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Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


Greyhound racing has been banned by ignorant Animal Rights advocates except for West Virginia which in 2024, still has two greyhound racetracks.


If you love dogs, you will appreciate first-hand facts about Greyhounds that will make you think as you consider that Animal Rights advocates made $$$ millions out of fighting the dog and horse racing industry.



The “animal rights industry” said letting dogs do what they loved was “Cruelty To Animals” even though common sense refutes such an incredibly stupid concept. It makes you wonder about the reasoning ability or honesty of “animal rights” people…


Any racing greyhound, whether on the track or retired for breeding, that is not in tip-top condition (physically, emotionally and mentally) would be a career-ending embarrassment to the trainer and scandalous for the owner. That said, here is first-hand, on-the-job racing greyhound information.


I managed a very successful racing-greyhound kennel in Ocala, Florida during the 1970s. The owners, Paul and Norma Harris, lived in Chicago where their business was based but they flew down every other weekend during racing season and then spent the winter in their “favorite home” at the kennel property.


Our Greyhounds were petted, pampered and most importantly, they were LOVED. Unlike some hound breeds, Greyhounds are incredibly affectionate dogs who crave human companionship. Perhaps because they are held, handled, and more closely cared for than most hound breeds. My children loved playing and “racing” with the Greyhounds that loved them in return.


That said, here is something you should note and provide no matter what dog breed you have.


Managing greyhounds, where everything depends on care and condition, taught me the value of raw meat. From the early 60s to this day, my dogs, (from Akitas to Miniature Bull Terriers and Toy Fox Terriers) have always had RAW venison, beef or chicken (wings and drumsticks) as their main meal.


For training the racing greyhounds, we had commercially bred “wild hares” (rabbits) shipped in from the Midwest. Please note, the greatest gift to any sighthound is the opportunity to chase. They are not only the fastest carnivore (excluding the cheetah) Greyhounds “live to run” and the cruelty is not providing them with that opportunity!!!



I can’t speak for the larger sighthounds such as Afghans or Wolfhounds but I’d place a bet that they too would love the opportunity to chase a LIVE lure.


Back to the greyhound track… The most common distance used for dog racing in England and Ireland is 480 meters (525 yards). American greyhound tracks were usually 5/16-mile or 550 yards. To have “done away with” Greyhound racing makes as much sense as closing down horse racing. Can you imagine the uproar that would cause!!??!


We can only assume that the racehorse industry is more powerful, politically adept and in all ways, “richer” than dog track owners.


My position on all forms of animal cruelty and the value of MEAT for carnivores is well known…. i.e. carnivores do not eat grain other than that which is (lastly) consumed when picking over their prey’s intestinal tract. Dogs are carnivores. They are no different than wolves, coyotes, foxes, etc.


Any racing Greyhound owner will tell you dogs need meat. Think about this. Wild horses eat grass. They rarely find any grain to eat but race horses get plenty of grain. Which would you bet on to win a race? That is easy, a safe bet. Grain-fed horses are stronger and swifter and have more stamina. But wait, dogs are carnivores. They eat meat. The only vegetation they eat is a few choice herbs, the contents in the stomach of their vegetarian prey, and tender green grass when they need to regurgitate.


So if Greyhounds are healthier, stronger and run faster on raw meat why would you give your Cocker Spaniel or Chihuahua grain for dinner??? You get it. Dogs are carnivores. Cows are herbivores. There is a world of difference. The professional dog trainers and those who depend on their dogs for transportation (working sled dogs) protection, hunting or field work know they do better on the food nature intended them to have.


Offer your horse a juicy fresh steak and he’ll “blow” at you and step back. That is how a dog feels when sniffing a bowl of corn and wheat!


Take a lesson from the professional animal owners. Horses eat grain. Dogs are carnivorous and humans who feed them corn are ignorant. EST 1998 © May 2024



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