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Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives


As months drag by with no normal social contact do you ever wonder if this mask mandate is more about controlling us than about keeping us healthy?



My friend Sarah asked me that and I surprised myself by saying “yes.” We laughed but then, showing off a little, I said hand me your tablet. It only took a minute to find a lot of sites that suggest the mask mandate is as much about “control politics” as it is about protecting us from COVID 19.


The National Institute Of Health (NIH) talked about the Spanish Flu that infected “500 million people, or about one-third of the world population became infected." That was in 1819 and it broke out at “an Army base in Kansas” and we found where it said that “medical authorities urged the use of face masks to fight against the spread of the virus. San Francisco was the first US city to implement a mask-wearing ordinance.” We found that the Spanish Flu "pandemic" ended in 1820 after it killed 50 million people ~ Wikipedia. Me and Sarah debated if that was because doctors didn't know as much back then or if it was because wearing face masks did no good.


A lot of articles blamed COVID 19 on President Trump. One NIH article said “President Trump has politicized the issue...” Sarah said “see...” and pointed to another site that further politicized a global health crisis stating “given the Trump administration's reluctance to put forward a national mask-wearing mandate, a collection of individual states have implemented laws requiring facemasks... Of the sixteen states that do not have a facemask mandate, all have a governor who is a member of the Republican Party.


Sarah decided that me and her are among a lot of thoughtful people. I laughed, knowing that sounds conceited but she most people have been blinded by fear. She pulled a scarf over her face and tried to look meek and scared. I laughed but then she said something like how horrible that must be, to live like that.


I picked up her tablet again and we learned about eastern culture, more than they ever say or show you on TV. I know The is about dogs but we both got interested in the different cultures our dog came from! It really does seem to be a domination thing. In Europe and America, historically, only robbers and doctors wear masks! Google is amazing but I found what I was looking for. Are you ready for this???



2300 years ago, long before Islam, Arabs discovered that forcing people to cover their nose and mouths, broke their will and individuality. It de-personalized them.


I emailed that to myself but forgot to include the website. It doesn't matter, you get the point which is that being made to cover their faces made women submissive. One article said right out that Islam turned it into a woman's symbol of “submission to Allah, the male owner of the Harem, and the King.” Sarah had a few choice comments with which I agreed but the editor would delete so I'll skip them.


We searched some more. Modern Psychology explained it perfectly “without face we don't exist as independent, “sentient” beings.” Another article explained that a child looks in a mirror somewhere “between the ages of two and three discovers herself as an independent being.


Sarah said “so being forced to cover their face is the beginning of deleting individuality.” I nodded. “The conversation” said “Muslim women say the practice of wearing masks has given them more confidence to wear face coverings in public.” We agreed that was written by a man.


But it wasn't funny. She handed me her device and went to put the tea pot on. I “surfed” around a bit more and found a lot of stuff about masks, from frontier robbers to knights wearing armor that covered their face. Not much about women wearing masks except for one site that sold “gypsy masks” for women dancers.


Sarah set the tea tray down and I couldn't wait to tell here that in England women were made to wear masks when they were giving birth!!!


If that wasn't for submission and control nothing is! Having babies is the one thing we women can do that men can't and to diminish that, men made them wear a mask while laboring to deliver their kid? Okay, men will say we're getting really sexist. But the BBC said “men are more reluctant than women to wear personal protective equipment and face covers.


We talked to her tablet some more and learned that statistically women are more likely to be chastised for not wearing a mask than are men. Sarah laughed and said all the women pioneers in England came to America. I never thought about that! But then she said “cowboys wear masks and they sure ain't sissies.” Well! That is another story but as a European I don't know much about cowboys. I'll mention cowboy masks to the editor… EST 1998 © 2110



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