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Illegal seizure and impoundment of valuable animals is a winnable case with this legal guidance and these court rulings.





B.L. Cozad Jr. US Army ret SFC, Rights Reporter


Legal information and tools to protect your dogs from unconstitutional animal seizures - and since most animal seizures ARE unconstitutional, they are therefore illegal.


Illegal seizure and impoundment of your valuable animals is a winnable cause for action if, in your own records, you:


Legal defense & guidance if your dogs are siezed, court rulings, legal action, defense1. Document ongoing and proper care of your animals, including shots, vet visits, etc.

2. Record or notate advance warning or citations or lack thereof

3. Document the confiscation process as it occurs.

No I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t have to be and neither do you. Legal research is time consuming, very expensive and will bore you to tears so I’ve done the hard work for you and your lawyer.


Remember, your lawyer works for you. Insist that your lawyer use these court rulings (purchase below) for your defense the very first time you walk into the courtroom and at any and every level of the judicial process.


I have compiled 3 Federal and 3 U.S. Supreme Court rulings that prove animal owners (in my case gamecock farmers/ranchers) have the God given, constitutionally protected right to own, possess and harvest our livestock.


"Animal Rights" legislation violates Search and Seizure law, Constitutional Rights and your Human Rights

PETA indoctrinates your children with classroom teaching materials and political positions with which you may not agree.

HSUS is among the richest Animal Rights legislative forces in America but less than 10% of their $100 million per year income (non-taxable donations) helps animals in any way!

SAY NO! to State and Local politicians who sponsor or vote for subversive "animal rights" legislation or who accept campaign contributions from any group or shelter that does.

Dog breeders are being illegally harassed as are gamecock breeders and both groups of owners/breeders face the same risk of illegal search, seizure, and for most people, unaffordable impoundment costs.


Animal control officers are often animal rights people who know that most owners can’t afford the impoundment costs, inflated vet bills and boarding charges for the seized dogs. What they don't know is that animal owners have recourse because:


One Court ruling states and proves that “animals are property”.


Another states “with the right to own property comes the inherent right to use ones property.”


Yet another court ruling states “moral disapproval alone is an improper basis to deny rights to men and women.” Read that as any animal control or animal rights group who objects to your hobby.


Another ruling states “the government must prove a significant governmental interest to infringe upon and/or deny the rights of the people, and even if the government finds they have a significant governmental interest to infringe upon our rights the government must do so it the least intrusive manner.”


And another court record states “the government cannot enact a law which deprives someone of their means of earning a living, when that means of earning a living is/has a long standing practice.” It is not a crime to breed dogs and sell quality pups.


Another court ruling states “voters may no more enact an unconstitutional law through a ballet issue than the legislators can by enacting legislation.” This can apply to zoning meant to put you out of business or Limit Laws.


THE DOG PRESS (SIGNUP FREE) UNALIGNED NEWS FOR THE DOG FANCYEvery American is entitled to equal protection of the law under the U.S. Constitution. Since the government could never justify passing a law making it illegal to own and possess beef cattle (livestock) for the purpose of slaughter (harvest) without violating the God-given, constitutionally protected rights of the cattle rancher, the same is true of the gamecock rancher. Or the dog breeder.


There is no constitutional authority for our government to put animals above human lives.


Understand the truth. Our God given rights are unalienable and constitutionally protected. If what you are doing does not infringe on another person’s rights, then the government has no authority to deprive you of that rights - government actually has the duty to defend your rights against the whims of the majority.


The court rulings I have compiled prove it. They apply to all hobby dog breeders and owners.


* Your dog can not be seized because of his breed.

* If you have an occasional litter, that does not mean you give up your constitutional rights.

* Your home can not be inspected by anyone who does not have a warrant issued for just cause.


If you would like to order the legal information, put 4 stamps on a large 6 inch X 9 inch envelope with your return address on it.  Place that inside another envelope with your check and/or money order for $100 and mail it to me. My address is B.L. Cozad Jr, PO Box 136, Indiahoma, OK 73552. If you have questions call me at 580-246-8027.


Legal DEFENSE For Dog Breeders by B.L. Cozad Jr.I will also include a "USB device" containing the legal defense information.  The advantage of having the USB is that you can carry it in your pocket. How does that help?


The USB becomes evidence that can be used for your defense and when that happens, it will almost always stop the District Attorney from even bringing charges.


Here's why.  Under full disclosure laws the DA must provide any and all information that proves you're not guilty of a crime.  When you are arrested and booked the USB is taken as evidence. Once the legal information is admitted as evidence, the DA cannot deny it.


Any evidence that is booked can be used against you or for your defense. If the District Attorney attempts to withhold this evidence, then he/she is guilty of tampering with evidence and can face prison time.


This is the law in every state.  So how can the DA prosecute ranchers (or dog breeders) when they are compelled to present your constitutionally proven defense which is based on Federal and U.S. Supreme Court rulings?


For those who would question if this is a scam (and you should question everything!) yes, I make a "profit" over and above the cost of the printing, mailing, and USB drive.  So does every attorney but most do not have this information and few are going to take the time to compile the legal precedents that can nullify false charges.


I'm using the money to pay off loans I created while running for office and to help fund my next run for office in two years. Call 580-246-8027 for more information.


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