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Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher - SAAB Member


Whether dogs descended from wolves or not, the wolf has served mankind by keeping the planet clean but in 2021 Idaho’s governor ordered extermination!



You may never see a wolf in his natural environment but thankfully, he’s keeping the ‘balance of nature’ as intact as is possible in our increasingly synthetic world. Wolves take down injured or aged wild animals and yes, they also eat carrion.


In keeping the wild spaces clean, wolves and coyotes serve mankind almost as much as do domestic dogs. So why did Idaho Governor Little sign wolf-killing bill S11211 {Ref #1} into law? Confirmed livestock losses attributed to wolves amount to only 0.00428 percent of the state's livestock.


Put another way, there are “2.73 million cows and sheep” in Idaho and “roughly 1,500 wolves” which is barely enough to clean up carrion.


Most Idahoans (population of only 1,839,106) don’t know what their Governor has done. But now, thanks to, everyone knows and so will potential tourists, business entrepreneurs, and voters. Idaho is one of the most beautiful and still unspoiled states in America. I understand why Idahoans want to keep it that way but… in 1972 the Idaho population was under 70,000.



By 2020 Idaho’s population was over 1,839,106. An explosion of people!


It matters not where you live or whether you believe dogs descended from wolves or that dogs are a gift from the Creator, you have to be concerned…


World population in 1900 was 1.6 billion. By 2020 world population had shot up to 7,794,798,739. Yeah, nearly 8 billion people. A critical mass problem for the planet but especially for the United States which is the #1 destination for immigrants.


Let those numbing numbers sink in because Idaho’s Wolf-killing Bill SB1211 (see below) affects YOU. No matter which state you live in, this by-product of America’s need to feed an overpopulated nation (due to unfettered immigration created by $$$$ and politics) affects YOU.


Americans love steak and the cattle ranching industry provides tourism income through eye-popping vacations but Idaho without wolves?


You glance down at your dog, patiently snoozing as you read this. Before he was a dog, he might have been a wolf, depending on your view of evolution vs. creation. Whether you live in rural Idaho or Manhattan, another of America’s symbols is about to vanish-disappear-be gone!


THINK. It was never a quandary, man against wolf, until there were too many people!


We’re not talking about YOU of course… but there are 8 billion people on a planet that simply cannot sustain that much “life” and not get sick. We are thankful for modern medicine which promotes reproduction and prolongs life but when species get out of balance, when the load becomes too much to bear, nature steps in.


The earth is groaning… As a Quarter Comanche I can hear it and so can you if you become very quiet, close your eyes and listen


So tell us (on facebook) how you feel about Idaho vs. wolves?


Reference Information {1} Idaho wolf-killing bill S11211

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