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Millions of intelligent adults believe in Animal Rights, confusing it with Animal Welfare. Still, most people eat meat, wear leather shoes, take their children to the circus...





Why Terrorists Wear Masks

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Publisher


If you support ii Animal Rights groups like HSUS and PeTA believing it’s Animal WELFARE, that's like believing Columbus discovered America!


If you care about your country, take a minute to learn a little real history, and about an insidious Constitutional erosion called Animal Rights.  It's pretty profitable. HSUS reported income of over $100,000,000 last year. That's a lot of money with which to shape our thinking, especially our young people. Did you know PETA provides teaching materials teach for elementary school children? Do schools teach that Pilgrims feasted with the Eastern tribes who taught them how to plant corn and hunt turkey? That became Thanksgiving.


A full belly mellows us. Even a grouchy grandfather will gather the kids around and tell a story or two. My father's father was a great storyteller and one of his recollections blew the wrappings off Thanksgiving. His vision wasn't clouded by too much education and memories of his wife's heritage were crystal clear.


So it was that I learned my father was a half breed and many years later as a writer, I became intrigued with what I wasn’t taught in school. I don't dwell on history's version of Custer's last stand as a "slaughter by heathens" but it does explain my antipathy towards American History.


Here's a little lesson to make you think. The red man was the first American to be politicized. Then came the Civil War and the black man was used to divide a nation. We ignored a Paxatut “Indian” sold into slavery, shipped to England, but who escaped to return to his eastern shore homeland. His name was Squanto and he became famous for welcoming Plymouth Rock settlers in their own language. No incongruity there; he understood why they had fled the English!


Mayan replica of ancient shape shifterToday we fear the Taliban, others worry about Wall Street.  Personally, I see animal rights as among the worst threats to our freedom.  My grandmother would have called them Shape Shifters.  The term is not exclusively Native American. The mythical creatures are many things in one, often depicted like the Mayan sculpture shown here.  “Shape Shifter” is used in Greek mythology, Celtic legends, even in Chinese fables.  Here's a brain twister.  How did that term spread from continent to continent before any ships got there?  But let us not digress.  I tell you this so you will recognize those who come as friend in order to get close enough to destroy whoever accepts them.  It's worked for thousands of years.


For example, the First Americans were called Indians because Columbus was looking for a shorter route to India and couldn’t navigate his way across a bathtub. He actually thought North America was India! There's a lot more to that story on page two. The "Indians" saved the bumbling colonists from certain starvation, teaching them how to put meat on the table and plant corn. Then the British, from whom the colonists had fled, came to claim riches in the new land, so of course, the French followed them. In no time at all they were fighting each other but the Mohawk, Delaware and Cherokee "Indians" gave allegiance to the Brits and together, they whipped the French.


FOR DECADES, THECOLONISTS AND INDIANS CELEBRATED THANKSGIVING TOGETHERThe colonists and pioneers, many of whom became politicians, wanted more land, more subjects, and more money.  So the foreigners spread westward and that’s when real trouble began.  The First Americans were in the way.  So it was that the Calvary cleared the land with rifle and cannon, decimating over 10,000 years of recorded culture. In a great act of mental misdirection, the native people were declared heathens and savages.  Some of the bloodiest battles were fought over the Black Hills which settlers saw as hills of gold.  Sacred to the mighty Sioux nation for a thousand generations, the Sioux defended their sacred ground.


Unable to defeat the Sioux, in a superb act of deceit, we held council and assured the Sioux that we only wanted to pass through their nation, not invade it. Indians don't lie so they fell for the ruse. President Grover Cleveland signed the “Congressional right-of-way law” but we promptly began staking out claims and digging up the Black Hills. There are no movies about what started the Sioux War. How could MGM justify the invaders plundering the Holy Land of another Nation?


So the Animal Rights crowd borrowed a page from history. They come as friends, offering to help the animals we love. They use the miracle of television to stir our emotions with pictures of starving animals. We send them money which is is used to buy legislators (politely called Lobbying) and pay the shape shifters handsome salaries and benefits.


But there's more, much more reason to believe in Animal Rights. Go ahead, click the globe to turn the page if you seek truth and the means to fight back to preserve your country and your pets.


Today my great-grandchildren are being duped into beliefs like global warming, electric cars, and sterilization.  There is indeed a world population problem but it is human, not animal and certainly not our beloved pets.  The possibility of overwhelming Mother Earth is foretold in many cultural legends so what will we do with all the people?


Looking back with open eyes helps us see the future because history does repeat.  Original military journals have been vaulted but let's continue with my incontrovertible example of thought shaping as regards the "indians" because it opens our eyes so that we can see the animal rights movement more clearly.


Outgunned and outnumbered, the First Americans were slaughtered in horrific numbers.  Wikipedia estimates up to four million natives died.  An FOI study using census data cites over ten million Indians killed “as a direct result of U.S. actions.”  A hundred years later, Hitler killed almost as many Jews.  We shudder at those mass murders and concentration camps but one prominent historian states that the Indian slaughter makes “the Nazi Holocaust the 2nd largest mass murder of a class of people in history."


Peace made, Treaties broken.  The cycle went on from 1865 until the wretched Battle Of Wounded Knee in 1890.  It was not a battle.  Historians agree it was a massacre, over 200 women and children killed and no warrior left alive.  Here's another example of how our thought process is deliberately and easily warped. 20,000 soldiers were killed in the War Of 1812 and 2,446 in the Spanish-American War of 1898.  U.S. Army records only 919 soldiers killed in the whole 25 years of the highly publicized Indian Wars (1865-1890).  The point is that those 919 soldiers and about a like number of settlers didn’t need to die in our fledgling nation's quest for riches.  It was, as most wars are, about greed and conquest and believing it was okay to kill the heathens because they were just sub-humans and they came from some place called India and therefore had no more rights to the new land than they did, etc.


So can you see how easy it is to convince our children that meat is bad and "saving the animals" is a worthy cause?  We seldom hear about "man's inhumanity to man" but not a day goes by that we don't see or read about our inhumanity to the animals.  And we can assuage our guilt by sending money to HSUS.


If you don't ask why you should license, tag, confine, and spay and neuter every dog and cat, you might not ask why our leaders would hurt innocent people.  Let me spell it out, for doubters or history buffs.  The 11,000 year old Cherokee Nation stretched from the Gulf coast through Louisiana swampland to the Blue Ridge and the Smokey Mountains and eastward all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.  The U.S. government broke every treaty ever signed with the Cherokee Nation; I’ve read those treaties in the Cherokee Museum.


They were simply in the way.  So in 1838 the Cherokee were rounded up except for the last holdouts in the Smokey Mountains in western NC.  We threatened to kill their families unless Chief Tecumseh and his forces came down from the hills and surrendered.  By the way, it worked so well on Tecumseh that they used it on Sioux Chief Sitting Bull in 1881 and the great Apache warrior Chief Geronimo in 1887.


visit The Cherokee Nation was then marched to Oklahoma prison camps in the dead of winter. National Geographic puts the number at over 16,000. The brutal Trail Of Tears killed over 4,000 women, children and elders; over one quarter of an entire race!  They were the same people who celebrated Thanksgiving with us; who fought the French side-by-side with us, who welcomed settlers into their families through marriage.  In return, we betrayed and imprisoned them in conditions that would make today’s human rights zealots grind their teeth.  How could a "civilized" nation do such a thing?


They got away with it because deliberately misinformed settlers went along with it.  History shows there are shape shifters among us now as much as then and it is even easier to dupe Americans today, including animal lovers like you.


I’d rather kill a dog by buying a purebred from a breeder instead of adopting one from a shelter.  Such PETA “feel good” sentiment has warped our thinking beyond reason.  I’m concerned because top members of the Obama administration are avid Animal Rights Extremists and they hold the power of mind control.  Seriously. Take Cass Sunstein, the Regulatory Czar and avowed animal rights supporter. [Ref 1]  (Please, someone take him!)  And take TV's talking head, Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society Of The U.S. (HSUS) along with him.


“You can’t change history”?  Well we need to because it gives us a better handle on the future.  Kids are still taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America yet we know Portuguese cartographers mapped America in 1424 and the first Europeans to set foot on the eastern seaboard were the Vikings.  And today’s anthropological evidence suggests the Chinese and the Indonesians beat them all here by more than a century!


Some day the ii animal rights zealots will be recognized as the political puppets of patient enemies or at the very least, people whose minds have been bent to think that a rat has the same value as a human child (PETA) or that your dog has the right to sue you (Cass Sunstein).  Preposterous you say?  Well in 2010, California voters concurred that chickens have more rights than consumers.


Hang onto your pets and believe what you choose to believe.


[Ref 1] Sunstein Speaks on Animal Rights

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