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by Dr. Roberta Lee


Federal law NOT ENFORCED to protect wolves, staggering statistics and painful facts about the only species that adopted man. What we do to the wolf today...


I hope I can find the words to explain what the wolf really means to the human species us so that you’ll join me on our duty to protect wolves.


What have we done to the grey wolf?  Friend and guide to mankind for centuries, we poison wolf cubs and slaughter packs when any livestock is killed.With all that we do to protect ecology, why do we allow so many states to kill wolves, even to put a bounty on them? Of course we have to feed ourselves but the occasional cow or sheep that is taken by wolves is much less important to the ecological balance of our wild places than what is lost.


Each of us who loves dogs should be about the value and protection of wolves, for without the wolf we would not have our loving Fifi. We should be fighting with tooth and nail (literally) to establish and enforce the laws which protect the wolf.


How can we stand by and allow wolves to be brutally trapped and left to die in the most horrible way? Especially when, in conservation efforts, many of those same wolves were ecologically reintroduced into the wild?


For over 15,000 years the Native Americans have revered the wolf. They recognized something spiritual in such a powerful and wise creature. And they were right because finally, the mighty wolf decided we were worthy to be part of his pack. [Ref 1 - Wolves & Human Evolution]


How did this happen? Native Americans had “middens” (garbage piles) where they would throw bones and in coastal communities, leftover shells which became “mounds.” (In Florida there is a preserved 20 foot high pile of shells on the grounds of Mound Park Hospital.) The wolves would come in the night to forage and little by little they became used to human scent and nearness.


Over time humans and brave wolves became companions and science says wolves became many of today's dog breeds. Humans rarely look back to that time 15,000 years ago when millions of wolves were in the wild.


But now as you look at that tiny puppy in your hands, you should think of the wolf, say a prayer, and give thanks to the wolf. Why a prayer? Because the greatest foe of the wolf is us. MAN. Where at one time in the contingent United States we had hundreds of thousands of wolves, today there are only a few hundred. [Ref 2 - Wolf stats] 


Why? Because of misconceptions. The wolf will not kill babies. It will not attack a human unless it is cornered. In fact, as of this date, there has not been a fatal wolf attack in the U.S. since 1888. Only two deaths have occurred in Canada in the last decade.


Statistically, we are 110 times more likely to be killed by a cougar or an alligator (highly protected species) than we are to be attacked by a wolf.


Wolf hunting by helicopter makes man wolf's worst enemyAnd yet, the government has set up a repayment plan for ranchers. If a wolf attacks their livestock the ranchers are paid back the market value of the kill. Therefore, there is NO reason to kill the wolf. But we do.


We shoot wolves from helicopters, we use traps that cause the wolf to die a horrible death. We bait the entrance to wolf dens with poison for the wolf family, including baby cubs. We drop poisoned bait from small planes, disregarding other wildlife that will be killed.


Socially, wolves are almost as smart as the human and in some ways, smarter. For example; if the weather in not good or food not plentiful, wolves will not mate. (Shall we mention the explosion in human population, or the fate of lemmings when their population reaches critical mass?


Many years, only the alpha wolf pair mate. When the mother wolf finally joins the pack to hunt, an aunt or even an uncle will babysit the cubs.


There is a reason to save the wolf and it goes beyond the love of your love dogs. If we destroy one part of the eco system we endanger the entire system, i.e. the balance of nature. Only humans hunt other species to extinction. There are consequences. We need each and every part of this world that the Creator made. Genesis 1:20-31 and 2: 1…7


Dr. Roberta Lee, D.D., Ph.D., N.D.All who love dogs, who love nature and understand the delicate balance should be standing in defense of the wolf. Don't just close this and go on about your day. See what you can do in your state to protect the wolf.


The wolf is one of the few animal species that hasn’t changed in appearance for thousands of years. So, when you hug your pup, remember, you are hugging a wolf. And remember this:

We have not inherited the world from our forefathers - we have borrowed it from our children.” (Kashmiri, Proverb)


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