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HSUS laid bare, short and to the point. Animal Welfare advocate and HSUS Executive come upon a homeless person and his dog. What happens next…



H$U$ Philosophy Explained

by Diane Hedgcock


SUPPORT ANIMAL WELFARE ADVOCATESAn Animal Welfare Advocate and an H$U$ Executive (an unlikely pair I agree but bear with me) were walking down the street when they came upon a homeless person and his dog.


The Animal Welfare Advocate gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his business for a job so he could earn a living. Then he could afford food & shelter for himself and the dog. He then took twenty dollars out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person and a coupon for dog food so they could get by till the homeless person could start that job.


The H$U$ person was very impressed, and when they came to another homeless person with a dog, he decided to help out as only he could.


ASK HSUS TO HELP?He walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the local animal shelter(?) and a coupon for euthanasia, because he knew the homeless person would be better off without the dog and besides dogs are better dead than in the company of humans.


He then reached into the Animal Welfare Advocate's pocket and got out twenty dollars. He kept $19.50 for administrative fees and gave the homeless person .50 cents.


Now you understand the difference between Animal Welfare Advocates and Animal Rights Advocates like H$U$.


Editor: Support your local animal shelter after you take time to visit and perhaps, even volunteer your time, kennel supplies or pet food. Cash or checks can go astray but a used crate, grooming table or kitty litter almost always get used to benefit the shelter animals. Someone who works there cares. So do you.

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