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ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar

The Great Healer

Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher, SAAB Member


Healing is big business in 2022 because natural cures that kept us healthy for centuries have been deliberately derided or conscripted into costly prescriptions…


Before I tell you about the bladder, urinary tract and overall health boosting power of apple cider vinegar, commonly called ACV, know this… were it not for the healing power of plants YOU might not be here today. Thankfully, your great-grandparents and generations before them had knowledge of clay packs, raw organics and herbal healing.


ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar - Herbal and plant-based healing was recorded on the Egyptian Eber’s Papyrus circa 1500 B.C.


That knowledge was evidenced in the Charaka Samhita of 700 B.C and even more remarkable, herbal and plant-based healing was recorded on the Egyptian Eber’s Papyrus circa 1500 B.C.


You've heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, there’s truth in most old sayings… that’s why they became “sayings”. Surely some seasoned dog breeder told you that apple cider vinegar is an astounding “cure-all” for just about any kidney, bladder or urinary tract problem.


I learned about ACV in 1968 when our Rottweiler had a reoccurring bladder infection. I had taken her 3 times to the veterinary office in town where I was given antibiotics that didn’t work. When our horse vet came out to worm my daughter’s new pony, I asked him about it. He said simply, “Put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in her water.” I did. She cleared.


A few years later, a dog show friend mentioned that she was back on meds for a bladder infection. She said it was the third time and that nothing seemed to work. The urinary tract problem kept coming back and the specialist said she needed a surgical bladder sling.


By then I had reclaimed my ¼ Comanche heritage from my daddy who was a hobby bee keeper so I told her “put a tablespoon each of apple cider vinegar and raw honey in small glass of hot water and drink three or four times a day.


Internet was 30 years in the future and phone calls were 50 cents a minute but she called me a week later and thanked me profusely! No more urinary frequency, no more burning or pain.


TAKE NOTE! White vinegar is great for cleaning the stove or windows but never ingest it. White vinegar is clear. Apple cider vinegar is brownish and the unfiltered, with mother will have cloudy sediment in the bottom of the bottle. That is the yeast and good bacteria which forms during fermentation.


Also know this. Many brands of “apple cider vinegar” have been degraded and denatured. Even when it says “apple cider vinegar” many makers filter out the good stuff so they can charge more for ‘vinegar with the mother’ which is that cloudy stuff that boosts healing. Another thing. Real apple cider vinegar “with mother” will be in a glass bottle. No cheap plastics and it keeps forever in glass.


Female dogs are prone to bladder infections during their heat cycles. Male dogs can have problems too, especially when there’s a bitch in season, even blocks away! He knows. He licks himself. That sets up irritation which grows bacteria that ascends the urinary tract and bingo, he has an infection. Now you know what to do for him.


What’s bothersome as we say hello to 2022 is the significant fact that Apple Cider Vinegar as an antibacterial or “bactericide” is probably news to you! Such “natural remedies” were already being smothered in the 1960s.


Today the pharmaceutical companies have suppressed facts about apple cider vinegar’s effectiveness as has been done with all “natural” medicines. But worse than that, today’s physicians are largely educated by the makers and marketers of prescription medicines. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know that - it has been a well-kept secret even in the age of social media.


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