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ASPCA can't keep figures straight but here's the story ..... On Friday, June 3rd, airlines spokesman said that ASPCA figures show 20,000 animals die every year out of the (did he actually say 20 million?) animals shipped yearly.


Live animal rates have risen faster than gas prices, presumably in order to discourage live animal shipping. It seems airlines don't want the business since they began subbing out cargo handling and animal deaths became a serious problem due to simple incompetence. Most would agree that the average baggage handler couldn't care less about dogs, much less luggage. Perhaps they are just distracted by the opportunity to steal from passengers while plundering through their personal belongings as been televised.


Jet PlaneGranted, the airlines are in trouble and in spite of charging more to ship a dog than a person, the liability risk is far less for moving people from city to city than it is for stolen items and animals neglected by baggage handlers.  Remember when Chuckie was lost while in flight with Bobby?  There have been others and everyone in the sport knew when, who, where, etc.  We knew about it.  I remember some thirty years ago when 179 greyhounds en route from Australia to U.S. tracks died in one shipment.  But the losses were either infrequent enough to be "big news" in the sport and on TV, or we no longer care about such bad news and the media doesn't report it.  The point is, we don't hear about losses of 5,000 or even 20,000 depending on which talking head is talking.  Is it because these huge numbers are fabricated in order to achieve an agenda?????


By Saturday Lisa Weisberg was all over television, making a rational argument for the requirement that will virtually put breeders out of business. Weisberg said the ASPCA has worked hard at getting this law passed because "pets are treated like luggage." She said they lobbied for legislation to control temps but "the airlines refused." Contradicting the airline spokesman, she said 500,000 were flown in 1999, of which "one percent, 5,000, were injured, killed, or lost."


PETA? Chalk up one more battle in the successful war against animal ownership and "exploitation." If breeders, commercial or hobby, can't ship, how will puppies and kittens get to new owners?


The answer is obvious - Hunte Brothers will simply truck more puppies to more pet shop outlets.  It will be great for them and for the airline industry.  Hobby Breeders will be out of the way, the airlines would no longer have the threat of litigation on animal losses, and PETA can then concentrate on the puppy mill industry.  If that is their intent.  Who knows?


One has to wonder - why aren't the AR people releasing dogs from the puppy mills instead of dog shows and labs?


Animal Rights Groups amass $ BILLIONS in non-taxable donations and assets under IRS tax codes and are among the most politically dangerous groups in America.  The Humane Society Of The U.S., ALF, ELF, PETA and other subversive groups operate under the guise of Animal Welfare.  Animal Rights trump Human Rights to Constitutionally guaranteed freedom from illegal search & seizure, unfair taxation, and right to privacy.  Democrat, Republican, Independent - it is your duty and right to fight!

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