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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" and animal "welfare" organizations, learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS!






Animal Control and Police Come For Denver Dogs, slaughtered by the hundreds!You are preparing supper.  Animal control pulls up in front of your home and despite your hysterical protests, they seize your family pet and haul her away to be killed.


Your children are crying, traumatized and your youngest wants to know if they are going to come for her because the teacher said she is "different" from her classmates.  You try to reassure her even as your heart is pounding and you reach for the phone.


Little more than a decade ago Denver rounded up and impounded 380 dogs most of which were labeled as "bull breeds" thus 260 were killed because of their physical characteristics. Even in 2023 "pit bulls" and other dogs labeled as such are still ignorantly (!) considered to have a propensity to bite. Nothing could be more UNTRUE!


For the genetically uninformed, all of the "bull breeds" have an inherent (meaning bred into them) restraint against biting human flesh. Pit Bull dogs are obviously bred for fighting. That means they must be handled by human hands even when fighting - thus "bull breed" dogs are the least likely to ever bite a human but dogs that even resembled "pit bulls" were killed by the thousands.


 Death is death and it can't be prettied up with words like "put to sleep" or "mercifully destroyed."



Frantic, desperate families smuggled any dog that even resembled a pit bull or bull terrier out of Colorado, preferring to give them up rather than risk having them confiscated and killed.


Miami and Cincinnati also killed any dog that an ignorant animal control person pointed the finger of death at by saying it "looks like a pit bull" and "Prohibited Breed" laws proliferated across America.


Which is more dominant, genetics or environment? Are humans really more enlightened than an elephant that can find a water hole it has never seen? How does a dog sense good or evil in a human? Which is more important, the species, genetics, or the environment in which an animal was reared?


Are you in a city that accepts undocumented refugees and possible terrorists in 2023? What has happened to common sense? We 'put to sleep' man's best friend but welcome people bent on destroying us!??!


 We did a really bad thing murdering Denver dogs because of their breed so how is it that today we're told to disregard human genetics. America was proud to be a "melting pot" of human genetics but indeed, 'times have changed' and so have people. EST 1998 © Aug. 2013-180519022108R2301



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