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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" and animal "welfare" organizations, learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS!




The Politics of PETA, HSUS, and ASPCA

Barbara (BJ) Andrews, Legislative Editor, SAAB


When did Animal Rights start? Where did the Animal Rights movement begin? How can a non-profit group rake in MILLIONS in non-taxable donations with which they strip away Human Rights and Constitutional Rights?


What legal authorization allows tax-free political groups to collect $BILLIONS to lobby for anti-American legislation under the guise of Animal Welfare?


The answer is IRS of course but you will be stunned by the following documentation.  Think about all of this as you submit your tax returns and especially when you head to the polls to elect a new Senator or Congressman.


"How did PETA get started?  Who backed two obscure people?  What about ALF and HSUS?  Think how veganism, animal rights and secular law have usurped our God-given rights and changed America.  Dog owners are barking up the wrong tree unless we recognize this as a Constitutional issue.


Then ask yourself how PETA got startup funding? And what Animal Rights have to do with the 70's peace movement?  If it sounds like a George Soros conspiracy to destroy our political system and Constitutional Rights, keep reading.  You are about to become an authority on this subject.


Is it a only an accident that (instant info) ii Animal Rights have gained unfettered legislative control over the rights of Americans?  How do Animal Rights leaders know which politicians can be influenced by campaign contributions?  Is there reason to believe that animal rights activists are encouraged by foreign interests and cash flow?  Animal RIGHTS laws are re-writing American history through local and state regulations, loss of privacy, and personal freedoms. Isn't anyone paying attention?


Yes, the FBI and DHS monitor animal rights groups as among the most politically dangerous Domestic Terrorists [1] in America but these same federal agencies have a soiled history tarnished by whichever group controls it.  During the 2016 election we got a disquieting peek at the once-venerable FBI.


Law-makers (Congress) count on support from lobbying groups and today, Animal Rights lobbyists carry $$$ cash...  Accountability is difficult because not-for-profit organizations can legally keep closed books, preventing investigators from uncovering the millions of $25 donations that fill campaign coffers.  Learn more about HSUS political power [2] (revealed) and the Internal Revenue's now-famous Lois Lerner.


Mandatory Spay and Neuter is pushed by animal rights advocates on the premise that it will solve the overpopulation problem.  Problem is, there is no animal over-population problem.  If that were true, shelters would not have to import mutts from offshore and buy purebreds from commercial producers.  It is a blatantly false animal rights lie that pushes spay and neuter, forcing people to take their animals to veterinarians support and advocate local spay/neuter laws as $$$.  In fact, many of today's veterinarians come out of vet school supporting "animal rights" having been educated by guest "professors" who provide the curriculum.


Veterinarians profit handsomely from spay-neuter regulations that force owners to remove vital hormone-producing, health-promoting organs, which then opens the door to disease.  Leading the list is the HSUS Veterinary Medical Association Wars. [3]  Despite our country's history of rebellion against unfair "taxation" many city and county officials say that American citizens have "No Right" to own a sexually intact dog, well, unless they pay for a special license! It is known as "Spay or Pay".


When Did Animal Rights Become Civil Extortion?

Did politicians get the idea of selling protection from watching mob movies?  What else would a prosecutor call breed-specific and intact dog permits?  How can it be illegal to own a particular breed or a sexually-intact animal and then suddenly it becomes legal when the owner buys a special $$$ permit?  Laws written to protect legalized extortion.  It's a dirty racket.


Where politicians once kept secret their ties to political groups masquerading as “animal welfare advocates”, by 2010 they had become so emboldened that they proudly proclaim affiliation with “animal rights” groups!  Take a look at their voting history and decide for whom you will vote in the next election.  Remember, politicians should not have to be paid to support good legislation.


Animal cruelty laws already exist at local, state, and federal levels.  The Animal Welfare Act just needs to be enforced but there's an obvious snag in our system - Legislators don’t get paid to enforce the laws they get paid to pass.


PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk's Animal Rights History begins during the turbulent 70s when she spearheaded legislation for a Washington D.C. spay/neuter clinic.  Co-founder Alex Pacheco's public history also begins in the 70s as an animal activist, campaigning against leg hold traps.  One of his mentors was Cleveland Armory, founder of Fund For Animals (FFA).  That was before Pacheco went undercover in the historical monkey lab case which prompted the movie classic, Project X.


How would you define PETA? This graphic is indicative of how informed people see PETA today but their history begins in 1980 when People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals was incorporated in VA.  Where did PETA get their start-up money?  No one had heard of George Soros and other "Progressives" back then but they existed.  It took a BIIGGG bankroll to print and mail millions of booklets showing the Silver Spring lab monkeys with electrodes inserted into their open skull by evil American scientists. That was indeed a horrid case of animal cruelty but... it advanced brain surgery and Alzheimer's research by decades.


It also took money and huge political pull for PETA to so quickly infiltrate our schools with "teaching materials." Can anyone explain how PETA got into the Encyclopedia Britannica when most Americans had not yet heard about "animal rights"?


More Animal Rights History and Politics

How could veganism be a successful platform in a country founded by meat eaters, hunters, and farmers? We became Americans by fighting for our individual RIGHTS so how could we give up the right to own animals?  If you have ever wondered why and how such blatantly subversive political groups got a foothold in America, consider this...


Was the Soviet Union involved in Animal Rights as a political weakness?Political/cultural penetration of the United States was a prioritized goal of the Soviet Union after its 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia. Offering benign assistance in the form of printed literature, printing press time, signs, flags, banners and other paraphernalia for demonstrations and propaganda, Soviet operatives penetrated organizations whose members were in many cases the wayward sons and daughters of the North America's elite.


Anti-establishment groups flourished in the 70’s - the Weather Underground, Viet Nam Veterans Against The War, etc. Within that framework, PETA's history begins in England where it was chartered.  Although PETA denies ties with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and ELF (Environmental Liberation Front), PETA has given both groups large financial grants. Note: ELF is at the top of the FBI’s domestic terrorists list. [1] and PETA is a subversive vegetarian, animal rights (not welfare) organization that reported $32 million in donations for 2009 when this was first written.


But PETA doesn’t compare to the Humane Society Of The U.S. (HSUS) which raked in over $100 million in donations last year and pays no taxes. See display below which reveals the connection between HSUS and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and also Globalist-U.N. Agenda 21 author, Maurice Strong who is on the HSUS Board Of Directors... Instant Information on ii Maurice Strong, HSUS & Agenda-21, something we all have to keep a watchful eye on.


Politicians eagerly accept their “share” of the donations bilked from animal lovers.  Without millions to hand out to politicians, no legislative group can succeed.  Call it lobbying or call it payoffs, animal protection groups are the perfect warm, fuzzy front for anti-American political interest groups that chip away at our inherent rights.  Amazing political history when you stop to think about it!


History shows animal rights groups have bilked $billions from the public on the pretense of protecting animals.

You’ve seen the HSUS and ASPCA television commercials and full color magazine ads - paid for by tax-exempt public donations.  97% of those donated funds are used to campaign for more donations with which to persuade politicians to support their anti-American crusade to incrementally strip away our personal freedom.


Only 2 cents on the dollar is spent rescuing animals or supporting shelters.  We know that, but John Q. Public does not.  The Fur Commission, one of PETA's primary targets, vigorously fought the Animal Rights mob but they did so alone, with no help from the American Kennel Club?  Where is the success of AKC’s PAC? Political Action Committee?  What is it doing? Ten years later, in 2016 the answer to those questions is still "nothing that matters."


Animal Rights Law Is A Goldmine

So much so that top law universities offer courses which lean heavily towards Animal Rights.  Animal rights advocate Gary Francione is a professor of law at Rutgers School of Law, Newark.  He loves PETA and calls them "the new welfarists."  History proves that when it comes to animal rights, every opportunist is mining their share of free money.  That leaves citizen groups struggling to find older lawyers who remember the 14th Amendment which specifies in part  “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property…”


Animals are not children or "fur-kids". Horse, cow, chicken or dog; animals are by law private property.  Unless and until animal ownership groups include Constitutional scholars and attorneys, we haven’t a chance of defeating the politics of animal “rights”.


There’s something really wrong with this picture.  Do your own research.  Check out who voted for what in both your state and local politicians.  From 2008 through 2010 we provided a list in the but it was difficult to maintain. 


THE DOG PRESS (SIGNUP FREE) UNALIGNED NEWS FOR THE DOG FANCYWe welcome reader input let us hear from you.  There are many more animal rights watchdog groups than when this was first released so let us know which politicians DO NOT support “animal rights” and we will update the old lists, with credit to you or your legislative group.


More History: Who Shills For Animal Rights?

Call your politicians and ask whether they support your Constitutional right to own property. Then ask outright if they take contributions from HSUS, PETA, or SPCA.  They will say they "don't know" but ask them to get back to you with a statement.  If they "forget" to email a position statement on Animal Rights legislation, call them back with a reminder. If they refuse to take a position, send us your note on that legislator, his/her name and the state or district. We will add the information to Politics For Pet Owners.


Animal "rights" groups are buying politicians faster than you can count the rights you are losing.  See display links below to learn more about globalists and proponents of Agenda 21 who are pushing laws that elevate chickens over humans! This isn't just about animal rights, it is about your determination to protect your Constitutional Rights.


[1] FBI Terrorists ALF & ELF   [2] HSUS Political Power Revealed   [3] HSUS Veterinary Assoc. Wars


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