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HSUS and PETA started the "Animal Rights" movement.  They vow to end the breeding of all animals.  They started with Hobby Breeders because we have no national representation, no Union, and no 501c3 tax status.  Why?  Because we rarely have profit but unlike the Animal Rights Groups, we are not Tax Exempt organizations.




E. Katie Gammill, Showring Editor Date 2011


Watching the brouhaha concerning ethical treatment of animals and the agenda of Animal Rights Activists, the time has come to approach this from another point of view. We seem to have warped priorities because this should be about human rights and animal welfare.


Diagnosing Canine Health Problems

Dec. 2008 - Misguided opinions about animals being “slaves” comes from individuals who have little or no experience regarding animal husbandry. Never living in rural communities, Animal Rights activists do not understand the cycle of man and animals and their dependency upon each other. This interaction between the species insures a more comfortable life for both, yet AR people promote new laws with little regard for science and historical interspecies relationships. They do not make the connection between chickens and eggs, pork chops and pigs, or T-bone steaks and beef. They abhor fur coats and leather shoes but have no respect for human rights, the economy, farming, industry, etc.

Those involved on a day-to-day basis with livestock have little interaction with Animal Rights Activists. They are too busy earning a living. But all dog owners are experiencing repercussions caused by the AR activists with little or no experience regarding the situations they are attacking. Society faces psychological warfare! The public is being brainwashed into feeling guilty for desiring a pure bred dog when so many orphans “need” to be adopted. Why is it the more orphans we adopt, the more orphans seem to surface? Could it be the influx of dogs imported from foreign countries?

If you discuss this with purebred breeders, you will find most sell all their puppies on a spay-neuter contract. They do NOT put dogs into the shelters. So why are people are so eager to let others do their thinking in so many aspects of their lives? Do they actually believe the decisions made by others are in their best interest? Involved in the workplace when this type of “management insanity” evolved, I saw many good people cast aside.


Animal Rights Harm Horses and the Economy!

Even with the economic crisis, or perhaps because of it, businesses are looking for good ethical men, (and women), who actually think for themselves. Case in point! Many states can no longer send horses to sale barns for dispersal. This in turn, affects the economy as slaughter houses and sale barns are out of business. No longer exporting horsemeat to France, we continue to lose jobs in the U.S. The economy suffers.

DOG & HORSE OWNERS HAVE RIGHTS!Some owners simply walk away. Authorities are overwhelmed with diseased, crippled, and blind horses wandering state parks. Day by painful day, the castoffs suffer endlessly. Would not death be more humane? Others, transported to Mexico and Canada for final dispersal, experience deplorable conditions. All the while, the AR people are asking the federal government (that’s us folks, the very people they want to take animal ownership from in the first place) to subsidize their ill thought out plan. This means the AR people want OUR TAX MONEY to offset their erroneous actions.

Would it not be wiser to address the way these animals actually meet their final disposition? In all areas of life there are irresponsible people wanting others to take up the slack in both animals and children. We must accept the fact the government cannot legislate “compliance”. Most Animal Right laws are preposterous and have no affect regarding animal welfare.

AR people should direct their efforts to children born with drug and alcohol addiction IF they want to pursue a deserving cause. Housing and care for those of the human race suffering on a daily basis is desperately needed as well as food, clothing, and a warm place to sleep.


Animal Rights Want Your Bacon!

WHY DON’T THE ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS ADDRESS THESE HUMAN ISSUES? Because their belief is “a child has no more value than an animal.” All are equal in their eyes. “A Cat is a Dog is a Boy is a Rat!” (Patty Strand’s The High Jacking of the Humane Movement) What is the answer? Prairie Farms magazine reports AR people interfering in hog production. Janeen Salak-Johnson of the University of Illinois says “In my opinion, if this issue was truly about animal welfare, then an optimized stall system, as well as an optimized group system, would be an acceptable choice.”

HOG FARMING = BACON BUT ANIMAL RIGHTIST WOULD TAKE THAT FROM YOU!Let us further analyze this. Sows normally give birth in a furrowing barn. Each sow lies in an enclosure that insures piglets nurse at will, yet will not be crushed by her enormous weight. Suggesting a birthing room where sows give birth together is revealing. Obviously, the Animal Rights people suggesting such housing arrangements do not realize hogs are cannibalistic. An aggressive sow defending her young can wipe out the entire community in nothing flat. Sows eat flesh! A vicious sow will attack! Jumping a fence to avoid being tossed face down in a muddy hog lot by an angry sow is NOT something to be relished. Sows rip and tear with their tusks. Protecting her young takes priority and a sow has few qualms about taking out anything or anyone that stands in her way! The experience of slopping a few hogs on a daily basis might further educate animal activists!

Granted, I have reservations regarding veal calves. Rather than attacking someone’s livelihood with a judgmental mindset, research and interaction is required. Before passing laws banning processes, society should offer new and better solutions for all concerned.

But wait, I forget! Humane processing is not the animal rights activist’s mantra. Their belief is that animals should not be a slave to man in any manner! Man has no right to consume any animal or product. The Animal Rights people want to ban wool clothing, service animals, entertainment, zoos, performance sports, and household pets. Such deprivation of animal and human interaction becomes “THE UNETHICAL TREATMENT OF HUMANS” stripping away YOUR human rights.

Do not take for granted the pleasure of owning a pet. Do not consider it your right to enjoy meat, eggs, wool, leather, circus acts, zoos, and refuge parks. Shall we dispense with medical research? When did burning a laboratory become acceptable, yet using an animal in research to cure a deadly human disease is not? When someone challenges the use of service animals that promote human independence and dignity, we need to know why. If wearing warm clothing or shoes is in question, we must look closely at those pushing such an atrocious agenda. Using scare tactics on school children, Animal Activists infiltrate every aspect of our lives. Make no bones about it, THEY HAVE A PLAN!


Animal Rights Want Your Freedom & Your Property

Such skewed thinking of Animal Rights Activists is evident in their barbaric behavior and destruction of public property. How long will society tolerate such actions and why do we fear them? We should challenge their radical movement and expose their ridiculous ideas. Why accept their lobbying of politicians to pass laws that have a negative effect on both animals and people? Done under the guise of “animal welfare”, Animal Activists collect huge sums of money from well-intentioned people who get caught up in their web of deceit.

The biggest crime of all is that people will no longer be allowed to own pets. Considered as “guardians”, fines and outrageous fees can be imposed on pet owners. They will face lawsuits from the very people who have NO PLACE to put our animals once they confiscate them. Euthanasia of our pets in the name of the animals rights is their solution! They demand over-inoculation that in turn causes immune disease problems. Mandatory puppy spaying and neutering causes incontinence and cancer and does not solve our problems.

America is, or was, a place of tolerance. It accepted various ideas and did not twist words to meet personal agendas. I do not like this “new America” very much. I am tired of being told what I can, or cannot do by ill-informed people. Force-feeding untruths down the throats of pet owners and dog breeders, farmers, hunters, service animals, and those in the entertainment world is simply wrong! Yet, the AR activists run rampant while we live in fear of radical repercussions. Animal activists are not nice people and they do not play fair.


Furthermore, they do not intend to quit!

Cornered, it is time WE come out fighting. It is WE who must educate the public. We need a big dog attitude because we cannot afford to roll over and go “belly up”. Rather than running with the big dogs, we have languished on the porch far too long. Pack behavior defeats the enemy.

Until then, It is ham and eggs for breakfast, good steaks on the grill, and watching rodeos on TV with our faithful companions on our laps. DO NOT take your freedoms for granted! Bad things happen because good men are not vigilant. Contact your local public officials and educate them regarding the difference between Animal Right Activists and Animal Welfare before it is too late. No more lip service, your IMMEDIATE ATTENTION IS REQUIRED! #08121106


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