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Holt vs Cooke PAWS Debate Raleigh NC 2005

Exclusive Interview with Bob Peters


Mr. Peters is President of the NC Federation of Dog Clubs (NCFDC), and well known as Show Superintendent, Bob Peters Dog Shows.  Exclusive Interview Aug. 28, 2005


TDP: Mr. Peters, who invited Dr. Holt?

BP: “Stephanie Lane from AKC was supposed to be at our last meeting.  The NCFDC felt a pro and con should be heard and so my understanding is it was Bill Pfeiffer, Raleigh KC Treasurer and Delegate to NCFDC that handled it.


TDP: Why didn’t the NCFDC invite Dr. Holt?

BP:  “We did, we wanted all the facts, including AKC’s position instead of what was on the internet.  As President, I coordinated with both Bill Pfeiffer and with John Schoeneman so actually, we did invite Dr. Holt.


TDP: Was Dr. Holt told there would be an opposing view?

BP:  “I can’t say for sure, I think he was aware that Ms. Cooke would be there but Bill Pfeiffer was the one handling it so I’m not sure.  It was confirmed as a controlled panel but then they came up with the other ideas about the audience submitting questions.  I think that was John Schoeneman’s idea.


TDP:  What about the $5 admission fee which would have helped to defray expenses?  We’ve learned that upon being told of the fairgrounds rules regarding ticket sales, the NCFDC immediately agreed to waive the $5 admission, thus negating that “technical problem.”  Is that true?

BP:  “Well I’m not sure.  It was to be for the NC Federation Members, they were to be there and if there was adequate space, yes, exhibitors could buy a $5 ticket.  But at that time I don’t think anyone realized about the NC Fairgrounds regulations.


TDP:  And what about the venue problem?  When your group learned the room had been cancelled, you immediately got another room so the event could proceed?

BP:  “As President, I coordinated but there was concern over crowd control and the accommodation of 200 people.  It was to be for the Federation, not originally for the Tarheel exhibitors, it was so the 20 clubs could benefit and when 200 people were mentioned, it might have been a red flag.”


TDP:  Was Dr. Holt informed of the admission and venue problem?

BP:  “Yes, but I don’t know that he knew they were resolved.  You’ll have to ask John Schoenman about that.”


TDP:  It sounds like your group got things straightened out so why couldn’t Dr. Holt come ahead as scheduled?

BP:  I don’t know that.  I just know Jim Holt didn’t blow it, the Federation blew it by charging the fee and when it grew into a possibility of 200 people and there was a concern about crowd control.”


TDP:  Do you personally support or oppose PAWS?

BP:   “I oppose it but like everybody, I want information and want to know how the regulations will be interpreted.  If there will be any changes in the rules.”


TDP:  Have you heard the rumor that USDA might use AKC to do inspections?

BP:  “Yes, I heard something but only to the extent that USDA had looked at and liked AKC’s established inspection procedure.”


In summary, Mr. Peters was conversant and great to talk to, especially considering it was (at his request) early Sunday A.M.   This reporter was working on only one cup of coffee but Bob was wide awake and eloquent in discussing his enjoyment of and background in politics.  Notably, he has also been a major supporter for the NC State Veterinary school right across from the showgrounds.  Quick to modestly say he hasn’t donated much but that he is able to bring other supporters to the table.  He is a strong believer in working together and anything that helps dogs and helps the clubs.


We thank Mr. Bob Peters for the interview.



A great deal has since transpired and details will continue to develop. 

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