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HSUS claims 2,000 attorneys support their animal rights political agenda and in fact, TheDogPress has shown HSUS has top legal  connections within the U.S. government.





by Frank Losey, Retired Pentagon Attorney, May 2014


For a decade the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) has flawlessly orchestrated its sophisticated political lobbying prowess at the federal, state and local levels of government.


FRANK LOSEY, THE FORCE BEHIND THE HSUS / IRS PROBEHowever, with little public fanfare, the HSUS has simultaneously, and ever so subtly - like poisonous carbon monoxide - focused its attention on "brainwashing" and hijacking a major segment of the legal profession.  In this regard, during the last 10 years the HSUS has, "with malice aforethought," infiltrated the legal profession; law schools; American Bar Association (ABA); State Bar Associations; and the National Association of State Attorneys General.


For example:


v    The HSUS claims that more than 2,000 attorneys throughout the U.S. are providing "pro bono" (free) legal services to the HSUS. The HSUS website lists 74 articles that discuss how attorneys, many from large prestigious law firms, have provided "pro bono" (free) legal services in lawsuits filed or supported by the HSUS, such as the Retail Pet Store Rule Lawsuit.


v     Each year more and more law schools are establishing student animal law groups and presenting animal law courses for their students. For example, Jonathan Lovvorn, Senior Vice President of the HSUS and Chief of the HSUS Litigation Division, is an Adjunct Law Professor at a Georgetown Law School in Washington DC. Additionally, Ethan Eddy, a former HSUS Senior Litigation Attorney, now serves as a trial attorney in the Department of Justice and as a law professor at the George Washington University Law School in Washington DC. Additionally, he is a Past Chair of the Animal Law Committee for the District of Columbia Bar Association.


v    In 2004 - - the same year that Wayne Pacelle became the President and CEO of HSUS - - the American Bar Association (ABA) created an Animal Law Committee, which each year seeks to persuade the ABA House of Delegates to adopt resolutions that support the HSUS agenda. 


v     Most State Bar Associations have now established Animal Law Committees.


v    In 2013 the National Association of State Attorneys General invited Mr. Pacelle to speak and he spoke to nearly all 50 state Attorneys General on the Topic of "cruelty to domestic animals." 


v     HSUS in-house and pro bono attorneys are directly and indirectly involved in the drafting of every Legislative Bill or County or City Ordinance, and Regulation, that the HSUS lobbies Government and Elected Officials to support at the Federal, State and Local Levels of Government.


v    The current Chief of the APHIS Investigative and Enforcement Branch is Sarah L. Conant. She founded the Virginia Animal Law Society while a student at the UVA Law School; then became an HSUS Intern; then served as an HSUS Litigation Attorney. She now serves as the APHIS Investigative and Enforcement Branch Chief, and is responsible for the assessment of fines and enforcement of the APHIS rules and regulations against all existing USDA licensed breeders, and "future" USDA licensed hobby breeders.


HSUS is hijacking the legal profession but some attorneys see light at the end of the tunnel



--Yes, after a disaster in Oklahoma the fund raising activities of the HSUS are now being investigated by the Oklahoma Attorney General;


-- Six State Attorneys General have filed lawsuits that seek to overturn a California statute that was sponsored and financed by the HSUS; and


-- A Treasury Special Agent is investigating the documented complaint (Treasury File Number 55-1307-0105-C) submitted by Frank Losey, which alleges that the IRS and Lois Lerner, an active member of the HSUS, failed to hold the HSUS accountable for its failure to comply with the U.S. Tax Code, and the Lobbying Disclosure Act. An adverse finding against the HSUS could result in it losing its public charity status!Congress begins investigation into Lois Lerner's illegal activities as head of the IRS Tax Exempt section.


Editor's Note:  Early 2014 Congress begins investigation into Lois Lerner's illegal activities as head of the IRS Tax Exempt section.  She takes the Fifth Amendment which could lead to higher-ups in government influence-peddling.  Go to Video Theater for more details on IRS and Lois Lerner.



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