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Joan Huber was AKC terrier breeder of the year in 2016 but that did not protect her or Blythewood Miniature Schnauzers from this mole...comments welcome!





CinDee Byer, Breeds Club Editor


A woman’s gentle voice came over the phone saying “they hate us, they really hate us”. That was 83 year old, legendary dog breeder Joan Huber. She was referring to the animal rights radicals. Through an alleged animal rights mole, “blanket legislation” radicals found a way to attack Joan, her dogs and her reputation.


As a dog breeder for over 60 years, Joan Huber’s Blythewood Miniature Schnauzers are known worldwide. Idolized and admired, Joan was the AKC’s Terrier Breeder Of The Year in 2016. Breeder of over 850 AKC champions, Joan also placed thousands of wonderful, healthy pets in loving homes. She was a mentor to hundreds of young people, many of whom are notable breeders and handlers of today. Sadly, however Joan has become the current victim of a parasitic agenda disguised as an animal rights movement.


This movement attaches itself to legislation and manipulates the law to lean their way in order to eliminate the breeding of purebred dogs. With the help of uninformed legislators, “blanket laws” are created. These laws are put into place with no consideration of an individual’s credentials or the needs of a particular breed of dog. “Blanket laws” group together the responsible with the irresponsible and unjustly convict them as one.



Married to a veterinarian, many years ago Joan learned the skill of ear trimming. Back then many dog breeders trimmed ears themselves. Step-by-step instructions could then be found in many canine handbooks. Trimming ears not only presents the "look of eagles", it aids in the dog's hearing ability and protects against ear infections.


Since trimming is not taught in veterinary colleges, Joan helped veterinarians learn this skill. However, due to a current Pennsylvania blanket law which dictates that the trimming of ears be only done by a veterinarian, Joan’s skill is now considered a criminal act. On December 12, 2016 shortly after being honored by the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB as TERRIER BREEDER OF THE YEAR, Joan was charged with and convicted of a 3rd degree misdemeanor (trimming the ears of her own dogs). Although experienced in her skill and her dogs were healthy and happy, Joan Huber became a convicted criminal.


This is how such “blanket legislation” works for anti-animal activists. Joan’s credentials became her conviction.



It is hard for anyone to imagine that someone or some group could be filled with so much hatred. The strategy is to use legislation to convict dog breeders and stop the breeding of purebred dogs. Many strongly believe that Joan is being made an example. It has been said that through a temporary worker (a mole), radicals put their foot in Joan’s front door. It is believed the kennel worker used a misdemeanor in current blanket legislation to report Joan.


I recently called Joan to record what life is like as a result of her conviction and ongoing criminal case. “Life”, Joan said with a shaky voice, “is horrible”. At 83 years of age Joan has been a resident in her home for 55 years, a businesswoman and taxpayer in good standing. She has been a hard-working citizen with no previous criminal history. Sadly, because of her convictions Joan has been incarcerated in her home for many months. She is confined and monitored with an ankle bracelet. She is unable to do basic errands without prior permission from a parole officer.


?The ankle monitor prevents her from the MRI she needs to diagnose a current a health problem.

?She is unable to show or breed her dogs. Most of her beautiful schnauzers have been confiscated.

?Joan is unable to groom full-time or handle show dogs, something she has done most of her life.

?Her kennel license has been taken away. Due to these restrictions she is unable to make a living.


In a Pennsylvania winter Joan must keep her house heat at 50? to save money. Instead of using her clothes dryer she is hanging her clothes on a line in the basement.


On January 20th, Joan celebrated her birthday at home as in the illustration my mind provided. She was denied permission to have a quiet dinner out with a family member. Her bright spot in all of this has been the wonderful phone calls, letters and visits from friends and family.


She appreciates the donations to her GoFundMe page (see below) and those given to her in person. Joan said “I don’t know what I would do without that support system.” She said simply that she could not survive “without the help of all of those wonderful people” and would like them to know she is grateful.


Using blanket legislation, animal rights radicals are becoming parasites on our legal system. With uninformed legislators being guided by these radicals, your credentials can also be your conviction.


There are laws on the books in every state that can be interpreted to convict any responsible dog owner. As an example, if you are a professional sled dog competitor practicing for the Iditarod, your sport can be your conviction. In Pennsylvania if your sled dogs are tethered out in 32? weather you can be convicted of animal abuse even though your husky relishes Arctic weather. In some cities if you use a chain collar to walk your dog, you are a criminal. Use a riding crop to guide your horse and you are an abuser. Blanket “animal rights” laws do not distinguish between breeds of dogs or types of animals. If you are in the crosshairs of anti-animal radicals they can manipulate the law to convict you.


Joan Huber is right, “they hate us, they really hate us”.


click here to support Joan Huber at GoFundMe organized by Shawne Imler.


Add your comment on the Joan Huber case. Gail Forrest pointed out the obvious “She was guilty of cropping ears and not being a vet - that should have been the only charge … the punishment did not fit the crime.


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