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Dr. Lee doesn’t mince words on the disgusting practice of eating dogs. Photos and facts on breeding fast-growth breeds such as St. Bernards for Eastern table food…





by Roberta Lee, DD., PhD., ND. SAAB and Science/Values Editor


Do you really love DOGS? Your answer is yes or you wouldn’t be at So you need to know that in some countries people still eat dogs. These are not backwards cultures that consider dog meat a delicacy.


I know this is isn’t easy but stay with me because you can’t act on what you don’t know and what is happening to dogs is horrifying. In many cases, death is a kind release from the kind of torture you see in this photo. But first, call your most favorite dog. As you read, glance into the eyes of your treasured friend and ask what you can do about what is happening at an alarming rate in the Far East.


You are probably wondering why the Saint Bernard? The Saint Bernard is noted as being resistant to disease (but not bone-joint problems), eating less than most other breeds of such size, rapid growth; 60 Kg in the first six months for a male. The breed rarely ever bites and is known as the gentle giant. These are the very qualities that are putting the Saint Bernard on the dinner table of the Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Korean and Philippino families. That’s right, you read correctly. They are raising Saint Bernards, along with other fast-growth breeds, to use as food and for fur products.


Are these people starving? No. Sample comments about the practice of eating dogs: “St. Bernard dogs are the male parent and crossed with a local dog to evolve a quick-fattening dog, the mature dog weighs 40-50 Kg, and its meat is fresh, tender, tasty and delicious.” Hold onto your stomach, this is another quote: “Fine meat. The meat-producing dogs of Saint Bernard cross, because of big and strong bodily form and loins, its meat is tender, tasty, delicious and nourishing after full-grown and slaughter, and has the effect such as nourishing Yin, tonifying the kidney, improving human’s health, nourishment and physiological regulation for human body.


With the improvement of living standards, the Asian diet is changing and dog meat is a favorite of the upper class whereas at one time, only the poor at dogs. Due to the increasing market demand, the dog breeding industry is expanding in Beijing. Male Great Danes, Saint Bernards, and Tibetan Mastiffs are imported by Beijing Hong Ding Breeding & Development Co to hybridize with Mongolian dogs to create a new generation of meat dogs. “Dog meat is fine, tasty and can warm the body” says the company which is slaughtering and marketing over 100,000 dogs per year and is on a hiring increase for new workers.


Saint Bernards for the dinner tableIf you think this is being done without the Government of China’s approval, think again. The U.K. Telegraph and other news outlets report “…despite the Chinese government’s constant declaration of its extraordinary achievements in environmental and wildlife protection, some government agencies recently are PROMOTING the import of St Bernard’s for food. The Chinese experts say that for the breeding and killing for meat, the St Bernard is the best choice, so they are imported from Switzerland, the Big Dumb Dog.


Marketing advertisements for dog meat state, “the slaughter facility in the city of Chanping is killing over 100,000 dogs per year and offers such products a marinated dog meat and dog ribs.” The company is also offering to set up laid off workers up in the same type of business, saying “These are good dogs because they never bite.


If you think that these dogs are killed easily think again. Another quote, “A metal string is pulled around the dog’s neck and tightened.” Still alive, the dog’s fur is burned off by a flame-thrower. Another method is to drown the dog or the cat in boiling water and then while the animal is still alive, pull the fur from its body.” To many Asians, the slaughtering method has the single aim of increasing the adrenaline flow to the tissues at the moment of death. The belief behind this is that it will increase the sexual stimulation of the human body.


You should also know about dog fur. In Northern China over 2 million dogs and cats are brutally slaughtered every year just for their fur. Some of the garments are produced in Asia but dog furs are shipped worldwide.


I appeal to you with the insight acquired through sound research. Please be moved to action. I found no organized groups fighting this practice. That may be political as the China is now a major U.S. trading partner. But every person reading this can help stop the horrible treatment of our friend the dog. Look down at your “heart dog” and make a personal vow.


Boycott ANY product made in the countries mentioned above. Hitting the pocket book always speaks the loudest.


Your thought for the day: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Gandhi

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