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Honey Heals Wounds And Burns



Prescriptions dominate modern health care but that is NOT good for you...


COVID-19, Enough Already!


COVID 19, ENOUGH ALREADY! Who cares about COVID today?!! Are people just “over it” and going on with their lives? Tell us what you think on our facebook page.


Are people just “over it”? Tell us what you think on our facebook page.


The Poodle Porch


THE POODLE PROCH: the porch hosts many wild critters, most recently a Pileated Woodpecker eating stink bugs!


The porch is a Godsend for poodles in show coat, puppies and sudden storms...


Infertility In Carnivores



The vet blames genetics, breeders whisper bloodlines, is it the dog food?


Simple Eclampsia Prevention



When a mother dog is nursing a large litter, the risk of eclampsia is higher...


Food Security For Family Pets



Now's the time to take action, even in winter you can have fresh vegetables.


Food Security For Family and Pets



Growing your own edibles is price and health-wise even if it means planting on the rooftop.


How EMF Affects Pets And People



Digital power meters cause health issues in people, house-pets and stabled horses.


Bloat = Gastric Torsion


Normal canine stomach, bloated, twisted = gastric torsion


Simple tips to prevent bloat and first-aid to relieve bloat before it becomes deadly.


Cross-Species Viral Risk



Simple science on how to protect ourselves and our pets from new outbreaks?


Modern MRSA, Dogs And Drugs



COVID-19 and MRSA as related to drug use, what about your pets?


Tired Of Hearing About COVID?



What medical doctors are saying about a simple, safe treatment...


Why Deny Dogs Detect Disease?


WHY DENY DOGS THAT DETECT DISEASE? Why does the medical establishment reject canine scent-sense?


Why does the medical establishment reject canine scent-sense?


COVID Treatment Suppressed




Current information on a veterinary product that can save human lives!


MDR1 Multiple Drug Resistance


The MDRI flaw found in herding breeds allowed deadly drug reactions.


Breed clubs and veterinary diligence dramatically reduced that genetic defect.


ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar


ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar - Herbal and plant-based healing was recorded on the Egyptian Eber’s Papyrus circa 1500 B.C.


Suppressed solution for canine or human bladder problems!


Activity Adjustments For Older Dogs



As your dog ages, routine activities become difficult, modifications are necessary.


What Does Your Dog Want?




Dogs are “up front” but some canine problems can be more subtle...


EMF And Canine Cancer Connection


ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM: Electromagnetic Frequencies are sort of like sound waves. For instance when an opera singer hits the right note, they can shatter glass! All objects and animate matter (such as you or your dog) resonate at specific frequencies.


Quickly learn about electromagnetic effects on human and animal health.


CDC Bans Import Of Rescue Dogs


CDC Bans Importation Of Rescue Dogs


Cancel your flight! No dogs from any country at risk for rabies, effective now.


Vigor And Longevity


Vigor And Longevity


Judge Lanting confirms handlers, judges and dog owners live longer through lifestyle choices.


Natural Medicine ~ Supplements


Natural Medicine ~ Supplements


Is your pet on prescription medications? Explore alternatives that work!


Dog Scratching And Itching?


Dog Scratching And Itching?


Is it fleas or allergies? Many veterinarians dispense medicines without diagnosing the CAUSE.


Veterinary Dentistry


Veterinary Dentistry - This CT scan shows an impacted wisdom tooth in the sinus cavity AND a mucoid cyst measured at the green line. Then discovered supernumeray wisdom tooth!


Haywood shares her son’s personal experience and warns that dental health is equally important in our dogs.


True COVID-19 Death Statistics?


True COVID-19 Death Statistics?


2021 COVID-19 statistics exaggerated? Corona virus is ‘cause of death’ in only 6% of hospitalized patients.


Echinacea Pharmacology


Echinacea Pharmacology


Faced with COVID-19 virus, it's critical to know about effective natural cures. Quick Facts!


Dog Brain Studies



MRI reveals unparalleled dog-human bond, we share a voice-emotion brain connection.


Deadly Pool Bacteria


Deadly Pool Bacteria


Check your premises for blue-green algae, i.e. cyanobacteria can be deadly to children and dogs!



Frequent questions are is COVID-19 like corona virus in my dog’s vaccine? and if so, can we catch it from our pets? and are we under attack by China?


Dogs, Health, Corona

Why COVID-19 and so many viruses originate in China, how it mutates and what it means to you.


PermaStay? Ear Implants

A Revolutionary invention that corrects weak ears quickly, humanely and successfully.


Honey and vinegar for bladder infection, honey for burns, pollen for allegies, apple cider vinegar for overall health, nature's cures and health aids.Pollen, Honey & Vinegar

Honey for burns, bee pollen for allergies, raspberry for whelping, goats milk for diarrhea, bleach for burns, and...


Honey Bee Propolis

Prevent cognitive impairment and cure infertility problems!


Epilepsy In Dogs

Pre-seizure indications, treatment, prevention and possible causes of epileptic seizures, including rabies vaccine.


Corona Animal-Human Connection

Scientific easy-read news on coronavirus COVID-19 which keeps morphing, we thought our pets were safe but viruses are molecules, not living organisms.


MSG - The "food" You Eat

It's in dog food, even in baby food!  Scary symptoms misread.


DOGS POISONED BY GRAPES?Dogs Poisoned by Grapes?

More on this intriguing question that experienced owners reject.


Chronic Wasting Disease

Is your dog losing weight for no reason? Vet puzzled? Quick-read info on a new, deadly, downplayed disease.


Laundry Detergent Allergies

Nasal allergies, itching, skin problems? Report on the least toxic laundry detergent for dog beds, blankets, and your apparel.



for healing stomach, skin diseases and coughs since 360 A.D. - do dogs like it?


Syndrome X

AKA Metabolic Syndrome, it can lead to diabetes, heart disease in people and dogs.



Why spending most of the day inside causes soaring disease rates in people and pets!


Vaccine Immunity: Truth

WHY the Federal government had to grant vaccine makers legal immunity!


ii Protecting Your Privacy

You should not be required to give up your privacy to comment online!!!


GMO Labeling and QR Codes

VT was first to require GMO labels in grocery stores, food labeling bill, now the digital QR code!


Canine Incontinence

a troublesome problem but there's hope and your dog will thank you!



Electro-Magnetic-Frequencies cause cognitive and health issues in you and your indoor pets.


Cognitive Dysfunction

What are signs of aging in dogs? Do old dogs have senile dementia? Do dogs get Alzheimer's disease? How can I help my old dog?


MegaDose Risk

MEGADOSE RISK IN PEOPLE AND PETSWe obtain micronutrients from fresh meat, chicken, fish, and veggies and most commercial pet foods add the necessary supplements so...


Health Test Hype

We donate blood, tissue, and DNA samples which are in many cases, scams to get free samples which are then sold at immense profit!


Low Thyroid, Canine Plague!

Why dogs (and people) suffer overlooked hypothyroidism, and how to prevent it.


*None of the statements contained herein as regards human or animal health have been evaluated by the FDA.  Information is provided for educational purposes only.  The ii NetPlaces Network advises you to always check with a licensed veterinarian or medical doctor.  Information or products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness, disease, or condition, whether animal or human.  This disclaimer is due to FDA restrictions designed to protect you, the consumer.  It does NOT however, protect you from malpractice, prescription drugs, or vaccines.



Judge explains importance of sunlight exposure which creates hormones vital to estrus (heat cycles), healthy gestation and puppies.


Sunlight For House Dogs

All family dogs are housedogs and while this is emotionally preferable to being kept outside, inside confinement may be unhealthy for canines.


Sunlight, Seasons & Fertility

Simple science of sunlight, pineal and thyroid glands, and vitamin D.


Sunlight, Cancer, Vitamin D

The connection between sunlight, fertility, and immune system diseases.


Anesthesia-Related Memory Loss

Does your pet (or person) seem confused after major surgery? Learn why and how to reduce risk.


Canine Ear Hematomas

Hematomas, caused by trauma, can become a persistent infection.


Environmental Allergies

Diagnose, reduce chronic and reaction risk in pets and CHILDREN!


The Xoloitzcuintli isn't completly hypoallergenic or hairless; some have "fuzz", but the Xolo is great for people with allergies!Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds?

NO, but here's expert, objective information for people with asthma or allergies.


Feed Lot Toxins

Ractopamine, plant extracts, and antibiotics; new regulations put pet owners and parents on high alert!


Dangerous Holiday Plants

Symptoms, treatment, information and photos of holiday plants known to be poisonous to pets plus National Poison Control emergency number.


Dangerous Plants

Printable list and photos of common landscaping and indoor plants that can be deadly to pets, plus Poison Control hotline number.


Nose To Nose, A Horses Breath

NOSE TO NOSE - A HORSES' BREATHTake a breath of your heritage that will restore you. First to serve mankind was the dog and then came horse...


Veterinary Cancer Alternatives

Vet Medicine proves many alternative cancer therapies work better than chemo and radiation.


Thankful For Animal Testing

An amazing red-light healing device can be the key to your own good health.


DOGS SNIFF FACES & BUTTS... Dogs sniff each other when they meet, it is a hello thing.Why Dogs Sniff Faces

... and butts, humorous insight on why its more than a social greeting and rank display.



Vet visits can be costly, these do-it-yourself therapies and homeopathic remedies work.


Finding Dr. Herring

If you're a breeder, you will relate to this and the difficulty in finding a good veterinarian today.


What is Homeopathy?

Rarely used by Doctors or Veterinarians but it works!


Homeopathy For Surgery

can prevent nausea, bruising, and infection.


DOGS HEAL THE MIND & BODY - Meet The Dog, he's your best healing secret for both mind and body.Dogs Heal Mind & Body

Harvard doctor says dogs heal human minds, detect cancer and more...


Herding For Health

means walking backwards... senior's balance is crucial to prevent falling.


Cancerous Beef In Pet Food

Updated food laws meant our food supply was safer?!!


Berserk Behavior?

Parents and breeders! Pay attention to excitotoxins & estrogen inhibitors in foods.


Corn & Behavior

Violence and aggressive behavior increasing, dogs and people both ingest GMO corn.



brain and mood-food for you and your show dog!  Here's why...


Genetically Modified Foods

from salmon to corn have no FDA labeling, but have already proven fatal


Corn Dogs & Tacos Exposed!!

Genetically engineered animal feed used in Kellogg's products.


ANTIBIOTIC ALTERNATIVES TO DEADLY BACTERIA - Bacteria are becoming super bugs, resistant to anti-bioticsAntibiotic Alternatives

Big Pharma ignores “thinking” bacteria!


More Antibiotic Alternatives

true cases of how they stopped parvo virus.


Vinegar, Honey & Tea Leaves

vinegar for cystitis, honey for burns, raspberry for free-whelping.


Canine Gestational Diabetes

Affects people & dogs, can be fatal; cause, symptoms, and treatment.


Soft Drinks Are Bad For Health

Homeopathic expert, dog show judge explains why.


WHAT IS HOMEOPATHY? Homeopathic remedies are the same for dogs and people and just as effective!What Is Homeopathy

Don't blame your pets for asthma or COPD until you rule out these known factors.


Arnica Remedy For Bruises

and surgical procedures, by popular AKC group judge Dot Martin.


Reiki Bodywork

Healing energy can also do wonders for your dog. Learn more!


Pets For YOUR Health: Benefits of stroking a pet are scientifically measurable, clinical trials show an immediate drop in blood pressure and heart rate and long term studies have proven people who keep pets experience prolonged life and better overall physical and mental health than those who do not!


CAUSE AND CURE OF HYPOTHYROIDISM IN DOGS - Junk dog food contributes to low thyroidCause & Cure For Hypothyroidism

truth on iodine replacement in "store bought" bread and dog food.



Common but seldom diagnosed in people or pets!


Thyroid Diagnosis-Treatment

How to diagnose and treat hypothyroidism by knowing and seeing the symptoms.


Fiber For Your Dog?

New "Diet" marketed through vets.


Fun & Fabulous Health Tips!

How to raise oxytocin levels, green beer from a Wheaton Terrier, etc.


Milk Thistle For Liver Function

(hepatitis anyone?) by breeder judge Dorothy Martin.


Melamine In Baby Formula

over 12,000 children sickened; thousands of dogs killed in 2007.



The net's best disaster preparedness plan. Dr. Jordan, DVM on what and where to get emergency supplies and who to contact.


Dog Depression

Can be related to easily correctable things so before doping your dog try these simple but vital changes.


WD40 Usage & Danger

Whether you have dogs or kids, uses are examined with cautions.


Micro-Chipping Concerns

What about RFID chips that read YOU when you walk in a store?


BLOAT IN TOY DOGS - "Lil Abner" a Boston Terriers dies from gastric torsion (bloat)Gastric Torsion In Toys

Misdiagnosis in a tragic Boston Terrier bloat case.


Gouging On Vet Care

Medical costs are out of control as drug makers negotiate prices with pet insurance companies and then…


Chemical Exposure Risk!

reality story, can cause deformities, even death.  Dow Chemical sued...


CBD Oil For People & Pets

100% organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil containing genuine cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids provide holistic relief.


Dog Dancing or Canine Freestyle

Good for the mind and body - for you and your dog! Editor's Choice


Killer Wasps Kill Dogs!

It's not just killer bees, now report of death in puppy attacked by wasps.


Fractures In Toy Breeds

Over-charged by greedy practices? Medical professional's fractured experience...


Roundup Wheat Killer

March 2019 Monsanto in court! We warned you about this in 2011...


Canine Herbs & Health

Help for dog owners seeking effective natural supplements for themselves and their dogs.


Diabetes, Cause & Effect

You may prevent this debilitating disease by knowing this simple, free, dietary fact.


Why Dogs Eat Poop

WHY DOES MY DOG EAT POOP?Dogs can have the same cognitive and memory problems as people so learn what tests can be done to detect the Borrelia bacterium.


Shark Liver Oil

It's not just for cancer, but a must have for high cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems.


Stem Cell Therapy

Should you treat your dog with stem cell therapy for CHD or arthritis? TV ads claim success for people but does it work for canine joint disease and at what cost?


Doped Up Dogs

Dogs hooked on tranquilizers is a national disgrace to pet owners and the veterinary profession.


Canine Lymphoma (CMA)

Before treating your lawn this summer, you need to know about 2,4-D, a new breed of weed killer!



Latent survival instinct prompts carnivores to seek certain nutrients, there's even a simple FREE cure used in human medicine...


Medications Conversion Chart

Indications, dosage, weight, dosage for your dog.


Tree of Knowledge

Learn from this Doberman fancier's horrid experience of simple bloat ending in death.


Dog Spelled Backwards

Dr. Lee covers the dog's religious history from dog-jackal Anubis to today's amazing connection.


Elbow, Hip and Hock Problems

How to prevent these problems and hip dysplasia.


Ebola, HIV And Your Pet

If Ebola can be transmitted like HIV, can pets transmit AIDS or HIV?"



Revealing report on the least toxic laundry detergent for dog beds, blankets, and your apparel.


X-Ray Radiation Risks

Cancer and infertility from UNSHIELDED groin radiographs?


X-Ray Hype & DNA Health Risks

Next time YOU need a CT scan or a hip x-ray on your breeding stock!


X-Ray Risks Shielded

We've been duped about cumulative radiation risks.


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Why hasn’t someone developed medication protocol for surgically sterilized dogs?


DRUGS BEFORE FDA APPROVAL - Herion just for one example..Before FDA Approved Drugs

there was coke, paregoric, Bayer's Heroin, etc.  OK, look while you laugh...


Vaccines Produce Diabetes

Medical reports reveal clear connection in soaring canine diabetes.


Eye Stain Problems

If your breed is predisposed (see list) to tearing and eye stains, you can eliminate unsightly eye stains, see i StainGon? on page for detailed information.


EMF: Who's Playing HAARP?

Weather phenomena, animal attacks, mass shootings; get the truth!


EMF Exposure Symptoms

bone, joint, reproductive or behavioral problems that defy diagnosis?


MITRAL VALVE HEART DISEASE IN DOGS - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - all 4 color patternsMitral Valve Heart Disease

$50,000 for open heart surgery on your pet is a rip-off but he's as valuable to you as a new car in the garage.


Purebred Health Deformities

Words alone cannot describe what we've done to the breeds we cherish... that's why there's VIDEO.


Energy Medicine For Dogs

Dr. Barber explains magnetic and infrared therapy.


Pet Food Probiotics May Cause

itching, vomiting, and chronic diarrhea.



Before you yowl about higher vet bills since pet insurance came along, read what this veterinarian says.


Blastomycosis In People & Pets

Potentially deadly infection picked up in decayed wood, and...


Human & Animal Cancer Epidemic

Cancer therapy, prevention, by Susan Thorpe-Vargas Ph.D.


Xylitol Poisoning in Dogs

Dr. Vargus says deadly to dogs, diagnosis difficult, symptoms


Prescribing Death

NOW PLAYING IN VIDEO THEATER....The sick truth from vaccines to Vioxx is that veterinary medicine is big business.  Read article, then watch the (coincidentally produced) Health Ranger video Prescribing Death (6 minute video)


Heartworm Mosquitoes

If your neighbors treat their dogs, what is the risk of heartworm disease?


Imported Human & Pet Foods

Cyanuric Acid food risks news from organic chemist, dog show judge.


Paper Shredders and Your Pet

Danger to family long-eared pets and kids!


DOG OWNERS' RESOLUTION - Resolve to watch your dog to prevent dog theft.  Dog-napping has become the new urban crime but also occurs in the 'burbs.Dog Owners' Resolutions

to keep your family and animals healthy and energized!


Melamine & Mass Destruction

It's not just melamine.  FDA warnings ignored by media and more...



Stops dogs from chewing/licking their feet and scratching/causing hard to heal, painful sores on their ears.


Vet Schools Seek Students

and new Federal bill supplements tuition - wide open for women students.


Epileptic Seizures

Seizures (fits, convulsions, epilepsy, tremors) may be food, medication or vaccine related. How to avoid or treat canine seizure disorder includes video information. EST 1998 © Oct 2008-18320052206


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