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HSUS (Humane Society Of The U.S.) and PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) are major forces behind the "Animal Rights" movement, vowing to end the breeding of all animals.  They have started with purebred dog and cat Hobby Breeders because we have no national representation, no Union, and no Federal / State tax status because we rarely have profit.  It should be noted, they are Tax Exempt organizations. This is the year we launch the VIP Project because your Votes Insure Pets!


In 2007 and 2008 anti-dog legislation swept the country.

What will YOU do to make 2009 about Animal Owner's Rights?



by Roberta Lee, DD., PhD., ND. TheDogPlace Science Editor

If you are new to the animal world, or you are not one given to surfing the web looking for articles on the animal welfare, then you might not know what PETA  is.  PETA  is an organization that would have you believe that they have the welfare of all  animals on this earth at heart.  They would have you believe that their main purpose in life is to see to the humane treatment of all animals.  They would have you believe that all that they do, they do because of a deep love and caring for animals.  That is what they would have you believe.  DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!

April 2004 - Now I’m going to tell you what I have found PETA to be, and what my opinion of PETA is.  But before I begin, I think I have to ask you a question.  How do you feel about terrorism?  Any type of terrorism.  I know how I feel about it.  I think only the lowest type of individual, or the most extremely mentally disturbed would ever involve themselves in terrorism of any nature.  Terrorism strikes out at anything, or anyone that is in their way, for what ever sick reasons  they may have.  They kill the innocent, and they ruin the lives of individuals that have absolutely nothing to do with whatever cause they have in their not so lucid minds.

They are individuals that are devoid of conscience or social bearing. The turpitude with which they go about spreading their beliefs will make you shutter, if not make you sick. They would have you believe that they are willing to give their lives for what they believe in, but are not brave enough to show you their faces. I will tell you right now, that I do not want to live in a world where organizations, or individuals like PETA have the upper hand.

Let’s look at the position that PETA has put most of us in.  If we are against PETA, it is then implied that we are against the ethical treatment of animals. And, if we stand with PETA, just what are we standing for?   I  can’t speak for you dear reader, but I think of myself as a reasonably intelligent individual.  Most of the time, I research any organization that I am going to send my money to.  But I have to admit, that where PETA is concerned I really dropped the ball.  Why did I allow that to happen? EMOTIONALISM.  Like the majority of you that have come to The Dog Place, you love animals, and most especially your pet.  Because of the love that you have for your friend (be it four legged, winged, or other) you hate the mistreatment of other animals, probably all animals.  It matters not if that mistreatment comes in the form of research in some corporate laboratory, or at the hand of some sick individual that tortures defenseless animals just for laughs. I have never learned to hate.  It is foreign to me.  But I think the closest that I have come to that emotion, comes  on two fronts.  Anyone that mistreats, abuses, neglects or otherwise places animals in harms way, and those individuals that will lie, cheat, and misinform others, use whatever tactics at their disposal,  to further their own causes.  In my opinion that is just what PETA has been doing, and is STILL doing. And what is worse, they are using your money.

In doing some  research I found the PETA website.  I saw the horrible pictures, and read the literature. I asked to be sent some material.  What I received was information on how mistreated all animals were.  Also in the literature was information on how everyone HAS to become a vegetarian.  I pride myself on being opened minded, and so I ignored the bit about becoming a vegetarian.  There are good reasons that I don’t go along with their stance on vaganism*, but as I have been told by my good friend and editor, that is for another piece. I do have a tendency to get wound up on that subject. But the pictures that PETA wants you to see, and  are in their handouts and brochures, are appalling to me, as I am sure it has been to you if you have ever received their material.  My heart cried to see animals in such plights as the ones that I saw in their material.  Something has to be done about this I said, so like many of you, I opened my check book and wrote a check.  That was just not a good thing to do.  They are using the emotions that you and I have for the animals.  They design their material to play to the emotions, and that in and of itself isn’t all bad.  But with PETA it is all a lie.  They don’t have the welfare of one animal at heart. But they sure do want your money.

Then a good friend told me to do some research and check out the PETA organization, just to see if it was really something that I wanted to be a part of.  I will share with you what I have found out, and also my personal opinions about the PETA way of doing things. Then you make up your mind if this is what you want. What you want for the country that you live in, for the animals that you love so very much, and last but certainly not least of all, for you, your family and the future of what the animal world will have to endure if PETA has it’s way. 

 PETA relies on emotionalism.  They know how most people feel about animals, and the abuse that seems to be evident in all sectors of our society today.  They are counting on the fact that you will not take the time to research their organization, but will, out of the love you have, write a check that will go to support the very abuses that they make you think will be stamped out with your help.

Read theses facts and then decide if this is the type of organization that you want to support.

From November of 1996 until October of 1999 the Animal Liberation Front, part of the PETA organization, has been responsible for, but not limited too, the following;

  1. The kidnapping, torture, and branding of  Mr. Graham Hall.

  2. Chaining a 62 year old woman to a fence and terrorizing her for owning a cattery.

  3. Threatening a man they believed to be an animal researcher, telling him he was a marked man, and they were going to kill him.

  4. More than 16 establishments firebombed. Estimated damages of more than $20,000,000.00.

  5. Vandalizing business and research facilities. Estimated damages are more than $30,000,000.00.

  6. Vandalizing research laboratories resulting in millions of dollars of lost equipment and research, some of which was for a cure for Alzheimer’s.

  7. At least two dozen or more, terrorist  mailings with poisoned razorblades designed to cut, and or, kill the recipients. Some of the razor blades had been coated with rat poison.

  8. Releasing over 41,500 animals to the wild.  It must be stated here that these animals were bred in captivity, and did not have the necessary survival skills to live on their own outside of protection.  Many have been killed by other predators, cars, and starved to death.

  9. On many occasions, staged a very well coordinated release of Pure Bred Dogs at Dog Shows.  Many of which engaged in fights with each other, becoming injured; and many others  ran into traffic and were killed.

Imagine if you had to stand helplessly by and watch your beloved pet be deliberately  killed.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many more incidents that go unreported.  The point is, PETA is working to control how, when and where animals are bred,  kept, used and eaten, by being nothing more than terrorist.

Just imagine if that was your home, business or your life's work, or your beloved pet, that had been ruined, or killed, due to a  gang of thugs, and that’s just what they are, nothing more, who do not agree with your point of view.

It is only by the grace of God, that no one person has been killed in the fires that have been set by, what most informed people believe is a faction of PETA, which goes by the name of The Animal Liberation Front.  Will that change your mind about PETA then? However, PETA and  the ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT (ALF), have succeeded in killing, or being responsible for the death of the cherished beloved pets of many people who look upon their pets as though they were their children.

(as reported from the NAIA website:

October 26, 1999

UK:    “Graham Hall, award-winning TV filmmaker was tortured by animal rights extremists in a sadistic revenge ritual……….he was kidnapped at gun point, blindfolded and driven to an unidentified house where he was bound and told he would be killed.  After several hours his assailants surrounded him, forced his head between his legs and burned AFL into his bare back in 4” high letters using a branding iron.  According to Hall, as they ended their branding ritual one of them made a comment about justice being done and another chuckled something about the justice department…….. While denying any knowledge of the attack, Robin Webb, AFL’s official spokesperson issued a chilling warning to Hall and any others who might try to get in the way of the Animal Liberation Front’s crusade saying, “People who make a living in this way have to expect from time to time to take the consequences of their actions.”

Is this the way that change should be brought about?  Is this what we will stand by and allow to happen to those that dare to speak out about the Nazi-like tactics that are being used to bring about an unrealistic change in the way of life of hundreds of millions of individuals world wide?

PETA also wants to do away with ALL breeding of domestic animals that are used for pets.  That includes horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and any species that are entitled pets.  I just can not imagine a world without my horse, dog and cats.  They have been my best friends, and love me unconditionally for what I am.  They have been with me when I cried, they have sat and listened to me when I was upset, they have walked a million miles with me.  I have held them on lonely nights, and have established a bond with them that I have never formed with a human being.  With human beings there is always a trade agreement.  Not so with animals.  They don’t know anything but love unless they are abused and mistreated, and even then, they are willing to try again if given the chance.  If pet dogs were not allowed to be owned, I would have missed seeing my son bond with his first best friend, Friday; a big lumbering, cuddly, loveable Golden Retriever, who  would sneak into my son’s  bed at night, where they would lie in an embrace.  I would have missed seeing my daughter wrapped around her best friend, Powder Puff her cat.  My children told their most important secrets to these friends, because no one else would understand, but they just knew that their pet friends would.  Is that what  you and your children want to miss?  Well, if PETA has its way, you most certainly will.  There will be NO animal, in what they call captivity.

I certainly don’t know what they plan to do with all of the animals that are on earth now, today.  I don’t know what will happen to all of the live stock, not to mention our pets.  But I can’t imagine a world  without them.

And my dear reader, don’t be fooled by PETA’S rhetoric that it is for the animals own good.  For the individual, and their companion  animal, it is a very symbiotic relationship.  They need us as, much as we need them.

It has been proven that having a pet to care for increases the individuals ability to reposition the stresses in their lives. It has been proven to lower blood pressure, improve depression, and help the aged.  It has helped children with devastating diseases too, if not recover, at least have a positive emotional experience in their lives that helps them cope with treatments that are extreme.  Dog’s have given mobility to the blind for years.  Now they are being used in therapy for the victims of certain diseases that cause muscle dysfunction. And the list goes on.  Dogs HAVE been man’s best friend and companion.

Our domesticated friends, the dogs, cats, and horses and many others have certainly found a very important place in our lives, and to remove them, would leave a void that could never be filled.  But, you see, that is just what PETA wants.

Most of the dirty work that is done for PETA is done under the name of The Justice Department, not to be confused with the United States Justice Department.  By separating themselves in having various names, PETA believes that they will keep their cover intact.  I don’t think so.  PETA has been exposed for what they are. Individuals with Nazi mentalities  using animals to hide behind.

Well, why in the world would any organization do such things if they really loved animals?  Good question.  They don’t love animals as much as they hate humans.  They want to take control of all of the animals of this earth, to the extent that they were responsible for helping to pass laws to prohibit Native Americans from hunting.  Now this hunting wasn’t just for recreation, it involved the Indians spiritual beliefs and way of life.  What they did in effect was to take the last thing that the United States government had left to our Native American brothers.  Now they have nothing.  In Washington State last year, 1999, for the first time in 70 years, the Native Americans were allowed to hunt and kill a whale.  Now you may not agree with the killing of that whale, but you see, in this country, we have the right given to us by the constitution of the United States of America, to practice our religions as we see fit, as long as it harms no other persons.  Because of what PETA helped to put into effect in the first place, many of the Native Americans who had that right taken away from them became so depressed, that many turned to alcohol, suicide, and many suffered severe depression.  Another blow to the Native American culture, thanks in large part to PETA.

I know that hearing these things is not easy.  Knowing that there are individuals that wrap themselves in the cloth of the humane, and then perpetrate such atrocities, is unsettling at the very least. It is easy to turn away, and think that they will never accomplish their goal.  But remember this; evil goes unchecked, when  good men do nothing.  And of course, if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

If you are an enlightened individual, or want to become enlightened, then you will read, and learn that being a vagan* is not necessarily without risks to your own health and well being.

I agree that the way we allow animals to be treated is an abomination to any civilized society. Puppy Mills and Pet Shops have to be stopped.  But what needs to be done is to either enforce, or enact laws, that will demand the humane treatment of animals that are raised for food and as pets.  A humane death as opposed to the hideous way we kill and torture our food animals today. I agree, in most cases, with a ban on test animals.  It has been proven that generally speaking, it is ineffective as a scientific tool by in large.  There are, of course exceptions.

An animal deserves a humane life, and a humane death, for whatever reason the animal is to be used.  No animal deserves to live a life of pain, suffering and fear in the name of anything, least of all scientific research, trapping, hunting, or breeding (puppy mills).

For you to stand up for these principles, is noble.  In my opinion, it is right.  If the laws are not adequate, then work to help pass laws that will protect the animals, without interfering with the rights of other individuals, to live and eat the way they choose.

Most of all, and in closing,…… question.  Don’t just be a sheep that follows what you hear, or the pictures that are designed to excite your emotions.    Make PETA stand and tell you what the mission of their foundation is.  What is done with the monies that are sent to them.  And  where their qualifications come from, that give them the right to force everyone in the world to live as PETA sees fit.

Quote to remember: “Power corrupts, and absolute power, absolutely corrupts!”

In my opinion, to work against PETA, is to work FOR the loving, humane treatment of all animals.

*For the new comers; vagan is an individual that eats no meat what so ever, nor do they eat the by-products of the animal.