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Attorney Frank Losey says it is no coincidence that the IRS deadline follows April Fools Day; See this 2011 case against the Humane Society Of The U.S., get IRS contact info, watch the video and do your part to expose HSUS and the animal rights agenda.




IRS “Day of Reckoning” Awaits the HSUS


And It’s Not An April Fool’s Joke!

by Frank Losey, April 2011


FRANK LOSEY, THE FORCE BEHIND THE HSUS / IRS PROBEIf Paul Revere were alive today, he would be sounding the alarm and shouting from his well-bred horse that “THE HSUS IS COMING!!!!! . . . . THE HSUS IS COMING!!!!!”  see video link below!!!


Like a School Yard Bully, the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) has a documented track record for targeting animal owners who are defenseless against the marauding, vigilante-type raids that allege mistreatment of animals - not just dogs - resulting in seizure and confiscation of their animals.


The alleged offenders are arrested, there’s questionable seizure of personal documents from their homes and they must post bond to secure their release. Meanwhile they are subjected to drug tests and fingerprinting and the stress associated with being formally charged with felony counts of animal abuse.


They face life-altering convictions if found guilty of possibly trumped up charges. The guilty truly should pay but what of those animal owners who are innocent? Their life savings will be used to defend themselves, often leading to total bankruptcy and they still may be found guilty as a result of falsified “evidence” and that is no April Fool’s Joke!!!


Constitutional Rights – Not Animal Rights

America was an Agrarian Society in the 17th Century and depended upon the use of animals. Remember in those days there were no cars, trains, or planes. In fact, horses were the primary means of transportation. Yes, our Founding Fathers truly understood the importance of caring for animals.


While animals were of paramount importance, conspicuous by their absence were the words “Animal Rights” in the Declaration of Independence. The same may be said about the U.S. Constitution.. Neither the word “Animal” was mentioned anywhere in the U.S. Constitution. Notwithstanding that fact, today there are those who are desecrating the Constitutional Rights of anyone who breeds dogs, cats, horses, etc.


In their parochial, overzealous actions, the radical animal rights zealots trample the very documents upon which this great nation was founded.


Those desecrations are deliberate and intentional, as evidenced by the November 16, 2009 E-mail from Mr. Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the U.S., in which he stated “People rationalize their conduct when it comes to mistreatment of animals. Every puppy miller is a responsible breeder, every factory farmer a family farmer, and every poacher a responsible hunter, in terms of their self-description.”


HSUS Repudiates Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act


Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO of The Humane Society Of The U.S. (HSUS) suggests the Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is an “unjust law” that should be changed through acts of “civil disobedience.” ~ January 2008


What does the HSUS think about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act that was amended to specifically include “breeders” as a protected class from acts of domestic terrorism? It was amended at the request of the Official Representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice during a Congressional Hearing Chaired by Senator Hatch in 2006.


In a written response to my request to Mr. Pacelle that the HSUS unequivocally condemn those who explicitly violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, he stated that the HSUS was opposed to acts of violence but he did not condemn those who violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Furthermore, he suggested that the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which specifically lists “breeders” as a protected class, was an “unjust law” that should be changed through acts of “civil disobedience.”


Clearly Mr. Pacelle and the HSUS believe that the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is an “unjust law,” and that it is appropriate for HSUS supporters to violate the rights of Responsible Breeders through acts of “civil disobedience.” Just as Pontius Pilate claimed that he had “no blood on his hands,” a similar claim appears to be made by Mr. Pacelle and those who ignore the Rights of all Americans (including animal owners) that are set out in the U.S. Constitution. In the minds of Responsible Breeders who have been victimized, their Rights, as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, have been desecrated! This is no April Fool’s Joke!!!


The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is but one of the Federal Statutes that the HSUS has apparently chosen to “thumb its nose at.” When one reviews the allegations against the HSUS, made by the Feld Corporation, Parent Company of Ringling Brothers Circus, it may cause chilling goose bumps.


Circus Sues HSUS Under RICO Act!

By way of background, years ago the HSUS filed a lawsuit against the Feld Corporation and alleged that Ringling Brothers was abusing circus animals. After years of litigation, the judge in the case dismissed the lawsuit that had been filed by the HSUS. Unlike many Responsible Breeders who have been victimized, the Feld Corporation had the financial wherewithal to defend itself from trumped up charges. And then after the lawsuit was dismissed, the Feld Corporation filed a lawsuit against the HSUS, as well as its Senior Attorney for Litigation. The allegations made against the HSUS include a violation of the RACKETEERING AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS (RICO) ACT, another Federal Statute!


Additional allegations include “Money Laundering," ”Bribery,” “Illegal Witness Payments,” “Obstruction of Justice,” “Mail Fraud,” “Wire Fraud,” “Conspiracy to Harm a Business,” “Abuse of Process,” and “Malicious Prosecution.” These exceedingly serious allegations are not an April Fool’s Joke! They are contained in a lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court of the District of Columbia on February 16, 2010 (Case 1:07-cv-01532-EGS).


Tax Time Follows April Fools Day

Yet another Federal Statute that the HSUS has apparently “thumbed its nose at” is the U.S. Tax Code. While most tax-payers wish the April 15th deadline for filing their tax returns was an April Fool’s Joke, it is not. The United States is a Nation of Laws, and all law-abiding citizens and corporations are expected to comply with ALL Federal Laws.  One of the provisions of the U.S. Tax Code places limitations on how much lobbying a tax-exempt, public charity may do without jeopardizing its tax-exempt, public charity status.


The general rule is that no more than 20% of the time and resources of a public charity may be devoted to direct or indirect lobbying. So how does the HSUS measure up? For the sake of argument, let’s take Mr. Pacelle at his word and accept his claim that 20% of the expenditures of the HSUS are used for animal care, even though the facts suggest otherwise. That 20% begs the question of “Where does the other 80% go?!?!?!?!?”


Well, the IRS has received documentation that suggests that at least 60% of the time and resources goes towards direct and indirect lobbying. And included in that documentation are extracts from Tax Returns filed by the HSUS and its subsidiaries, which some might suggest are used to further “launder,” “mask” and “cover-up” the magnitude of the lobbying activities of the HSUS. In fact, the IRS has now received 1,551 pages of irrefutable and self-incriminating documents that show the extent of the excessive lobbying activities of the HSUS.


And oh yes, the IRS has assigned a Tax Fraud Case File Number for the HSUS (29-92012). That investigation has been on-going for over 2 years. And to add insult to injury, the “thumb your nose at” actions of the HSUS are further highlighted when one reviews the Tax Returns of the HSUS for the Tax Years of 2005-2009. The HSUS Tax Returns for those years show Zero - - REPEAT ZERO - - revenue from Membership Dues, even though the HSUS claims to have over 11 Million Members who pay $10 a year for Membership Dues. That “omission” represents a potential under-reporting of revenue by over $500 Million!


Just think what the IRS would do to a breeder who under-reported $5,000 from the sale of puppies. The breeder’s goose would be cooked and that is not an April Fool’s Joke. Non-compliance with the U.S. Tax Code is a very, very serious matter. In fact, that is what caused Al Capone to go to jail. His “goose was cooked” for tax evasion rather than for his other serious, but unproven crimes. So maybe, just maybe, the IRS is in the process of heating up its Br’er Fox Caldron for some of its own home cooking at the expense of the HSUS.


When the Tax Man Cometh For HSUS

So what would happen if the IRS were to drop a hammer on the HSUS? Well, the IRS has the authority to rescind the tax-exempt, public charity status of the HSUS and such a revocation could result in the American Public perceiving that it was betrayed by the HSUS and donations would dry up. Alternatively, the HSUS could be placed on “probation,” and the conditions of probation could include:

  • The HSUS agrees to pay an IRS Assessment of $50-100 Million Dollars for back taxes, penalties and interest.

  • The HSUS agrees to totally refrain from any direct and indirect lobbying activities at the Federal Level.

  • The HSUS agrees to cease conducting any type of Lobbying Workshops, and further agrees to cease sponsoring Lobby Days in the U.S. Capitol and State Capitols.

  • The HSUS agrees to cease using the functionality of its website to generate Hundreds of Millions of lobby-related E-Mails being sent to its supporters and to Federal and State Elected Officials.

  • The HSUS agrees to shut down its State Director Offices in over 35 States that have been used by its Registered Lobbyists to support the HSUS Lobbying Efforts that were responsible for over 525 State Statues and Ballot Initiatives being enacted and passed.

One thing is for certain, the IRS would not just say: “APRIL FOOL!” And charging HSUS just might spawn a Media Frenzy of adverse publicity about the HSUS once the media sharks saw that the HSUS blood was in the water. And that kind of Media Frenzy would have a further adverse impact on the credibility of any future assertions or allegations made by the HSUS about Breeders, Farmers or Ranchers.


It should be understood however, that the on-going investigation of the Tax Returns of the HSUS is moving with the speed of a glacier. Part of the reason for the deliberate speed of the investigation is because no public charity of the size of the HSUS has ever been the subject of an investigation that was based on 1,551 pages of irrefutable and incriminating documents. Those 1,551 pages represent a big lump under the IRS carpet that simply cannot be ignored! Consequently, it is appropriate for the IRS to proceed cautiously to ensure that if it decides to drop a hammer on the HSUS, its action would withstand the scrutiny of an inevitable HSUS court challenge.


For those who wish to help in the endeavor to light a fire under the IRS for the purpose of expediting completion of its investigation of the HSUS, it is not too late to contact the HOTLINE Office of the Treasury’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG). If you wish to do so, the following information is provided.



  • OIG E-Mail: (Subject: OIG Case File 55-1005-0025-C)

  • OIG HOTLINE PHONE: 1-800-366-4484 (Press 5) (May be anonymous if you choose)

The message to the OIG may be as simple as: “Please direct the IRS to expedite its on-going investigation of the HSUS, which has been assigned your Case File Number of 55-1005-0025-C.”


I am looking forward to the a new day when all Responsible Breeders, Farmers and Ranchers will enjoy the unfettered freedom to breed, raise and use their animals with the same commitment to quality caring as was exemplified by our Founding Fathers who resisted acts of tyranny while codifying our God-Given Rights in our Hallowed Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Those two extraordinary documents have withstood the test of time, and an IRS “Day of Reckoning” most surely awaits the “April Fools” who have heretofore sanctimoniously desecrated the Constitutional Rights of Responsible Breeders.


editor's note: view the video


Then send IRS “Day of Reckoning” to everyone you know!! EST 1998 ©   11032103



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