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Nel Liquorman, Legislative Liaison


We love taking our dogs along but into the grocery store food section? In the shopping cart? Here is what happened in Florida, what about your state?


Grocery shopping can be disgusting i when another shopper decides to bring a dog and put him in the shopping cart where only foods belong. I have encountered many dogs in Florida stores but here is a recent occurrence, and it brings shame on dogs, even the most blameless and pathetic animal.



I saw two guys with a dog in the grocery cart right where food is placed. These people looked a little marginal to me and I soon saw that they were no different from what I had assumed.


The little dog, which was rather pathetic looking, may have been a Yorkie. It may have been an OLD Yorkie because the poor thing had left his calling card in the basket where most of it fell through the wiring onto the floor where some shoppers may not have seen it and had opportunity to miss it.


Ignored by the two guys, who did not pick up that “waste”, it remained as contamination to be tracked all over the store’s grocery section. Not just inappropriate, that is a health code violation!



Contact to my state’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Food Safety revealed the difficulty with rules and people. I was informed that “store employees are usually not allowed to question people about their dogs because the laws are very specific about what they can say and what they can’t say.” The only choice as sent to me from my state’s Food Safety representative was “Concerns as to violations of this law should be directed to your local law enforcement agency.


I sent my local Sheriff a copy of my email to the state about the dog feces, along with the response that I had received. So, it is now a public record with my name on it.


Less than 48 hours had passed when I needed to shop at the store with the dog problem. The floors had never been cleaner or shinier! Three official looking men were positioned where they could talk and watch over much of the front of the store.


Everything was cleaner than I had ever seen it and not a “pet” in sight!


But less than a week later, I went to that store and quickly noticed two shoppers with small dogs. A younger woman was trying to push a basket while holding a fairly heavy small dog across both her arms without the dog touching the basket. The other woman was much older and dragging a small dog by his leash, which was attached to his much too big Service-Dog vest.


Perhaps food stores are to blame for carrying non-food items such as clothing, home goods, plants and tools for example. Any of the items go into the cart, so the cart is not just for food as most of us think it should be!


Yes, shoppers demand a lot from stores (the reason for one stop shopping), so we are not blameless either. There is plenty of blame to go around but please do not shame the dog! Tell us how your state reacts to animals in public (supposed to be sanitary) places? What about your local grocery stores?


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