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This eerily predictive 1992 magazine column exposes a political conspiracy to destroy ALL free nations through subversive AR legislation. How will you vote in 2016?




Feb 2016 Update: Hindsight usually works better than foresight.  As you deliberate the candidates this year, keep in mind what you are about to learn.  Ask yourself which politicians see more than ISIS as they talk about threats to our country.


It has been over a decade since Patti Strand noted the "similarity between animal rights rhetoric and Nazi propaganda".


Among the most informed on the issue of animal rights, Patti said "animal extremists are just the latest hate group, pure and simple, and the animal rights issue is just a vehicle to disguise its character."


Other writers have also pegged these groups accurately. William Tapply, writing in Field & Stream 6/91 quotes Kathleen Marquardt, Director of "Putting People First", stating "People just don't understand how dangerous, how radical, the animal extremists are."  Even in 1992 it was hard to know who the good guys are. For instance, Cleveland Amory, founder of the Fund For Animals, said he'd let his children die before he would harm an animal when asked if he would sacrifice an animal in order to get medicine needed to save his child's life. Radical? Extreme?  Mr. Tapply said "These animal rights people scare to death."


Me too. They frighten me because they are subverting the Constitutional Rights of pet owners and because we can no longer enjoy our hobbies, otherwise known as the "pursuit of happiness."


"Animal Rights" legislation violates Search and Seizure law, Constitutional Rights and your Human Rights

PETA indoctrinates your children with classroom teaching materials and political positions with which you may not agree.

HSUS is among the richest Animal Rights legislative forces in America but less than 10% of their $100 million per year income (non-taxable donations) helps animals in any way!

SAY NO! to State and Local politicians who sponsor or vote for subversive "animal rights" legislation or who accept campaign contributions from any group or shelter that does.


What scares me most is the broader conspiracy designed to peel away our rights as American citizens. The United States just snoozes on, dog breeders dreaming of ribbons and ratings while ISIS is marches over us.  We've been so politically blind to "animal rights" usurping American rights, are we about to be equally easy pickings for violent extremists?


Other hobby or professional groups are also threatened. Ask the National Rifle Association. Whether you hunt or not, you have the Constitutional right to bear arms in defense of your person and property. 


Back in the 90s Sally Stewart Bishop gave a brilliant lecture on the "Humaniacs and Rightists Groups" at the Judges Education workshop I attended in Washington State. Other than the opportunity to present my breed's Judging Seminar, Sally's talk was the highlight of my trip. At dinner that night, we discussed the political ramifications of groups like PETA and for sure, Sally knows a lot more than how to breed great Corgis!  I'll bet she is watching the news today...


Where did Animal Rights political activists get the money?  Was it funded by Maurice Strong or George Soros or the Tides Foundation?Think for a moment. How did PETA become so powerful that by the early 1990s its political agenda was being taught in the public schools and People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals was included in the Encyclopedia Britannia?  Noteworthy: the Animal Rights movement spreads quickest in democratic countries.


One has to wonder where the immense capital necessary to promote and support the animal rights groups comes from?  Think about it.  I doubt that the American Kennel Club, the Cat Fanciers Association, and all the cat and dog breeders in this country could raise $100 million dollars in just a few months time! Yet the animal rights extremists are amassing huge war chests and let's face it, they are anti-American groups!  If you don't buy that, see below for Tides and The Golden Rule *)


For example, Denver and many other cities banned "bull breeds" and astounded, we said "How dare they?" but it didn't stop.  Why were we not up in arms, marching, protesting, rallying like the Animal Right supporters?


We drive 500 miles to show a puppy but can't drive 200 miles to attend a political rally?  How else can we choose a leader who will preserve our simple but Constitutionally protected rights that surely include the freedom to breed and show dogs?  Who does that harm?


Perhaps I'm overreacting. Perhaps the leader of some wacko group is chuckling and dialing my number as he reads this, knowing I'm a candidate for the loony bin.  But truly folks, is there a more insidious way to undermine our inalienable rights than to start taking away that which we love second only to family and freedom?


Where is the American Civil Liberties Union? (Probably lobbying for PETA!) Discrimination? In some counties, you can keep a houseful of cats, birds, hamsters, goldfish and dogs - but you can't own a Rottweiler without paying a special tax.


Civil rights? We set convicted child molesters free but we kill a dog because its owner was irresponsible. Where are the Animal Right people when an innocent dog needs protecting? Out demonstrating against the right to own animals, that's where!


Will we give up our right to eat meat or scrambled eggs or to drink milk? Farfetched? As Sally Bishop pointed out, we better be prepared to give up leather shoes, cashmere sweaters, silk blouses, and lanolin skin creams!  If we allow our rights to be usurped in such insidious ways, just think how our democratic system is being broken down in other areas that we're not so acutely aware of.


A conspiracy to take away your Constitutional Rights?  Go ahead, call me a conspiracy theorist but yep, I believe it is. We don't have to worry about a bomb blowing our lives to smithereens - the loss of our individual rights, American pride and freedoms will make our lives so miserable, they'll have won anyway.


On second thought, as we approach 2016 elections perhaps we should worry about bombs and the real Terrorists who threaten our lives as well as our way of life.


reprinted from Canine Chronicle – May 1992


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