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A Change In Tactics By Terrorist Groups?

Joseph Byer, Jr., Rights Research Editor


Tactical changes this year direct terrorists to hit your daily routine (think NYC bicycle path) and dogs as in these current Service Dog and airline cases.


At a restaurant I frequent, a couple come in regularly with their service dog. They take the same booth in the rear of the facility and disturb no one. In the normal course of a day I have NOT seen any complaints about this animal nor have I experienced any protests about its presence.


That is how life in America should be but what follows are two stories that I believe are staged events to make life impossible for people with pets.


Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant in Delaware City, DE experienced a recent incident of a woman who was over the top with her screaming, ranting negative reaction to the presence of a service dog in a restaurant. Her ethnicity was not given but news reports state she claims she was baited by "racial slurs". When bystanders and restaurant staff ask her to be quiet, and finally, explain to her that she can freely eat somewhere else, the woman calls them “whores” and “bitches.”


She goes on to defend her yelling and profanity-filled tirade saying she believes she handled the situation the best way she possibly could. Too bad she wasn't arrested for disturbing the peace. Restaurants are not obliged to endure people acting like raving idiots and disrupting the dinners of everyone else.


In another dog-related incident and an out-of-control person…


There was a Service Dog on board a Southwest Airlines flight. A woman passenger claimed that she had a life-threatening pet allergy and wanted the dog removed.


Southwest’s spokesman Chris Mainz said the woman couldn't show a medical certificate and stated policies explicitly forbid passengers from claiming a life-threatening allergic reaction to animals without a medical certificate. In absence of a medical certificate, Southwest asks passengers with animal allergies to inform an employee at the departure gate, so they may be “seated as far away from the animal as possible.


The passenger continued to rant and resist the flight crew who then called on police to intervene. The airline declined to name the passenger who has since been identified as Muslim professor Anila Daulatzai, a teacher at the Maryland Institute College of Art.


Although Daulatzai claimed to be unable to travel on the aircraft due to the legitimate presence of a Service Dog, she refused to disembark, preferring instead to be forcibly removed in a flailing, wailing tantrum.


More than 200 passengers suffered over an hour delay, estimated to cost the airline $10,000 due to a belligerent headline-seeker.


Are such incidents actually about eliminating all pet ownership?


Are groups like PeTA, HSUS, and the ASPCA just a more polite version of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) involved? The federal government indicted ALF on charges that they committed acts of domestic terrorism on behalf of ELF, the Earth Liberation Front. The names have changed and terror attacks now include ISIS inspired lone-wolf individuals.


In Austria a dogwalker was brutally attacked this July by a “Somalian migrant Who Said 'Dogs are unclean.” In September the U.S. Bagram Airfield base was attacked by a suicide bomber because it distributed leaflets with a picture of a dog and an Islamic verse. The airbase was simply trying to reach out in what they thought was a friendly way.


Americans (and Europeans) love dogs! We consider them family members. This seems somehow offensive to some ethnic groups. The conclusion is obvious, countries that love dogs are under attack by those who consider dogs unclean.


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