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The Raleigh NC Dog Show Cluster, Debate Sept. 2005 arranged by NCFDC

There are many issues surrounding this legislative event.  The cast of characters grows larger by the day. TheDogPlace presents the PAWS Debate information in one handy place and will continue to update.  In addition, TheDogPress editions of HEADlines will continue to insure their subscribers are the "First To Know" (free subscription here)

AKC's efforts to promote acceptance of PAWS and exposure by TheDogPress has led to contentious confrontation between the fancy, dog clubs, and legislative groups such as the North Carolina Federation Of Dog Clubs.  Dog people are highly intelligent and now, highly motivated to understand the most serious threat to the WELLbred purebred ever confronted.   

800 Pound Gorilla
Intriguing example of a circus affects our ability to gain objective information.  by great-grandson of an AKC Founding Father, one might say caring is "in the blood."

Dr. Holt Withdraws - Official Statement
Offers to do it some other time, with another presenter, and an honest broker, or in Dog News.  Outrageous insinuations re circus, fighting, threatening, lawsuits.

Exclusive Interview - William Pfeiffer
Raleigh KC Treasurer, Delegate for RKC to NCFDC, first to be interviewed in effort to unsnarl confusion surrounding the much-anticipated but cancelled debate.

Exclusive Interview - John Schoeneman
Vice Pres. and Event Coordinator, NCFDC on plans from "day one" and how hard the NC Federation worked to present a great program for the Delegates and the public.

Raleigh 2005 Holt vs Cooke Debate
Revealing details and background on how this important educational event arranged by the NC Federation of Dog Clubs didn't happen, well, not exactly.

Ms. Cooke Still Willing - Official Statement
Explains what transpired, repeats willingness to participate, questions unsigned emails, refutes reasons given for rescinding the event, etc.

Exclusive Interview - Bob Peters
President of NCFDC, Dog Show Super, Pro-Paws but wanted information, agreed to debate format but says then things changed and the Federation blew it, not Dr. Holt.

NCFDC Clubs Vote To Oppose PAWS
After objection by President overturned, official position set by overwhelming majority. Secretary's Report 9/4/05 NC Federation Of Dog Clubs Meeting in Raleigh.

A great deal has since transpired and details will continue to develop. 
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