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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" and animal "welfare" organizations, learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS!



E. Katie Gammill, Exhibition Editor, AKC Judge


We must win the war against Animal Rights because their radical agenda ignores Animal Welfare, harming animals, not helping them.


They destroy Human Rights and hobby breeders but Animal Rights laws ignore the atrocities committed by commercial breeders!


HSUS fought for legislation to shut down slaughter houses, causing inhuman death of thousands of horses.Dec 2013 Update - Saving horses from slaughter is a prime example of the “bleeding heart approach” that refuses to consider the result of Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare.  The HSUS action in shutting down horse slaughter plants impacted a huge peripheral industry, causing terrible economic strife and job losses in an already failing economy.


Horse owners had no disposal choices for old and sick horses, or those they could no longer afford to keep. Horses were turned loose in State Parks where they were left to the elements without food or water. Many were simply dumped along state highways, endangering motorists.  Taxpayers had to foot the bill as states struggled for solutions, and I just read where new laws may be passed because 100,000 horses were found on property where only 25,000 were to be housed.


There are not simply enough sanctuaries in the United States to hold all the horses saved by the radicals. How ironic that the very people who caused the inhumane situation then demand government assistance and subsidies!  And those who don’t even have a horse foot the bill. Some solution!


Spay and Neuter laws wreak havoc on shelters as dogs are “turned in” by owners who can’t afford the surgical fees which by the way, immediately shoot up where such laws are enacted!  Most shelters are at least partially funded by city, county or federal funds.  Tell your non-dog owning neighbors they are paying for shelter expansion and “euthanasia services” for all those dogs and cats, thanks to laws the animal rights groups got passed.


Why is it those who are NOT involved with animals and have no understanding of the interaction between man and animal tell us we are not doing things right?   For example; the person having “ear piercing” done on a screaming infant at the local mall tells us we don’t have the right to dock tails or ears even though puppies go to the vet to have such procedures done under anesthesia and sterile conditions.  What is wrong with this picture?


ii Animal Rights radicals scream that we should not eat eggs or chickens. They probably think eggs grow with date stamps in cardboard cartons. Personally, I’m not interested in eating tofu.  Such radical ideas are insane!  Save the animals and starve the people! Think of the money Animal “rights” radicals take in under false pretenses while making life worse for animals and harder for owners.


Look up your Legislators and enlist them in the war against animal rights and protection of human and civil rightsThen get angry enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Get on your computer.  Use the web to gather information and then contact your state and local legislators.  You can fight back.  This is our war to protect the animals we love.


Animal “rights” groups demand dog breeders have a state inspected kennel superior to any shelter or humane society and more sterile than their own home, which nobody inspects.  Why duplicate current USDA inspections funded by our tax dollars and the AKC program funded by responsible dog owners and breeders.  Is that logical?


Animal “rights” zealots encourage cross-breeding, saying mutts are healthier but then they insist pet owners certify hips and eyes on their mutt dogs.  Szabo states many faults unacceptable by the American Kennel Club are what make a cross bred dog “unique” and “one of a kind, just for you.”


David Alderton decodes your dog’s heritage by “unwinding” the twisted gene pool of cross breeding to identify just which pure bred dogs appear in the “mutt”. (His word, not mine)  How duplicitous is that!!??  If you care about the genes, buy a purebred!


The agenda of HSUS, PETA and ASPCA is twofold; generate donations and gain legislative control of formerly free citizens.  The animal rights people are largely “Dr. Spock” types who have never had a litter, never took care of a dog, picked up poop, or enjoyed the companionship of a pet – yet they want to tell us what we can do on private property.  Dr. Spock misled millions of good moms and dads before admitting his baby rearing theories were wrong. His own son committed suicide.


Animal rights people collect over a hundred million dollars every year and use it to lobby for laws that take away your right to own a pet.  Do YOU contribute?  The radicals are dead set on eliminating zoos, circus acts, performances, service dogs, and the “use" of all animals, be it in sports, guiding the blind, or feeding the hungry.


Animal rights people import mutts to fill shelters to substantiate their claims of dog and cat overpopulation which they then use to justify more laws.  Such tactics artificially inflate shelter numbers which can somehow afford radio, billboard, and even television ads, subsequently putting breeders of quality dogs out of business.  Animal rights mantra shame people into getting a mutt from the shelter, convincing them NOT to choose a breed that fits their lifestyle based on predictable size, temperament, coat, etc.  Does that make sense to you?


Katie GammillIf pet owners don’t stand up and be counted, it’s over! Animal Rights Groups are at war to take away our individual freedoms. Standing up front may put one in the line of fire but saying nothing indicates approval.  What about you?  Do you wear the rose colored glasses of animal rights?


Animal Rights radicals have a head start, but they poked the dragon one too many times.  Fight for the right to own, breed, and enjoy a purebred pet.  IT’S ALL ABOUT FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH!  DO IT FOR YOUR PET!


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