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Pet-positions of your Presidents, Senators and Representatives; mask mandates, dogs in the White House and how Politics affect all animal owners.



U.S. Rep. Mace On Animal Testing



Leading the fight for animal protection, fighting inhumane animal testing.


Heat Alarms For K-9 Cars



Left in hot cars, dogs die quicker than humans, learn how to prevent...


National Pet Week



Reminds us all of how important personal pets are!


Senators On Testing Torture



You’ve seen lab animals tortured until they die, but these 2 senators...


Heads Up On Horse Soring



Marty Irby updates subscribers on the painful practice of soring horses’ hoofs.


Politics of Masks And Medicine


Politics Of Masks And Medicine Dec 2021


How long does COVID last on checkout counters and paper money?


The Dollar Bill Decoded



See the hidden meaning of the United States $1 bill.


The Mask Method Of Domination



Are mask mandates more about control than health?


"Major" Mistake In The White House



Politically correct shelter dog removed due to aggressive behavior.


When The Lights Go Out



A blackout can last beyond your survival timeline unless you are prepared.


White House Dogs, Then And Now



Photos, historical record of the Presidents' pets reveal personality traits.


Noise Ordinance For Neighbors Who Bark



“Noise Ordinances” for the entitled and politically connected!


Imported Food Grain Risk!



Bread? Dog food? Think about this economic-political factor.


More Than A Pandemic



The Plan (?) COVID-19 lays waste to U.S. economy and societal values.


Instant Information for ii YOUR Government Representatives ~ ii Constitutional Of The United States


Legislative Info and What NOT to Write

Why you should write or FAX, not email so your letter can count for something.


Agenda 21 & Animal Rights

Bored with animal rights stuff? How this connects them will get your ears up!


Romney's Dogs

Would you strap the family dog on top of the car for a 12 hour trip? Mitt did; see this video before you vote.


The President's Dogs

President Obama never owned a dog until... well, you gotta see the photo!



Churchill On Islam & ISIS

England's Prime Minister warned - and 55 Muslims won American political offices in 2018...


Politics and Purebreds

Is President Donald Trump aware of the political threat of Animal Rights legislation.  He is shown here holding Westminster 2015 BIS winner "Miss P".


Crop-Dock: American Way

Freedom of choice, which has made America great, is challenged.


Candidates Favored by AR Groups

Rick Santorum dropped out (again) in 2016 but which other candidates have ties to animal rights?


AKC President Stands With Santorum

Contrary to IRS regulations for Non-Profits, Dennis Sprung campaigned for Rick Santorum


AKC BOARD & SENATOR RICK SANTORUM, PAWS CO-SPONSORRick Santorum Sponsors PAWS a betrayal against dog owners but the AKC Board contributed over $29,000 to him...


Rick Perry’s Position

on... radioactive drinking water (video), dog owner's rights, privacy rights, Gardasil and Coyotes.


Hidden political agendas can affect your dogs and your liberty!Freedom Not Death

Support the Military Dog Retirement Act to save the lives of war dogs - contact ii YOUR Government Representatives


Oath Of Office

... demands Judges uphold the Constitution but this first-hand account proves we may all be at risk. EST 1998 11112062010


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