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Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives


FDA allows drug manufacturers to use alternative testing methods in 2023 to save laboratory animals from excruciating physical and psychological abuse. But will they???


The FDA Modernization Act to End Animal Testing Mandates, Reduce Drug Costs, and Cut Federal Red Tape became a law in December 2022. Regarded as landmark legislation, the new animal testing regulations is expected to “…to save up to 750 test animals annually from unnecessary testing as well as EPA, industry and laboratory resources” in 2023.



But wait, there are two horrible realities hidden in that “good news.” First, does the EPA use live animals in testing? Of course they do. How else could they know what product (carpeting, flooring, paint, etc.) is safe for indoor pets? You know, your dog, cat, hamster, bird, bunny or pet monkey…


Secondly, the EPA does NOT say that use of animals in testing will stop, nor does it infer any particular protection guidelines to reduce the pain, suffering or death of laboratory animals. The actual wording is (deliberately?) vague in that it says the Agency will “reduce animal testing and funding 30 percent by 2025 and eliminate it by 2035.


Right, that is 12 years from now. How many thousands of animals will be tortured in the meantime?


Did you know that a similar animal testing directive was issued in September 2019? Obviously, it wasn’t followed. And now there’s another glitch…Although the new Guidance called for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “to reduce animal testing and funding 30 percent by 2025 and eliminate it by 2035” our staff was unable to verify any tangible progress in protecting or reducing the use of animals.


One credible source said “If anything, use of animals in testing has ramped up…” He asked not to use his name which is understandable because he is on the inside of legislation. He pointed out that 30% is meant to be a pacifier to get the issue of animal testing out of the news.


We get it but the world’s first website, and the first online dog news site, will continue to monitor this issue for you. In particular, let’s see what happens to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to cut back 30 percent on animal testing by 2025.



Thankfully, our best friends forgive us for being misled by empty promises but your dog or cat can’t speak for those animals that are still trapped in “lifelong torture”. Are dolphins not a protected species?


If you are a Legislative Liaison or your dog club keeps close track of such issues, please email with any updates or violations of the EPA Animal Protection Act.


If it affects you, your dog club or dog sports in general, we need to know about it. will protect your privacy but we would like to give credit to you or your dog club for paying attention to legislative news and especially any cruelty or animal testing violations.


“The World’s First Website” was launched to inform and protect our Inalienable Rights and we cannot afford to relax! Every animal owner in every state must be alert and aware of animal testing in their area. And not to leave you with a thought that may bother your sleep tonight but what happens to those hapless dogs in the “dog pound” in your town?


Hold this thought. Most of us eat meat, poultry or seafood and we acknowledge that animals serve us in countless ways but suffering lifelong torture in a laboratory should never happen to any living creature and especially one that would give its life to protect us.


Legally, morally and ethically, animal testing is no longer necessary.


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