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Background leading up to meeting:  President Bob Peters even though he attended, objected strenuously to holding the meeting and vote.  Others in the Federation felt it was important to allow the members an opportunity to state their positions.  Mr. Peters said calling the meeting was out of order, he was appealed and lost.  Apparently, Mr. Bill Pfieffer, Raleigh KC Treasurer, agreed and did not want to see the meeting go forward.  It was however deemed a legal and necessary meeting  by the majority of members and therefore, the meeting was held and the members voted. 

We invite anyone who felt the meeting was out of order or non-productive to send comments.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As Secretary of the North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs, consisting of the following 28 member clubs:

Alamance Kennel Club - Asheville Kennel Club - Cabarrus Kennel Club - Carolina Dog Training Club - Carolina Kennel Club -
Central Carolina Dachshund Club - Central Carolina Pug Dog Club - Dalmatian Club of the Piedmont - Danville Kennel Club - Doberman Pinscher Club of Charlotte - Durham Kennel Club - Fayetteville Kennel Club - Forsyth Kennel Club - Furniture City Kennel Club Jacksonville NC Kennel Club - German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Raleigh - Goldsboro NC Kennel Club - Greater Hickory Kennel Club - Greater Monroe Kennel Club - Hanover Kennel Club - MidAtlantic Hound Association - Moore County Kennel Club of NC - NC Coalition of Animal Owners - Piedmont Kennel Club, Inc. - Raleigh Kennel Club - Salisbury Kennel Club - Triangle Shetland Sheepdog Club of NC - Tarheel Weimaraner Club.

It is my responsibility, to make public the 9/4/05 vote of the assembled North Carolina Federation of Dog Club delegates in opposition to the proposed Pet Animal Welfare Statute legislation.

At its September 4, 2005 meeting called specifically to discuss the upcoming PAWS bill, and to determine the club's position on this legislation, the North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs, by an overwhelming majority, voted to go on record to oppose the proposed PAWS legislation. There were four abstentions, but no supporting votes.

There are no pertinent issues addressed by PAWS that are not presently covered in existing legislation. The existing Animal Welfare Act coupled with existing legislation regulating animal sales, humane care and transport are sufficient. Proper enforcement of the existing legislation will better serve animal owners and breeders.

Based on the delegates' discussion and votes representing their clubs' members, we do not believe the current position of the American Kennel Club can be supported by our organization.

Most Sincerely,

Dale Maddox-Geddis
North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs