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Dr. Lee reports horrific animal cruelty to an English Bulldog, a high school mascot. The female dog was beaten, sexually tortured and staked on the 50 yard line...





by Roberta Lee, DD., PhD., ND. TheDogPlace Science Editor


Emerson said, “You can judge a society by the way they treat their animals” and  I will let you judge for yourself, how WE as a society, will be judged as animal cruelty like this circulates around the globe.


As permissive political correctness controls parents in America, educators are being held hostage by the youth of this country. Parents are discouraged from disciplining their children and an old-fashioned spanking can be termed cruelty. Schools are equally as permissive. As a psychologist, it saddens me that parents are left with children that terrorize the family, their schools and society at large.


In my practice we know that the way we treat animals is a mirror image of how we perceive and treat others. Violence has increased ten-fold as the children of a permissive society mature into adults.  YOU will live with the consequences, as in this example reported by Donna Ashbrook who said:

"Here is one of the most horrific stories you will ever hear. It is frightening to think of what kind of children we are raising, but, even more scary is the mentality of a principal of the high school!! Do whatever you can to get publicity on this dirty little secret."


Clauda Baker, Secretary of the Las Vegas Great Dane Club, sent the following:


This was reported by Bob DeCastro, of KVBC channel 3.  Blue, a female registered English Bulldog and mascot of Centennial High school, was stolen from her home. She was found several days later bleeding, chained and staked to the 50 yard line right before a football game.  (She) was wearing the visiting team’s Mojave High School’s T-shirt. Blue had been kicked, beaten black and blue with a blunt object, allowed to be gnawed on by a Pit Bull Terrier badly enough to have gaping wounds over her entire body.


The alleged “GANG” of football players had turned her spiked collar inside out so that the spikes dug into her neck, then they placed a bowl of water just out of her reach.


It was confirmed that Blue had been sexually abused either by the boys themselves, or a blunt object and then urinated upon.


Blue was treated at the ARK Animal Clinic and has been released to her owners, but she has had a tough time battling infections.


The principle of Mojave High School has downplayed the event, not wanting to spoil the school’s image, and has even complained about police interviewing his football players over, “a stupid dog.”


I contacted KVBC Channel 3 and ALL of the above is indeed true. All of it, including the sexual abuse. At this time there are five football players that have been arrested and released on bond. They face one felony count for stealing Blue, and one misdemeanor count for animal abuse.


Although this case is truly horrible, it is only one in a long string of such cases in our country.  What are we, as adults going to do about it? Are we just going to shake our heads and let it go by, or are we going to speak out, and demand that parents be allowed to be parents again?


This means not only loving your child, but teaching them the responsibility of being an adult.  Remember, what was done to the female bulldog was ONLY a misdemeanor. Next time it could be a human female.


I personally called and talked to Donna at the Ark Animal Clinic. Blue the Bulldog is home and doing well. She is over her infections, but will she ever be over being betrayed by humans that at one time she so totally trusted?


Now I will ask you this. If it had been your daughter that this had happened to, what would you do? I know that Blue is a dog but is she any less a family member to her owners? If you sit and do nothing about these inhumane acts, how will YOU be judged?


Editor's note: As a result of the NetPlaces Network coverage on animal cruelty cases, Nevada law has been updated with stiffer penalties for anyone committing an act of animal cruelty. EST 1998 © 0904r17081802r8



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