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Watch heart-wrenching video as brave mother bear encourages her cub struggling up snow-covered vertical mountainside while drone operator buzzes the baby.






Thankfully, the mother bear’s love wins over human stupidity but this emotionally warped human epitomizes the moral degeneration of the human race and why there are terrorists among us.


The photo doesn’t show the thousand-foot drop but the short video (below) does!  When you’ve caught your breath after watching the agonizing video (link below), think about how it came to be.  What would motivate a human being to terrorize and torture an animal? Sadism? Too much violence in our society? Too many violent video games? Did it start in today’s school system? (Sandy Hook, Parkland, etc.) Is it what we see on TV?


The Bear isn’t the same genus as dogs but they are right up there in basic intelligence. Think about this - whereas we teach dogs how to solve problems, wild animals learn from experience. BUT we can be sure the mother bear had never been “attacked” from an overhead buzzing critter that she couldn’t swat away with her powerful paws.


While some “experts” claim this was an inexperienced mother bear who shouldn’t have gone that way, we hasten to point out she was driven that way by the drone. Watch the video.  When her baby falls again, this frightened mother braves the danger to help her cub to make the long arduous climb.


Does she realize that she would bury the cub in an avalanche if she tries to go down to help it? How little we know about how wild animals think – or reason.


What we do know is that if this was a herbivore; a deer, antelope, horse, etc. it would have run from the attack, leaving its offspring to certain death. Other videos have since been taken down but we trust the youtube link below will remain active.


Dr. Jacquelyn Gill, a renowned  ecologist wrote on Twitter “The video going around of a bear cub scrambling up a snowy cliff to get back to its distressed mother is being shared as a heartwarming metaphor for persistence. It’s not. It’s a dangerous stunt by an irresponsible drone operator who should know better.


All who love and respect animals agree with Dr. Gill who added, “Harassing wildlife for a photograph, a selfie, or a video is never okay. Watch the Baby Bear Videoand then come back here because our editor knows a little something about the bear… Signs, Symbols, The Owl And The Bear an amazing true story!

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