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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS!






As our Rights diminish, we should add animals to this famous quote about loss of liberty because it impacts animal owners of every species.


Thomas Payne was a political philosopher whose “Common Sense” in 1776 earned him forever-fame as one of the first writers to advocate American independence. His sage advice is applicable today, “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect anyone who approaches that jewel.



For many of us, our most precious jewels walk on four legs. So how can it be that canine, feline or equine, our animals are being legislated and zoned out of existence? Equally significant, in 2022 there were less than 11,000 veterinary school applicants.


That means fewer “neighborhood vets” and animal owners will have to travel further for protective vaccines and checkups.


If you are over 50 you will agree that even with advanced technology, young people today don’t seem as interested in animal husbandry (or our history) as they once were. Teachers still teach but sadly, many students prefer to learn on social media sites that only pander to self-interest.



As our concrete jungle spreads, so does lawlessness and loss of humanity. Is that because we lose sight of nature, animals, and the HORIZON? We can no longer see where we are going nor do we care about our history. For many animal owners it is even hard to see where we might want to go!


Does taking care of and protecting dogs and other animals ground us to reality? Yes!


Regardless of our fear and frustrations, we must all continue to commit ourselves to efforts that will require our persistence, our courage, and our optimism to defend liberty in order to protect our animals, our businesses, and our American way of life.” ~ Mindy Patterson, The Calvary Group. {Ref #1}


Protect animals and their owners? Defend Liberty and the Freedom that makes America the country everyone wants to come to? If you don’t see where both are necessary, you are in la-la land.



As you see your “inalienable rights” slipping away while offensive social customs and lawlessness prevail, hold your animals close and pray for America. And don’t forget the people and animals on our southern border. One newspaper characterized border ranchers as being “In a world without a wall.”


Put yourself in their shoes. It isn’t just their crops being trampled and livestock spooked, imagine your prize show dog or family pet being killed by trespassers. In 2022 our Border Agents are working double shifts to protect Americans but they can’t protect livestock or family pets.


It's up to us to protect our ourselves, our animals and our American way of life and freedom.


The only legal and peaceable way to protect our heritage is at the ballot box. So do your part to preserve our way of life which since 1492 has included love of the land, each other, and the animals that sustain us.


We must come together to protect America’s animals and our inherent right to own them. Join a dog club and even more important today, join a local political group.


Reference; #1 The Cavalry Group ~ Instant Contact Information ii Governors, Senators, and Representatives EST 1998 © Aug. 2022



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