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Animal Sanctuary hires big-name media consultants to get TV coverage on dangerous breeds to generate more donations $$$ to support BSL legislation, buy more publicity and...





Exploiting Dangerous Dogs Legislation

October 2006 - Staff


Best Friends supports banning (exterminating) entire breeds as dangerous in order to gain media attention in a manufactured event.


DANGEROUS DOGS!  Would Best Friends eliminate all Pit Bulls?Unfortunately, CBS Coverage Of Best Friends Sanctuary unknowingly promotes animal terrorism. The incredibly expensive, carefully staged media event will bring the re-designed Utah-based Best Friends into national prominence.


No one who knows anything about dogs would agree with supporting the elimination of millions of dogs for 60 minutes of media coverage!  But then no animal lover seems to be associated with this farce.


The lineup of speakers reads like a Who’s Who in the Animal Rights movement. With the exception of opening remarks by Colorado's Rep. Debbie Stafford (R), there’s not a single speaker who is known within the dog legislation community.  It is a well planned, carefully staged attack on purebred dog breeders and any dog that could be considered a "dangerous dog".


Best Friends decided to jump on the newly-minted term "dangerous breeds" and seize the opportunity to solve a perceived problem by grabbing the spotlight. Their 3 point plan is based on the European concept of "dangerous breeds" and as with other animal rights groups, will usher in yet more anti-dog, anti-owner legislation!


Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is more dangerous to citizen’s rights than a rabid mastiff is to a water bowl.


Joe Trippi, the big time Democratic political media consultant who ran Howard Dean's presidential campaign will be there to speak. Trippi will help roll out the Best Friends solution to the problem of Dangerous Dogs. Trippi is media strategist who places ads and gets TV coverage for political clients.  Joe Trippi is among the best at what he does. He pitched CBS to promote the Best Friends story to air on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, Assignment America. The story complimented Best Friends on airlifting 300 animals from the Beirut Lebanon Humane Society at a cost of $1,000 each. A great publicity stunt (we hope Best Friends found homes for every dog!) but $300,000 would have gone a long way towards helping dogs in shelters here in America.  Of course it would not have been as dramatic nor would it have raised as much in tax-free donations with which to pay Trippi and stage even more fund raisers.


Given the alleged background of those behind Best Friends Animal Society, one would guess the goal has little to do with helping animals and everything to do with getting money for some pretty weird agendas. Best Friends is already a multi million dollar non profit with a scary past (Ref #1) and if plans to enter the political arena doesn't worry you as a dog owner, it should.


Can Best Friends take the media spotlight away from PETA and HSUS? The dampened-down 1960’s counter-cultural seekers (Ref #2) seem to have seized on animal rescue as their pathway to salvation and if it helps the animals, that’s a good thing.


Let’s do the math. Over 300,000,000 people + over 60 million dogs including “pit bulls” = under 20 annual human fatalities.


Yet, Best Friends organizes and hosts a “Summit on Dangerous Dogs” sponsored by a “Kindness Revolution” backed with animal rights money and a line up of presenters that includes a former presidential campaign manager, a breed ban-promoting dog warden, a police officer/investigative reporter, an attorney, and a lobbyist who is an alleged dog thief?


Not a vet or certified dog behaviorist on the panel. Something in this equation doesn’t add up either.


Briefly summarized, the Dangerous Dogs Summit, as published in the Best Friends Sept./Oct. 2006 magazine, says:

  1. Because of breeding, some dogs “have a higher percentage of bad than do most breeds.

  2. Dog “attacks" are by no means all from pit bulls, but by dogs of many breeds who by now have been inbred with aggressive tendencies.

  3. “Beloved pets” will “suddenly and inexplicably turn on their people”.

  4. The root cause of dangerous dogs is that “certain people are deliberately breeding aggressive tendencies into dogs”.

  5. “the rest of us…are victims”

Don’t worry…Best Friends has a “three-point plan” which includes:

  1. Acknowledging “that there are dangerous breeds, and that aggressive tendencies have now been bred into their genes”.

  2. “legislation making it illegal to breed aggression into dogs”

  3. Going “after the people who are breeding aggressive dogs, rather than simply the dogs themselves”.

“This summit seeks to build momentum for a national protect innocent dogs from people”.


We are told that Best Friends is modeling their solution on their own interpretation of excerpts from breeding restriction laws enacted by THE GERMAN ANIMAL WELFARE ACT of 1998, and THE EUROPEAN CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF PET ANIMALS IN STRAUSSBORG GERMANY of 1987.


Interestingly, the former Scientology, Process Church ii, cultish, radical free-wheelers who spent years looking for a connection and an income producing platform are Best Friends to each other. Will their unholy background be of benefit to dogs? We can only watch and hope as we wonder whose best friends they really are?


(1) With Best Friends, Who Needs Enemies? mind-bending 2-part series (2) Best Friends and The Process by a former member


Dangerous Dogs Summit  ~  Animal Rights Terrorism  ~  ALF - FBI’s #1 Domestic Terrorist

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