAWS endorsement by the AKC and the unholy alliance with the Santorum camp.

As I have said before, many of us would happily support different and positive sounding schemes to increase AKC's revenue.

I beg you to consider the impact that this terrible rift has already caused and the further bad feelings which would result, if, in fact, you continue to ignore your constituency who have now already spoken both loudly and clearly.

Susan A. Schlenger, Esq.
and Gary W. Carlson, Attorney at Law
Llawen Cavaliers, Pleasant Valley, NY

cc:  President and CEO Dennis B Sprung

       VP/General Counsel Michael F. Swick

       Director of Canine Legislation Stephanie Lane

       Patti Strand and others, file


I am copying several other organizations because while I have written completely independently of their organizations, I endorse everything for which they stand and wish them to know that there are independent voices out here speaking also loudly and clearly and with legal acumen and vested interest in the outcome of this situation. #1110


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