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Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives


AR leaders convened to destroy American values and our God-given right to own animals, including family pets and the farm animals that feed and clothe us!


HSUS and PETA were big names at the 2017 Animal Rights Conference but thanks to the ii NetPlaces Network we have not forgotten about the animal “rights” instigators.


With a new president and cabinet they asked me to update this column. Happy to do that! I was a non-political cat owner until a friend forwarded me a copy of HEADlines some 6 years ago. It really got my ruff up (yes, I have a dog too) when I learned that the "animal rights" agenda is a political ploy having nothing to do with better treatment or care of animals.


My grandparents came to America for FREEDOM. My father fought to protect our country and the "Rights" we cherish. Today you take those hard-won rights for granted.


Do you and your friends know that the promotion of “animal rights” over the civil and Constitutional Rights of Americans is a devious money-making political agenda?


Would it interest them to know that animal rights legislative control over the family farms raises their cost for everything from milk to veggies to meat? And that the goal in 2021 is to make all farms conglomerate-owned and politically controlled? How did we get to this?


Would your pastor or your child's teacher know that the 2017 Animal Rights Conference welcomed those who make a living conning for donations by promoting the rights of animals as superior to those of humans? Among the featured speakers were Peter Young, who did time in federal prison and Lauren Gazzola, also a convicted criminal. What would your neighbor think of these statements...?


It’s the beginning of the end of animal welfare and the beginning of civil rights for animals.” ~ Steven Wise, Nonhuman Rights Project


Breaking the law can often be a good thing to do.” ~ Zach Groff, “Independent Researcher” on amplifying the animal rights movement.


Animal Rights “activists” target small, family owned farms, most of which also own several dogs, a milk goat, a cow, or a horse. Tractors replaced plow horses but thankfully, a horse is still part of most family farms.


As we strive to protect our right to own or breed dogs, farmers and ranchers struggle to stay afloat and preserve ranching and farming as part of America’s heritage.


Fanciers of purebred and purpose-bred dogs can do no less. I wrote this in 2017, discouraged and frustrated about how we were being manipulated by a political group masquerading as animal lovers. The "animal rights" movement was peeling away "human rights" in the courts and in the schools.


In 2019 President Trump signed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act into law. We already had anti-cruelty laws on the books but this Federal Bill made it possible to prosecute across state lines. Donald Trump doesn't own a pet but he loves America and our traditions.


As President-Elect, what about Joe Biden? Do the Bidens have pets? Well, not exactly. In fact they didn't own a dog in the early stages of the 2008 race. That was called to their attention and today they own two German Shepherd Dogs. We trust that the Bidens will support and protect the rights of Americans to own animals and not to be swayed by the political agenda of the so-called "animal rights" movement which has been 'laying low' but still exists. Will Americans see more oppressive animals laws in 2021?


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