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When POLITICS become PROJECTS, we get RESULTS.  It was AKC's support of PAWS that made it a Project.   You will now decide the future of the AKC and of the purebred dog.  PAWS has divided the fancy more than ever before.  As a voting member of a member club YOU have the power to bring about the right  RESULT.  And remember, the uninformed owner thinks PAWS is a good thing so Send THIS PAGE To Everyone!

CFA's Letter to AKC re; PAWS


Monday, June 13th, 2005 is a critical time - the AKC Board of Directors will meet with their Delegates in Chicago to hear a presentation explaining the reasons why AKC is supporting the Pet Animal Welfare Statute, PAWS bill.  Dog fanciers are working hard to reach all Board members to persuade them to not support federal licensing and inspection of breeders selling at  retail.

This bill gives the Doris Day Animal League everything they were unable to achieve through the courts in 2003.  If you know dog fanciers who can reach either Board members or member club delegates please ask them to urge AKC to withdraw their support for this bill.  Calls and emails to the Board from dog fanciers are important now.  An updated contact list is below.

To see the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) Letter to the AKC President and Board members go to: (sorry page has moved)


Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Coordinator

Cat Fancier's Association


Editor's note: the Letter AND CFA's Postion Statement have been "permanently removed" no reason stated.  We considered removing this page from TheDogPlace but instead, we apologize to readers and leave it as a reminder of how and why memory is short :)  We will leave the contact info and names below as a reminder of who was on the board during the PAWS Battle.  See links below for The International Cat Assoc. (TICA) position.

email and contact phone numbers provided by CFA


Your voice may have helped persuade Dr. Battaglia, Patti Strand, Ken Marden and Tom Davies to OPPOSE the PAWS Bill.  They need our support to stand fast on their position.  CFA has given us a valuable tool.  It takes only a minute to compose an email, copy and drop each of the email addresses below into it.  For or Against, let AKC know how YOU feel about PAWS.  AKC has joined two of the most prominent anti-breeder legislative forces in the U.S.  You will remember our fight to defeat the legislation pushed by the Doris Day Animal League (DDAL) and the Humane Society Of The U.S. (HSUS)

President Dennis B. Sprung / The American Kennel Club

AKC Board:  
Dr.  Carmen Battaglia  770-998-3679 or GSD Club of America Delegate

AKC Board: Dr.  Thomas M.  Davies

AKC Board:
J. Charles Garvin, M.D.  740-383-8050 work) FAX 740-383-7084 or Dalmatian Club of America / Marion Ohio Kennel Club

AKC Board: Steven D. Gladstone, Attorney 570-350-2299 (cell) Reno Kennel Club Delegate

AKC Board: Walter F. Goodman  (305) 758-5766 Skye Terrier Club of America Delegate

AKC Board:
Dr. Patricia Haines or Cincinnati Kennel Club  Delegate

AKC Board & Past President: Kenneth A.  Marden
207-549-4783 FAX 207-549-4761 GSPCA Delegate

AKC Board:
Dr. Asa Mays (Dr. Mays is ill at this time, we pray for his speedy recovery) 678-957-9544  FAX 678-957-9542 or Hutchinson Kennel Club Delegate

Chairman Of The Board: Ronald  H. Menaker, 201-848-7042  FAX 201-848-7043 or Greater Freeport Illinois Kennel Club Delegate 

AKC Board:
Hon. David C.  Merriam 760-639-5253 FAX 760-639-6206 or Duluth Kennel Club Delegate

AKC Board:
Nina Schaefer 215-947-1677 FAX 215-947-2172

AKC Board: Patricia Scully 845-357-1812 or Obedience Training Club of Hawaii  Delegate

AKC Board:
Patti Strand 503-671-1139 Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon Delegate #1110


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