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When it comes to animal welfare, it appears that HSUS is more hostile than helpful to those who question its animal rights agenda.




HSUS Hostile to Animal Welfare



HSUS' Wayne Pacelle made a tactical mistake in accusing this renowned military attorney of being hostile to animal welfare.  Mr. Losey's response goaded Pacelle into a reply.  Another mistake.   Enjoy this letter as background and stay tuned for "Pacelle Unglued!" which explains why they fear Frank Losey!


Franklin W. Losey
2029 Tampa Blvd.
Navarre, FL 32566

August 13, 2012

Mr. Wayne Pacelle
President and CEO
Humane Society of the United States
2100 L Street, NW
Washington DC 20037

Dear Mr. Pacelle:

I have recently become aware of the fact that you personally, in a letter dated July 9, 2012, described me as an "individual hostile to animal welfare," which description is an outrageous lie!

As you may recall, I am the individual who wrote to you in 2009, and told you that responsible breeders in State Commercial Breeder Associations in the States where over 80% of all Federally Licensed and inspected Breeders were located had "publicly condemned substandard kennels." I was the individual who orchestrated these "public condemnations" by responsible breeders, and I thought at the time that you would be ecstatic with the fact that a sincere, genuine and substantive effort was being made to advocate what was in the best interest of animals. To my chagrin, you not only declined to share this information with your "following" by publicly acknowledging such "public condemnations," but you went on to discredit all responsible breeders by stating that "condemning substandard breeders does not help animals." And then for good measure, you gratuitously went on to disparage "family farmers" by suggesting that they were "factory farmers," even though my correspondence made no reference to "family farmers." (See your E-Mail dated November 16, 2009. A copy is attached.) As an aside, if "condemning substandard breeders does not help animals," why has the HSUS spent Tens, if not Hundreds, of Millions of Dollars since 2004 "condemning substandard breeders" each and every day when that money could have been better spent in support of local shelters that are helping animals each and every day of the year?

Each month my wife and I load up the trunk of our car with dog food, cat food, and supplies and deliver them to a local dog shelter and a cat shelter. If I were truly "hostile to animal welfare," why would I have received notes of appreciation from the local shelters?!? An illustrative note is attached - - and it begins as follows: "Mr. Losey, SOCKS is fortunate to have such a loyal supporter as you!" As a further aside, since I donate a higher percentage of my annual income to local shelters than does the HSUS, does that mean that the HSUS is more "hostile to animal welfare" than I am?!?!?!?!?!?

Every time I am invited to speak to any group that is associated with animals, I always encourage them to raise the bar by keeping themselves educated on best practices for animal welfare. My Mother taught me that an ounce of praise and encouragement is far more effective than a "slash and burn," "take no prisoners" approach. That is why I have been so supportive of encouraging every Educational Seminar put on by dog breeder organizations to have at least one Veterinarian discuss best practices to avoid the spread of PARVO, a highly contagious and viral disease that often leads to the death of puppies and young dogs if they do not receive all of their Parvo booster shots. All too often, puppies do not receive the last of their booster shots because the owners of new puppies, who are so filled with the joy of having a healthy, happy, well socialized puppy, innocently do not realize that they must protect their puppies from being exposed to the dreaded Parvo virus that is often contracted from sniffing the feces of other infected dogs in such places as public parks.

Tragically, the HSUS, which professes to care so much about animal welfare, has NEVER - - REPEAT - - NEVER used the "functionality" of its Website to educate pet owners, as opposed to animal shelters, on procedures as to how best to protect their puppies and dogs from contracting Parvo. This "deadly" omission of information about Parvo for pet owners by the HSUS, that purportedly has a following of millions, suggests that there has been a conscious and unconscionable decision to keep the American Public and Elected Officials at the Federal, State and Local Levels of Government in the Dark so that the spread of Parvo and its deadly consequences will be inhumanely perpetuated, and be exploited and misrepresented to the American Public as being caused by irresponsible breeding practices in order to further enhance the fundraising activities of the HSUS. To dispel such a notion, I implore you to ensure that the HSUS immediately spend a relatively insignificant amount of its annual revenue, that is approaching $150 Million Dollars a year, on a Nationwide Campaign that highlights and educates the American Public, and especially the new owners of puppies, on how best to protect healthy puppies from contracting Parvo. Failure to do so will lead me, and others, to conclude that the Humane Society of the U.S. has a hidden agenda that is "hostile to animal welfare."




Franklin W. Losey


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               HSUS Hostile to Animal Welfare




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